The Girl With Cat Ears

Part Five: Past?

I looked down at my dress and saw grape juice on the top. At least my dress is purple. Hehehehe.

”Im so sorry, Aph, ” ??? said.

Wait! That voice, it better not be him I thought before I spoke, ”Prince? ”

”Maybe? ” Xzan said.

”What are you doing here? ” I asked.

”I went to your house because my mother and father wants to see you, ” Xzan said.

”Ok. Do they want to see me now? Or later? ” I asked.

”Now. They said to me to tell you that they want to see you, ” Xzan said.

”Ok. Girls, can you clean it? ” I asked as I handed the dress to the girls.

”Well try, too. Go. ” They said as they took the dress.

I left and ran to the castle.

I got to the castle. I walked inside and headed to the throne room.

”Hello, Aph. ” The Queen said.

”Hello, my Queen. What did you want to see me for? ” I asked.

”The ball. Xzan doesn know that, hes looking for a bride. I want you to be part of it. By the way, I know that you
e Princess Aphmeow. Don worry, I won tell anyone. The king knows as well, ” The Queen said.

”Ok. Wait! How did you know and how long? ” I asked.

”The first day. I just put two things together and I got my evidence yesterday when you
e brother came here, ” The Queen said.

”How did you know that he was my brother? ”

”Well, he looked so familiar. ”

”Youve seen him before? ”

”Yes, when him, Xzan, and you were little kids. You, Cam, and Xzan would play house. You would be the wife and he would be the husband. One day, while you two were playing, Xzan had asked you this, ”When we get older, could we be like this? Like husband and wife. ” You ran away blushing bright red. Xzan got sad when you did that. A few years later, we stopped coming because of the war. ”

”Wait! What? We knew each other when we were younger?!?!?!?!?!?! ” I asked-yelled.

”Yes. My husband and I talked to your parents about you two getting married when you guys were a little older. They told that theyd think about it, ” The Queen said.

”How come I can remember any of this? Why did you guys just stop coming? ” I asked.

”To answer your first question, I don know. The second question, we were in war and we couldn risk you guys being killed. Xzan was upset with that decision. ” Queen said.

”O-o-oh. Does Cam remember anything about that? ” I asked.

”I don know, ” Queen said.

”Then if you want me to be part of the choosing of his bride, wouldn I have to wear something formal? ” I asked.

”He would choose you no matter what you wear. Plus, I know you don like wearing fancy things, ” Queen said.

”He would? ” I said as I tilted my head.

”Yea, he wouldn stop talking about you, bragging to his best friend, Zwei, that you said yea, ” Queen said as she chuckled.

He does have a crush on me, I thought.

”H-h-h-h-h-he d-d-did? ” I asked as I stuttered and blushing.

”Yea, King and I thought that it was cute. ” Queen said.

”Does he know that Im Princess Aphmeow? ” I asked.

”I gave him hints everyday that you were her. ” Queen said.

”What were the hints, if you don mind me asking? ” I asked.

”Best friend from the past. The one he wanted to marry when he was younger. Cams sister. The one that was his first ever love/crush. Things like that. ” Queen said.

”O-Oh, ” I said, ”first love? ”

”Yea. You
e his first and only love. He still loves you and misses you, ” Queen said.

”O-oh. So, thats why hes kinda overprotective of me, ” I said.

”Yea, a little. He took my hints and he believes that you are her, which you are, ” Queen said.

”Good. ” I said as I smiled.

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