Chapter 58: A family of just three.

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“Look, Yuri.
It’s very nice.” (Mother)

“The inn has an indoor bath and an outdoor bath, too.” (Yuri)

 Hmmm… spectacular view… very spectacular view… The smell of tatami mats is fragrant.

 When we arrived at the room we were shown, we quickly put down our luggage and looked around the spacious room.
The Japanese-style room, which can accommodate up to six people, has a 10 tatami mat plus a 6 tatami mat and an open-air bath.

“I was able to get a good room.
The price wasn’t too expensive either.” (Mother) 

“Really? Is there a reason for that?” (Yuri) 

 My sister gives her a look for an explanation.

 I understood why.
I, Yukito Kokonoe, always do my homework.

Apparently, this “Ryokan Umibara ” had steered its management to focus on tourists from overseas in anticipation of inbound demand due to the increasing number of foreigners visiting Japan.
I was told that many of the staff working there also speak foreign languages.
By the time we got to our room, there were many signs in English and other foreign languages all around the hotel.
Even the etiquette for bathing in the onsen was written in English.

 While the hotel has the appearance of a good old-fashioned hot spring, the interior is quite global.
This strange imbalance is one of the charms of this place, but for Japanese visitors, such a hot spring full of foreign languages may seem quite lacking in sentimentality.

 However, now that foreign traffic has ceased, it is necessary to focus on domestic customers to make a living.
However, they have been developing their business overseas for a long time, so it is difficult to suddenly change their business line and they are having a hard time.
I finished my explanation.

“That’s why.” (Yuki)

But well, the rooms are nice and the spa is spotless, isn’t it?” (Yuri) 

“It does seem to spoil the atmosphere a bit, but let’s just enjoy it and not worry about it.” (Mother)

 I sat down on a cushion and took a breath as I sip my tea.

“The big bath is nice, but the inner bath is also big and we can take it together.
Right?” (Mother) 

 For some reason, my mother winked at me, but I couldn’t figure out her intentions, so I just replied without hesitation.

“That’s right.” (Yuki)

 I’m sure she is looking forward to taking a bath.
Women are the kind of creatures that love to take a bath.
When I looked at the benefits of the baths, I found that they were effective in relieving fatigue, coldness, and even insomnia.
Hot springs are amazing.

“Since it’s still early, why don’t we go to the hot springs area?” (Mother)


“What a nice bath!” (Yuki)

 There are not so many customers in the main bath.
There was an open-air bath surrounded by stones and a Japanese cypress bath with a spectacular view.
Soaking in the hot springs of different qualities in turn, I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of paradise.

 The hot spring town was unexpectedly full of gourmet food.

 I had been snacking here and there, so I decided to take a dip in the hot spring to work up an appetite for dinner.

 I’ll buy the refreshingly handsome guy a hot spring bun as a souvenir.
I’m sure his mother, Chisa, will be happy to see it.

 In the spacious bathroom, I stretched and relaxed my body.

As my muscles relaxed, I focused on massaging the areas where I had been injured in the past.
Even though I am on the road to recovery, injured areas often become a habit.
If I were to get injured again, I would be a burden to my family.
I don’t want that to happen again.
It was a daily routine to prevent recurrence.

 While I was in the hospital, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I studied everything I could about yoga, Pilates, bodywork, and acupuncture points in order to prevent injuries.
As a result, I am very good at self-care and physical maintenance.

 It was quite some time before I was able to stretch enthusiastically, but women tend to take long baths.
I’m sure they are still enjoying the hot spring.

“It looks like they are having fun.” (Yuki) 

 I was worried that my mom and my sister would not be able to enjoy the trip because I had come along on the family trip this time, but it looks like my fears are unfounded.
It was a great trip.
I don’t want them to feel bad about it.
I was relieved that my concerns had been resolved.

 We left the hot spring with a feeling of regret, as we could not stay in the hot spring forever.

 However, I didn’t realize at the time that this was the beginning of hell.


“That’s it! Do you know what this is?” (Mother)

 After returning from the spa, my mother, in a good mood even to the casual observer, showed me a small bottle she took out of her bag.

“It’s …… massage oil?” (Yuki)

“Yeah! You know, You could always give me a massage.
I’m sorry to ask you to do this when you’re here on vacation, but I was wondering if you could use this to massage me today.”(Mother)

“It’s fine, but ……what? (Yuki) 

“You sure? Thank you! I’m glad I asked.” (Mother)

 My mother in her yukata is swooning.

