Chapter 24: Goodbye to the gloomy loneliness, bye bye.

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“You, why are you here?” (Principal)

“When you get that many calls, you’d think something was wrong…” (Yuki)

 When I got out of the hospital and turned on my phone, I saw that I had a huge number of incoming calls and emails.
I wondered if my personal information had been leaked somewhere and I had a lot of spam.
But they were from my sister and the school, and I knew something must have happened, so I went over there.
By the way, I was still in my plain clothes.

“Why wasn’t I able to reach you?” (Yuri)

“Oh, I turned off my phone for a while.” (Yuki)

“You’re under suspension!” (Principal)

“Is there any reason for me to comply with that baseless suspension?”

 The principal got flustered.
Of course he is.
There is no reason for me to comply with that false accusation.
It was clearly an unfair punishment, and if it became public, the person who decided on the punishment would be in trouble.

“So, what’s wrong?” (Yuki)

“I’m sorry, Kokonoe-kun!” (Erika)

 The first person to apologize was probably a third-year student.
I had never met her before, but her eyes were swollen.
I wonder if she had been crying.
Next to her was a mature man.
He bowed his head repeatedly.

“I’m so sorry—!” (Tojo)

“Can you explain to me what happened first?” (Yuki)

 I knew that this was a rough situation, but without any sort of explanation, I had no idea what was going on.
I’m not Prince Shotoku, who can understand the words of ten people, but I’m instead just Yukito Kokonoe.
Oh, I’m so thirsty…

 After listening to the whole story, I was reluctant.
That’s probably true.
This incident had really come out of nowhere, but the more I heard about it, the more I realized that it was not just a random issue.
It was just something that happened without my knowledge and without me being aware of it.
What’s with this absurdity!?

“So what you are trying to say is, I’m now being forced to clean up the mess that you guys caused on your own, is that what you’re saying?” (Yuki)

 It’s so annoying! It’s just a complete waste of my time.
It was as barren as an egg-carrying quest in a hunting game.
I guess I’m not the only one who’s fed up with the development staff’s harassment, wondering why they even put huge rocks in the way to block the way.

“I will take responsibility and leave the school.
So please forgive Mutsuki!” (Erika)

 The senior who called herself Erika Tojo was pleading with tears streaming down her face.
But when I heard that, I thought about how selfish she was.
This person doesn’t understand anything at all.

“You’re saying that you’re going to drop out of school without thinking about it, after misunderstanding and humiliating me without any reason, assuming that is an apology for the trouble you’ve caused me?” (Yuki)

“But—!” (Erika)

“If it hadn’t been for me, if I had been punished by the school for spreading those rumors, I might have committed suicide, you know? Even if it wasn’t for that, you would have been greatly hurt.
I’m sure you’ve been hurt a lot after all.
Will your expulsion heal these wounds?” (Yuki)

“—Suicide? I’m sorry! I’m very, very sorry!” (Erika)

 The senior collapsed in shock.
Her father quickly supported her, but he’s probably the one responsible for this.
He is the one who made the commotion worse.
It’s only because I have the mental strength of sapphire glass that I don’t have a problem with it, but normally, I would be in despair.
The school is also working together to impose punishment.
It’s no wonder he’s so pessimistic that there’s no one on his side.

“How would you take responsibility if I died as a result of this senior’s malice? You too.
Why didn’t you check the facts? What are you in that position for?” (Yuki)

“It’s my fault.” (Erika)

“I only managed to do it because there was someone who helped me, otherwise I might have continued to be treated unfairly.
In that case, what would have happened to me?” (Yuki)

“Yukito, let’s file a lawsuit claiming damages for defamation.” (Yuri)

“That’s nice too.” (Yuki)

“I’ll pay whatever it takes.
I’m so sorry! I’ve been putting a lot of effort into education and I never thought I’d do something like this…” (Tojo)

“It’s my fault, father, it’s my fault.
I’m the one who—!” (Erika)

“Kokonoe, part of the blame lies with me.” (Keido)

 It was utterly pathetic.
If they were going to regret this so much, why couldn’t they have been a little more thoughtful about it? As I said before, I had nothing to do with it, but I was the one who had to clean up this mess, which was even the worst case scenario.
At this point, my bad luck with women is just a gag, for real…

A big sigh escapes my lips.
The people around me reacted with surprise.
I could feel their gazes gathering, and they examined my expression.
Why do I keep getting into trouble like this? This world is so hard on me.
I want it to stop.

 How would I have responded in a situation like this in the past? I think about that.
If she wants to drop out of school, she can do so.
What she did is unforgivable after all.
Besides, she is irrelevant and unimportant to me.
I wouldn’t think anything of it if she was gone—I wonder if that’s how I would have answered.

 Mutsuki Keido also had a pained expression on her face.
She was originally an outsider who had nothing to do with this.
She was just a victim of this mess.
I wondered if she would be sad if Erika Tojo was expelled from the school, but she had said she would leave with her.
She must have a strong sense of responsibility.
If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have persisted in trying to get involved with me after that situation, after all.

 When I went to the hospital, I was sure of one thing.
It was exactly what I had expected.
So, if that’s the case, what am I supposed to do? I have an idea.
I have bad luck with women, that’s for sure.
However, in this situation, it was also women who helped me.
Himiyama-san was angry with me, and so was my sister.
The student council president also feels responsible for this situation.

