The Girl With Cat Ears

Part Seven: Getting Ignored?

I went over to Gemma to see if she got the stain out of my dress.

”Gemma, did you get the stain out of my dress? ” I asked.

”I did. ”

”Good. Now, Ill be taking it and heading to the guard station so I can get ready, ” I said as I went to grab it.

”Hold on there, missy. I still have a question. ”

”Question? Who are you? My brother? My mom? My dad? ”

”No, but what did the queen want you for? ”

”Something about the guards patrolling the party, ” I lied.

”Oh. Ok. Now you can go, ” Gemma said as she smiled.

”Ok. Thanks for getting the stain out, ” I said as I grabbed my dress and headed back to my ”house ”.

I got to the guard station and went to my room and put my dress on. After I did, Cam did my hair.

”Wow, Aph. You look stunning. ” Cam said smiling.

”Thanks. ” I said.

It was about time for Prince Xzan to pick me up and go to the party. There was a knock at the door.

”Im coming, ” I said as I went to the door and I opened it.

Xzan was looking the opposite way.

”Prince? ” I asked.

He got startled and jumped. ”Hey A- ” he looked at me and was speechless. ”Wow, you look stunning. ” He said with a hint of pink on his face.

”Th-thanks. ”

e welcome. Are you ready? ” Xzan asked.

”Yep. ” I said as I walked out and he followed.

We were walking to the place as I was looking around to make sure no one would attack Xzan.

He noticed that I was looking around and said, ”you don have to be on guard right now and for the rest of the ball. We have enough guards who are doing that. ”

I jumped a little bit because he scared me when he spoke. ”I know. Its just instincts to be on guard. I just don want something to happen… ” I said as I stopped and looked at him. He stopped as well.

”Trust me nothing is going to happen ” he said.

”Ok. If you say, so, ” I said as I started walking again. Xzan walked beside me the whole way to the plaza. We were talking and laughing, but when we got to the plaza, all of the princesses that were there went up to him and pushed me out of the way. I went to get something to drink and a little something to snack on since I didn really eat a lot today. I got a drink and snack and went to sit down. I sat down as I put my drink down on the table so I wouldn spill it on myself. I was looking around, just to make sure no one was watching and was going to attack. Tyler came up to me and we started talking.

A while later, Xzan had asked me to dance. I said sure. We went to the dance floor and started dancing. I could feel everyone looking at us. I looked at Xzan.

”Don be nervous, Love, ” He said as he looked back at me. I nodded as we kept dancing.

We stopped dancing and went to sit down, but a few of the princesses took Xzan to dance. I watched, knowing what was about to happen.

A while later, now it was about time for Prince Xzan to say who hes going to get get married to. Prince Xzans right hand man, Jake, went to tell everyone that Prince Xzans about to tell everyone who he wants to marry.

”The girl I want to marry is… ” Xzan said as he paused and looked at me.

I heard something coming and I went to see what it was.

”Aph! ” Xzan yelled.

I heard, but I went to see what I heard earlier. I got to the place where I heard the noise coming from. I went to see what it was, when I heard someone or something coming from behind me. I turned around and saw the person who turned me into a meifwa.

”What are you doing here? ” I asked as I reached for my sword, forgetting that I don have it.

”Oh, something that Ive always wanted to do. ” He said as he walked closer to me.

I backed up, ”what have you always wanted to do to me? ” I asked as I gulped.

He kissed me and when I went to pull away, I saw Xzan. I tried to push him away, but he put his arms around me.

”Let me go!! ” I yelled, knowing damn well that he wasn . I was hoping that Xzan was still there, but he wasn . I kicked the person in the groin. I started to run. Though I didn know where I was running to.

I ran to the plaza. I got there right when Xzan was saying who he was going to marry. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard him. I was crying and breathing heavy. It was when I heard the person running towards me. I tried to look for Tyler, but I couldn find him. I went to hide in the crowd, but everyone moved out of the way.

I was hoping that this was all a nightmare or a very bad dream. I pinched myself to see, and it hurt. I looked at Xzan, but he looked away. I went back to my house.

I got to my house and as I was about to open the door, I heard Cam talking to someone. I put my ear up to the door to see if I knew the other voice and to listen what they were talking about. They were talking about me and someone else. I left and went to my secret spot.

I got to my secret spot and sat down. I started to cry. As I was crying, I yelled things that I shouldn have. I was angry, sad, scared…but who could blame me?

I laid down to look at the sky and stars, still crying. A while later. I had fallen asleep.

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