The Girl With Cat Ears

Part Five: Past?

rriage with a person name Xzan, I know that hes the one that Im supposed to marry, ” I said with a little sadness.

”Hmmm…maybe someone put a spell on you? Your parents were happy that their daughter was going to marry their best friends son, so they wouldn have done anything. Maybe one of your closest friend, a boy, was jealous of Xzan and had a spell put on you, ” Queen Neveah said.

”Hem? No, he wouldn do something like that…would he? ” I said with sadness/curiosity in my voice.

”What do you really know about him? ” Queen Neveah asked.

”Nothing really besides that he lost his parents, ” I said.

”See, you barely know him. What do you know about Xzan? ” Queen Neveah said.

”Hes kind, protective, caring, weird like me, and he loves to make me smile, ” I replied not knowing what I just said.

”It sounds like someone has a crush on Xzan~~~~~ ” Queen Neveah teased.

”N-No, I don , ” I said as I blushed and looked away.

”Ok, fine. You don , ” Queen Neveah said, ”you may leave to get ready. ”

”Thanks. Ok. Bye. See you later, mqueen, ” I said as I bowed and left.

I walked back to the tailors, to see if they had gotten the grape juice stain out of my dress. When I got there, people were throwing things at each other. I slowly closed the door and back away. I should act like the adult that I am, and yell at them. I mean I might do that.

I walked up to the door, opened it, and yelled, ”GUYS, STOP!! ”

Everyone jumped and stopped. I walked in. Everyone went back to work.

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