 I’ve always thought it was okay to be alone.
I thought I should be, since I would hurt someone if I didn’t.
Being alone is something I like a lot.
Yeah, it doesn’t bother me at all.
I don’t even feel lonely.
But there were still people who didn’t want to leave me alone.
There were people who tried to get closer to me..

 I’m supposed to be a yinka dabbler, but my relationships have been built to such an extent that I can hardly call myself that now.
I don’t think I can say I’m not gloomy, but I can’t say I’m a loner anymore.
I have to admit it.
I have to recognize my current situation and change, or I won’t be able to move forward.

 I didn’t want to remain oblivious to the emotions that the girls were showing me.
I don’t want to see anyone’s crying face anymore.
And yet, someone was crying in front of me again.
Erika Tojo was crying her eyes out.
She’s an enemy, if you ask me.
She should be one of those difficult opponents for me, but I didn’t have any feelings of resentment lingering for her.

That’s why—

I’m going to punish you.
First of all, you have to publicly reveal what you’ve done.
Please do your best to restore my reputation, or else I’ll be a shiny new first-year demon.” (Yuki)

“Yes!” (Erika)

 After taking a breath, I took the senpai’s hand and looked straight at her.

“And I want you to be my friend.” (Yuki)

“Eh?” (Erika)

“I don’t have any friends at all, you know.
I’ve always been a loner.” (Yuki)

“Etto….” (Erika)

“It’s not like you can just drop out and run away.
The only one who will be saved by that will be you.
I won’t get anything in return.
How can you be allowed to leave me empty-handed after causing me so much trouble?” (Yuki)

“Um, but…, are you okay with just that?” (Erika)

“I’ll make sure you apologize for the trouble you’ve caused.” (Yuki)

“Thank you, Kokonoe… And I’m really sorry! Why, why did I hate you so preemptively and did awful things to you…?” (Erika)

“Keido-senpai, this matter has nothing to do with you.
Please don’t worry so much about it.” (Yuki)

“Kokonoe, I also have a part of the responsibility.” (Keido)

 And for some reason, my sister hugged me from behind.
The twin hills assert their presence over my back, but I fooled myself by looking up at the azure sky through the window.
It’s so soft.
The clouds, I mean.

“Yukito… are you okay with that?” (Yuri)

“Yeah, but… what’s wrong?” (Yuki)

“I had a feeling they were going to take something from me… I got the chills.” (Yuri)

My sister said something I don’t quite understand.
My house arrest was lifted on the spot, and I’ve heard that the school put a lot more pressure on him than the prefectural assemblyman Hideomi Tojo, so either way it was lifted immediately.
But it was even scarier to hear.
It reminded me of the last time I went to the house.
She is a witch.
She must be a witch! A witch who seduced me… Why did she have her breasts… oops, I almost slipped.
[ED: Horni boy]

“I’m sorry, Kokonoe.
I know that it is very painful and irresponsible of me to say this… It’s all my fault.
But, please! Can you please contact Himiyama-sensei?” (Tojo)

“Himiyama-sensei, I only know Misaki-san though?” (Yuki)

“Misaki…?” (Tojo)

“I don’t have anything to do with this “Himiyama-sensei”.” (Yuki)

“Please! If you don’t, I’m finished.
It might be difficult to let Erika live her life as she did before too! Please, please!” (Tojo)

 A grown man was on his knees.
Wasn’t he a member of the prefectural assembly? Did Himiyama-san punish him too harshly? He was showing his shameful appearance without any shame or outward appearance.
Based on what he said earlier, his life as a member of the assembly may be threatened.
In any case, this is too adult of a conversation for me to intervene in any way.
I’ll leave it to Himiyama-san.

“I understand, but the only person I know is a woman named Misaki Himiyama.
I’ll talk to her, and you can take care of the rest.
I don’t know much about it.” (Yuki)

“Thank you, I owe you one! She…, is she a relative of Rishu-sama?” (Tojo)

“She said “grandfather”, so she must be his granddaughter.” (Yuki)

“That’s right.
No wonder he moved so quickly.
You are really amazing.
How on earth did you come up with such a network of people?” (Tojo)

“Your breasts… breasts …… why are you taking off your clothes! Stop… Ahh~~—!” (Yuki)

“Yukito! What’s wrong, Yukito?” (Yuri)

“—huh! The door to those memories… I thought I had sealed it!” (Yuki)

“What the hell was that? What’s going on?” (Yuri)

“I almost drowned in her mother nature…” (Yuki)

“Hey! What kind of relationship do you have? Tell me honestly!” (Yuri)

 However, after spending all this time as the Yankee form of Yukito Kokonoe, it’s a bit dull to have to go to school normally again tomorrow.

“And what about… me?” (Pricipal)

“Guilty.” (Yuki)

 After that, the principal, Yoshinaga, was disciplined and given a one month pay cut.

 As a result, the headmaster’s attitude toward Yukito Kokonoe has changed to one of checking on his moods, and Yukito Kokonoe is often seen around the school, and is increasingly treated as a dangerous person, but he has no way of knowing this.

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