Chapter 11: Falsely Accused

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A crowded train, that is the ritual of the company worker.
Thank you for your hard work early in the morning.
My life’s diagram has been completely delayed, but as I said, I’m also taking the train to school today.
Normally I walk to school, but yesterday I stayed at Sekka’s house.

Sekka Kokonoe.
She is my mother’s sister and my aunt.
Kokonoe is my mother’s surname, so don’t worry about that.
I used to live with Sekka for about a month when she took me in.
My mother and Sekka had a big fight in the past because of me, and she was forced to take me in because she couldn’t leave me alone.
Since then, she would be sad if I didn’t stay with her on a regular basis.
That’s when I had to take the train to school.

Perhaps Sekka was worried about me, because she was overly protective of me.
She tried to buy me everything, but yesterday was a disaster.
It melted my steel mentality into mush.
“Yukito, is there anything you want? Like a child?” She whispered these words in my ear, but I wondered what would happen to me in ten months if I nodded “yes”.
I’m scared.
Too scary.
I had to pretend to be deaf.

Even though the train is packed, I’m currently sitting on a seat.
I had won the game of musical chairs.
A faint sense of superiority.
The jealousy in her eyes was pleasant.
Just as I was thinking this, a new group of passengers pushed their way into the train.
The lady standing in front of me.
She didn’t look good, she looked unwell.
I’ve heard that these days more and more people get upset when they are treated like elderly people, also when people gave up their seats for them, but I wondered if this was the case.
However, there was no point in thinking about it.

“Here you go.” (Yuki)

“Eh, ……, thank you.” (Lady)

I stood up quickly and gave up my seat.
I’m confident in my physical strength even though I look like this.
I’m a homecoming club member now, but I used to be a basketball club member.
I’m strong on my feet and legs.
It’s only a 20-minute walk from here anyway.
There’s no need to be stubborn.
In the end, I decided to keep my smart phone.
There are some words in my search history that I can’t dare to show people, such as “10 months later,” so I’ll delete them soon.

As I was thinking about this, I caught sight of a female student near the entrance.
I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but she’s looking down, as if she’s not feeling well.
Maybe she’s holding something back, I wondered if there were too many people in bad shape, but in this crowded train environment, it was probably inevitable.
There are probably many people who feel sick, but that didn’t seem to be the case.
She was shivering as she was pressed up against the wall.

Isn’t it too early in the morning for you?

In the early morning, I think most people are more sleepy than others, but there may be some who are more sexually active than others.
I can’t speak for others at all, as I’m still in agony over last night, but there’s nothing like getting excited in a crowded train.
I walked up to her as if I were diving through a wave of people.
I open a little distance to observe.
I can’t do anything too fancy.
I don’t want to admit it, but I’m sure of it.
I wondered what it was like for a grown man to be groping the buttocks of a schoolgirl in the morning.
There are too many perverts.
I can’t help but sigh.

(It can’t be helped.

 We arrive at the next station.
I followed the flow of people, and as I got closer, I reached out to grab the hand of a businessman in a suit.

“What the hell are you doing?” (???)

 The next thing I knew, my hand was being grabbed.

I realized that I had gotten myself into trouble once again.

[Unknown girl POV]

It was only a short while ago that I received a call from my best friend, Yumi Mikumo.
Apparently, she was being molested again.
She must be an easy target, as she was molested even in this short period of time before she met up with me.
I’ll be there when she meets me at this station, so it won’t be a problem, but until then, she’ll be alone and I’ll have to worry about her all the time.
In fact, this is how Yumi sometimes contacts me.

When I see a short message typed into my phone, “Help me…”, I get angry.
Maybe it was because of this, but Yumi had developed a mild distrust of men.
There must be a lot of people on the train, not everyone is a pervert.
So why is no one trying to help her? The passengers who pretended not to see what was going on were also an object of blame for me.

(Now, what to do……)

It depends on how they respond.
If they apologize honestly, there is still room for forgiveness but depending on their attitude, I may have to consider turning them in to the police.
If that happened I would be late to school, but it was also for the sake of justice.
The station staff or the police could tell the school what had happened.

The train arrived, Yumi always rides in the same car, so I can easily recognize her.
So, what kind of guy am I dealing with today? I’m a martial arts student, so my strength is quite strong.
First and foremost, as the student council president, I will not tolerate anyone who tries to harm the students of our school.
Although we are not at school, we are still on our way to school.
This is the responsibility of the student council president, and it is the justice and pride of Mutsuki Keido .