 Huh, did I just do something wrong?

 I couldn’t help but reply before I could understand.

The small bottle was labeled almond oil.
It’s an oil with beauty and anti-aging properties that moisturizes the skin.

 It’s true that I often gave massages to my mom and sister on a daily basis.
I had heard that my mom had stiff shoulders, and since I had learned a lot during my time in the hospital, I had been giving her massages on a regular basis to improve her condition.
As that was the only thing I could do to help my family, I had no choice but to accept it.
There is no choice but to do it…….

 Oil? How do I use it?

“I don’t think you can wear a yukata over it…….” (Yuki)

“That’s a given.” (Yuri)

 My sister agrees with me in the most obvious way.

 Yeah, I know, right? It’s impossible! Haha, isn’t that common knowledge?

“I hope this is okay.
Then I’ll ask you to help me.” (Mother)

 Mom puts down a double layer of bath towels to keep the bedding dry.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiitttt!” (Yuki) 

“What’s wrong?” (Mother) 

“Why are you trying to take off your yukata?” (Yuki) 

What’s wrong? You can’t apply it if I’m wearing it” (Mother) 

“You can’t answer me like it’s the right thing to do!?” (Yuki) 

 I turned to my sister for help, but there she was, already out of her yukata.

“Mou, just do it already” (Yuri) 

“Underwear! Why are you trying to take off your underwear?” (Yuki) 

“Why, my underwear will be sticky.
Are you stupid?” (Yuri) 

“Oh, you’re the stupid one! Don’t answer as if it’s a straightforward matter!” (Yuki) 

 At last, without a stitch of clothing, she lay down on the futon.

“Then, please.” (Yuri) 

“Impossible, Impossible, Impossible, Impossible, Impossible, Impossible, Impossible!” (Yuki) 

“Why?” (Yuri) 

“There’s no way I could do this!” (Yuki) 

“You’re really excited today, aren’t you?” (Yuri) 

“It’s getting bigger, damn it!” (Yuki) 

When I say I give massages, I normally just do it over the top of the clothes.
It’s not the same as giving a shoulder massage or shoulder blade massage, which is just acupressure over the pajamas, but it’s different.
What’s wrong with these people? Madness!? Are they insane?!

“Why do you seem so unconcerned?” (Yuki) 

“We’re family.
You don’t have to worry about it.” (Yuri) 

“I can’t do it.
I care.” (Yuki) 

“How can you be embarrassed? Are you an idiot?” (Yuri) 

“Yeah, I’m an idiot! I want to f*****g yell at you, but I can’t look directly at you!” (Yuki) 

Eh, are we really going to do this?

 If you think about it from the point of view of removing waste and grime from the body through massage, you could say that this is also a grime ban, but I’m more likely to be grime banned by the management!

I have no choice but to answer honestly here.

 It’s a mortal wound for me, but I can’t turn my back on it.

 Perhaps if I say this, they will think I’m weird and disgusting and never speak to me again.
No matter what I do, I’m sure I’ll be blamed.
Still, it was the only way out of this predicament I could think of.

 I don’t care how much they hate me, it’s too late now.

 I’m not even sure how much they like me.

 I’m sure they’ll come to their senses once they hear how I feel about them.
I have no choice but to tell them.
Tell them how I really feel.
Honestly and straightforwardly.

“I’m ashamed to admit it.……” (Yuki) 

“What’s wrong?” (Mother)

 Say it.
Come on, say it!

 I hope they just hate me, but the worst that could happen is that they might kick me out of the house.

 But I still have to say it.
This is not right, no matter how much I want to.
I can’t stand this unreasonable thing.
I’m as strong as an ion bond, but there’s a limit to my mental strength!

 I took great care to keep my appearance out of sight as much as possible, and I opened my mouth to speak.

“Um, ……I’m not sure about this kind of thing because it makes me look at you in a sexual way.……” (Yuki) 


 The air froze.
Silence reigned in the room.

 It was over.
Goodbye, me.

 I’ve finally said it.
I didn’t want it to end like this.
It was a family trip.
It was my first time.
I wanted it to end on a happy note.
I’m sure no one would have wanted such a bad ending.
I don’t know how it ended up like this.……

I looked at them fearfully.
They are looking at me with surprised expressions.
I don’t know what kind of thoughts are going through their minds, but I’m afraid they’ll be cursing and shouting at me.
At the very least, I’d better walk away from this place right now.

