The Girl With Cat Ears

Part Six: Lost Trust and Love?

”Ill tell you more about the past, ” Queen said.

”O-Ok, ” I said as I sat down the the floor.

”While your parents, the king, and I were talking, Cam, Xzan, and you played a lot of random things such as house, tag, hide and seek, which you would always win, pretend to be king and queen, you and Xzan, etc. You guys would go outside and play with the animals and have a mini picnic. Cam would always be protective of you whenever Xzan got too close to you. Your parents and us laughed whenever Cam protected you from Xzan. The last time we were there, it was whenever Xzan told you or well asked you the thing that I told you earlier. Before he met you, he was a rebel. You changed him, although you were also a rebel. I think he fell in love you, the first time he saw you. ” The Queen said.

”O-Oh. I had a flashback a couple days ago, and Cam and I were playing tag, there was no one else. Unless it was when you were at war. ” I said.

”Oh? Thats strange. What age do you think you were? ” The Queen asked.

”I think seven years old, ” I responded.

”We weren in war at the age of time. We were still visiting you guys. Maybe it was when Xzan was sick, ” The Queen said.

”Possibly, but then again it couldve been while you were at war, ” I said.

It probably was, but I didn remember him at all. I wouldve remembered him. Then again, I have a bad memory.

”Yea, but we went to war when Xzan was 10, ” The Queen said.

”Oh. I…just…don remember him at all. I just remember that I had to be forced into a marriage with a person name Xzan, I know that hes the one that Im supposed to marry, ” I said with a little sadness.

”Hmmm…maybe someone put a spell on you? Your parents were happy that their daughter was going to marry their best friends son, so they wouldn have done anything. Maybe one of your closest friend, a boy, was jealous of Xzan and had a spell put on you, ” Queen Neveah said.

”Hem? No, he wouldn do something like that…would he? ” I said with sadness/curiosity in my voice.

”What do you really know about him? ” Queen Neveah asked.

”Nothing really besides that he lost his parents, ” I said.

”See, you barely know him. What do you know about Xzan? ” Queen Neveah said.

”Hes kind, protective, caring, weird like me, and he loves to make me smile, ” I replied not knowing what I just said.

”It sounds like someone has a crush on Xzan~~~~~ ” Queen Neveah teased.

”N-No, I don , ” I said as I blushed and looked away.

”Ok, fine. You don , ” Queen Neveah said, ”you may leave to get ready. ”

”Thanks. Ok. Bye. See you later, mqueen, ” I said as I bowed and left.

I walked back to the tailors, to see if they had gotten the grape juice stain out of my dress. When I got there, people were throwing things at each other. I slowly closed the door and back away. I should act like the adult that I am, and yell at them. I mean I might do that.

I walked up to the door, opened it, and yelled, ”GUYS, STOP!! ”

Everyone jumped and stopped. I walked in. Everyone went back to work.

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