“That’s him!” (???)

 I grabbed the arm of the man who was reaching out to Yumi and twisted it.
I was surprised when I tried to see what kind of guy he was.
I was surprised to see that it was a student from our school.

“You, what are you doing?” (???)

[Yukito POV]

“No, it’s not me.
……” (Yuki)

“I don’t want to hear your excuses.
Are you not ashamed to be a student of our school?” (President)

My arms were twisted up and I was pinned to the ground.
I could have forced myself to shake it off, but I knew it would complicate things, so I just went along with it.
I had a feeling this would happen, though, didn’t I? I was named as a pervert in the train, and then I was dragged out and pursued.
It was a completely bad day.

“I saw with my own eyes that you were reaching out to Yumi.
You better not lie to me.”

“You’re so knotty.” (Yuki)

” What the ……?” (President)

I could feel the weight on my arm.
It was a dignified movement.
Perhaps it was her martial arts experience.
She was tall and well-built.
She was taller and fleshier than the other female student who was lying face down next to me.
I felt like I had seen her before, but I couldn’t find her name in my brain.
She sounds like a sporty type of girl, but also something else.
A brainiac.

“If you would’ve just admitted it and apologized, there could have been some mercy.” (President)

“I can’t admit to something I didn’t do because it would violate my sense of justice.” (Yuki)

“Don’t talk about justice, pervert.” (President)

“I’m not a pervert.” (Yuki)

“Then I’ll have to call the police.” (President)

 The conversation was completely pointless.
I was fine with that.
If I could verify it thoroughly, my innocence would be clear.
In that case, it would be the girls who would be in trouble, but I wouldn’t feel any sympathy for them if they were treated like criminals.
If they suffer for it, it’s their own responsibility.

“So why don’t you just call them?” (Yuki)

“Do you really think that being a student doesn’t make you guilty? You’re a very foolish man, aren’t you?” (President)

“I think you’re dumber than I am.” (Yuki)

“You’re not helping yourself.
I’m sorry, but I have to call the police.
This kind of person doesn’t belong in our school.” (President)

“…… Oh.
All right.” (Yuki)

 The station attendant tries to rush out after receiving the words.
Even if the truth comes out, it may be inevitable that I will be suspended or expelled from school.
That’s fine, but why do I have such bad luck with women? If I get involved with her, nothing good will come of it.

“Wait, He is not the molester.” (Lady)

 Let me retract my previous statement for a moment.
Maybe my luck with women isn’t so bad after all.

[Student council president POV]

I was surprised to find out that the molester was a student of our school.
He seemed to be an underclassman.
It bothered me that he didn’t show any reaction when he saw me, but I felt a little bad about destroying a young man with a future.
However, this student showed no remorse whatsoever.
He always insists that it was not him.
I was gradually becoming irritated by his reckless attitude.

 He is a student of our school, which means that if he is left alone, he might meet Yumi in the school.
How could Yumi, who distrusts men, bear the thought of the man who molested her being at the same school? She was saved this time, but she might be attacked someday.
I can’t allow that to happen.
I have no choice but to expel this student.
Having a student like this in our school is not a good thing.

There was no room for reconsideration and I was ready to call the police.

“You’re not helping yourself.
I’m sorry, but I have to call the police.
This kind of person does not belong in our school.” (President)

all right.” (Yuki)

 Now I’m going to be late for school, but I have no choice.
If I leave him alone, not only Yumi, but also other girls and other women may be harmed.
He is someone who should not be tolerated.
Why are there all these people who don’t want to help Yumi? It makes me feel very angry.

“Wait, he is not the molester.” (Lady)

The words slipped into my ears as I grieved in my heart.

[Yukito POV]

“Hey, who are you?” (President)

“Thank you for earlier.” (Lady)

It was the woman who I gave my seat for in the morning, looking a little paler.
Apparently, she was going to help me.
The woodcutter who had dropped his axe into the lake might have felt this way when he saw the goddess.
Was there a god here?

[Ed- what Yukito said above is actually from a moral story if you want to read it go here

“What? I’m sorry.
Who are you?” (President)

“I was sitting in front of him, he is not a molester.” (Lady)

“You were sitting in front of him? I saw this man reaching his hand out for Yumi.
Why would he, who was in the middle of the train, try to protect her?” (President)

“Because he approached the girl there on his own accord” (Lady)

“Isn’t that what you do to molest someone?” (President)

“No, hey, you remember something.
When you were being molested, were there any guys in school uniform around you?” (Lady)

 She spoke to the girl who had been molested, who had barely spoken up to this point.