 As if they couldn’t stand the silence anymore, the two of them opened their mouths.

“Yukito you…..” (Yuri)

“I can’t believe you’re looking at me like that…..
I’m glad” (Mother)

“Aaahhhh! I feel like they are saying something weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird!” (Yuki)

 This is no good.

 I cried.
Well, there were no tears.

“All those who are facing the battle are in front of the line” (Yuki) 

 After the hellish massage time, it was time for dinner.

 I continued to do the nine characters and sweep away the evil thoughts.
As a result, I almost reached a state of nothingness, but every time I did, the soft touch on my hands brought me back to reality.
It seems I still have a lot of training to do.

 I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m more tired than before I entered the hot spring.
I’m exhausted from the sheer mental toll it took on me, but my mom and sister have glowing skin while I’m still suffering.
The effect of the oil massage was extraordinary.

“That felt really good.
Thank you.
I’ll ask you again.” (Mother)

“Next time, don’t look away.” (Yuri)

“Have you no mercy?” (Yuki) 

 The dinner was sumptuous, featuring fresh seafood as only a Japanese inn can offer.
Seasonal wild vegetables and local beef.
Tempura, sashimi, and other elaborate dishes were lined up on the table.

 A peaceful time passed as we savored the food.

 My sister and I are underage, so we can’t drink, but my mother is in a good mood.
The yukata, which she had only sloppily put back on, was about to slip off.
I can see…… nevermind.

“It’s…… delicious.” (Yuri)

“It’s good that you came, Yuri.” (Mother)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

My mom and sister seem to be very happy.
Good, good.

Me? I’m fine with that as long as the two of us are having fun.
I sacrificed a large part of my mental health, too.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a family vacation like this.” (Mother)

 Mom continued with a deep emotion.

 Even such a thing has never been realized before.
A somewhat distorted and broken family relationship. 

“We couldn’t do it until now.……” (Yuki)

You never came with us.” (Mother) 

I’m sorry.” (Yuki) 

 I was afraid to say here that I didn’t want to make them feel bad.
I still don’t know the answer.
I don’t know what the answer is even now, but I’m sure it was wrong.
Maybe it’s because my mother had a complicated look on her face that seemed to contain both of them.

“You didn’t even go on a school trip in junior high school, did you?” (Yuri)

“No, that was–” (Yuki) 

The past is no longer important.
The present is enjoyable.
I’m sure it will become even more fun in the future.” (Mother)

Yes, you’re right.” (Yuri)

“There are only three of us in this family.
I care about you.
I want to be with you always.
I want you to believe me.
I know I’m not qualified to say such a thing, but…” (Mother) 

 Suddenly, Mom and my sister hugged me.

“I’m happy we’re together now.” (Mother) 

 The faint smell of alcohol.

 Thinking back, I feel like I’ve taken a long detour.

 I couldn’t find the right words to reply.
I can’t even remember how long we’ve been passing each other like this.
When I found out, it had happened.
There was nothing I could do about it.

 Even so, I could tell that she thought this moment was important.
So for now, just for now.
In my spinning head, I just accepted it without thinking.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your meal.
I just couldn’t resist.” (Mother) 

 Mom changed the subject to change the sullen flow of the conversation.

“Yes! There was something else I wanted to try offline.” (Mother) 

“Offline? Something you can only do during the vacations?” (Yuri)

 My sister asked back curiously.

 My mom answered with a big smile on her face.

“You know, I want to off-paco!” (Mother) 

[TL: Having sex with the person who get to know each other online.
A man and a woman know each other online and seeing each other offline(on the real world) and having sex.
オフ(off) means offline, パコ(pako)means having sex.]

“I’m starting to get chills and it’s summer.” (Yuki)

 That’s weird.
Am I feeling some kind of evil spirit?

“We’re off together, aren’t we?” (Mother) 

 Mom tilted her head, which was cute.

 No, this is not the time!

“Just because you’re off doesn’t mean you have to be!” (Yuki)

“Is that so? Hinagi told me that young boys nowadays like to have an off-pack.
I was wondering if you wanted to do it too, Yukito” (Mother)

“If I had to choose between wanting to and not wanting to, the only answer I could give was clearly wanting to.” (Yuki)

 I am an honest person, so I answered honestly.
I felt sorry for her.