“What, ……? I…, I….” (Mikumo)

“Remember well.
He thought you might have been molested, so he went up to you.
He did it to help you.
He got close to you just before you got to this station.
Do you remember at least a little bit about the kind of people who were around you when you were being molested?” (Lady)

“Oh, they were all adults.
I was scared.
…… maybe it was someone in a suit.
……” (Mikumo)

“Did you see anyone wearing the same school uniform as him?” (Lady)

“I don’t think so.
…… No, there weren’t.” (Mikumo)

“What!?” (President)

 The senpai who still doesn’t listen to me who is still deciding what to do with my arm.
The only thing I can do is to enjoy the feeling of her breasts, but it’s sad to say that it’s not a enjoyable situation.

“It was a bit rash.
You guys almost ruined his life, you know? Not only that, but if it turns out that he is innocent, you’ll be accused of being the ones who falsely accused him.
You have to be careful, okay?” (Lady)

“Oh no, …….
So, you were trying to help Yumi……” (President)

“I’m sorry!” (Mikumo)

 I don’t feel anything even if you apologize now.

 I’m not sure what the problem is, but I’m sure it’s something I did wrong, as usual.
It was a mistake to take action.
It was a mistake to care about it.
If I get involved, nothing good will come of it.
I’m sure I know that better than anyone, but this is how I always end up making the wrong choice.
After all…

“I shouldn’t have tried to help you.” (Yuki)

 I should have just ignored it.
In general, if you are being molested, you should just speak up yourself.
Relying on someone else, depending on someone else, and having someone else protect you is not going to solve anything.

“—-?!” (Mikumo or President)

“Can you please let me go? Don’t worry.
I’m not going to make the same mistake.
I’m not going to try to help you again.” (Yuki)

I’m not going to make the same mistake again.
This time, the cause is clear and the solution is simple.
From now on, even if I see a woman who looks like she is being molested, I will ignore her, then nothing will happen to me.
What needs to change is the person themselves, and the perpetrator who is committing the crime.
As an outsider, I have nothing to do with it.

“Wait, wait! I’m sorry, you’re not wrong.
What you’re doing is–” (President)

“That’s enough.
Well then.” (Yuki)

 Shaking off the hand of the senior who was clinging to me, I turned away and bowed to her friend.
If it weren’t for her, I would have been in more trouble than I was.
It’s no exaggeration to say that she’s truly a savior for me!

“Thank you very much.
May I call you Messiah?” (Yuki)

“I’d rather not, I don’t feel so good in the morning because of my anemia and today was especially hard for me, so I’m glad you offered to help me.
You’re the one who’s in all this trouble.
I’m worried about you.” (Lady)

“Are you feeling better already?”(Yuki)

“Maybe a bit better.
Huh, …….
I was going to go to school, but I guess I’ll have to take the morning off.” (Lady)

“I don’t feel well either.
I’m going to go to a coffee shop and rest a bit.” (Yuki)

“- Oh, you are going to skip too? Then can I come with you?” (Lady)

“I’m a problem child after all, so it’s fine if you want to join, please let me buy you a drink.
It’s my way of thanking you for helping me.” (Yuki)

“I don’t think that’s okay, you saved me in the train….” (Lady)

“The returns are too big.” (Yuki)

 While chatting with her, I decided to rest for a while at the coffee shop.
She told me that her name was Mio Ninomiya and gave me her contact information and said, “If you have any problems after this, please contact me”.
There are women in this world who will falsely accuse you, but there are also saviors who will help you.
If there is a god who abandons, there is a god who picks up.
It’s a well-designed world.
That being said…

“I don’t want to go to school.
……” (Yuki)

I’m not going to go to school because I missed the morning class in the first place, although I feel somewhat better.
Yes, I’m the outlaw Yukito Kokonoe.
I’m a problem child anyway.
I guess it doesn’t matter if I skipped school a little.
Come to think of it, a 30-minute train ride from here will take you to the seaside district.
One of my few hobbies is to go around there for sweets, and there is a store nearby that sells a limited number of 50 tarts a day that has become a hot topic.

It’s settled then–” (Yuki)

I smiled to myself and started walking away from the school, heading in the opposite direction.
This is also youth.

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