“I see! Then let’s do it.” (Mother) 

“Off limits! Off on the wrong foot! Can I punch that subordinate in the face for a second?” (Yuki)

“I can’t lose to the young ones!” (Mother) 

“What are you competing with?” (Yuki)

Speaking of Hinagi-san, she’ s one of my mother’s subordinates whom I’ve met only once before.
What a conversation they’re having at the office.
It’s also a complete misunderstanding.

“Hey, Mom!” (Yuri)

 It was my sister who offered me a helping hand.

 That’s right.
Offline sex is bad.
No, it’s beyond bad.
It’s touching a taboo.
To be honest, I was already over the limit a while ago.
My reasoning is in a crisis game.
In addition to the possibility of being banned, I can’t take much more of this.
In many ways.

 After all, my sister was an archangel.

 A halo gushes out.
Michael’s kindness will illuminate the earth in all directions.
This is already a monthly subscription.
It’s a subscription service where you pay a certain amount of money every month to receive the benefits of my sister’s kindness.
If you can save me from this predicament, I’ll do whatever you want, even if it’s just an offering!

“You have to include me in the mix.” (Yuri)

“Stupid… fallen angel…?” (Yuki)

 Michael the Archangel had become Michael the Fallen Angel.

“I’m a completely fallen angel.” (Yuri)

“NO WAY…..!” (Yuki) 

 There was no hope in this world.

 I couldn’t believe that my sister was a fallen angel.

 Oh, yes!

“I just saw a mandragora growing wild.
I’ll  get rid of it.” (Yuki) 

“Wait a minute.
You think I’m gonna let you go?” (Yuri)

“I don’t know how small it is.…….
I can’t do this anymore.” (Yuki) 

 Like a FOE chasing down adventurers who break into a labyrinth, the escape route is blocked.

“Give up and go off-paco” (Yuri)

“HIIIIIII!” (Yuki)

I’m drunk.” (Yuri) 

“You haven’t had a drop of alcohol in your life.” (Yuki) 

“Wha-?” (Yuri) 

“I’m not going to obey you on this one! Don’t think I’ll be obedient forever!” (Yuki) 

 I can’t give in to threats.
I will refuse with the noble spirit of a high ranking knight!

“You want to have sex with me, right?” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Yuki) 

“Shall we go to the futon then?” (Yuri) 

“I’m sorry, I lied! I was just answering on the spur of the moment.” (Yuki) 

“No excuses.
You need a rubber.” (Yuri) 

“This is not going well at all!” (Yuki) 

“This …… is embarrassing.” (Yuri) 

“What’s the need for you to be so communicative here!?” (Yuki) 

 I’m being dragged along at a snail’s pace.
What kind of power does that thin arm have?

“But I know what off means, but what does paco mean?” (Mother)

 Mom was mumbling something in a relaxed manner, something that was too late.

“Zzzzzz” (???)

 I almost climbed the stairs to adulthood.
It was unfashionable.

 After escaping from the hellish room to the lounge, I sat down on the sofa to catch my breath and quenched my thirst with a Coke from the vending machine.
I’m tired…….
I think I’ll go take another dip in the hot springs.
My fatigue is not only not healed at all, it is swelling up.

 Both my mom and sister seemed strangely excited.
Or is this the norm for family trips? I’ve never been on a family vacation before, so I don’t know, but if that’s the case, family vacations can be pretty tough.
Family trips are scary.

“Can I help you?” (???)

 As I threw myself on the sofa, a voice called out to me.
It was a male voice.
I was inwardly relieved that it was not a woman’s voice, which could lead to trouble.

“You look very tired, are you okay?”(???)

“No, it’s just Mandragora1……” (Yuki)

“Mandragora ……?” (???)

“It’s nothing.
Don’t worry about it.” (Yuki) 

 I wondered if it was one of the employees.
A man of mature age.

 He was looking at me with concern, but his expression was slowly changing to surprise.

“Aren’t you the…… store electrician?” (???)

“Yes?” (Yuki) 

Mantra (マンドラ[mantra]) is a Sanskrit word that essentially means “letter” or “word”.
In Mahayana Buddhism, especially in Esoteric Buddhism, it is a short word that symbolically expresses a hymn or prayer to Buddha.

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