The Girl With Cat Ears

Part Four: What?!!?

The next day.

Cam woke up first. He was deciding on how to wake me up. It was either with a bang or a splash.

Cam went to go get a bucket, filled it with hot water, and went to my room to wake me up. Little did he know that I was awake and writing the guard schedule.

Ive been up since the sunrise, I mean I don have a post or station to guard. But thats only because I asked the other guards if I could have day off so I could get ready for the ball. Im going to have to get use to wearing a dress and heels, again. Not to mention makeup and jewelry Ill probably have to wear. I do wear a necklace on my days off. I keep the necklace in my pocket of my guard outfit that Ill have to go the tailors to get it all touched up. Oh that reminds me, Ill have to go to the tailors sometime today before 11:50.

I should probably get ready to go to the tailors and see if Amy~Kun could do my makeup. I got up and got dressed.

As I tried opened to the door, Cam opened the door and water went all over Cam. I was laughing so hard that I fell down. I tried to stop laughing but Cam was making it hard to stop. I remembered that I had to go to the tailors to get my dress and ask Cam if he can do my hair.

I stopped laughing, got up, got my shoes on, and left to the tailors. I got the tailors.

I open the door and said, ”Hello ladies. ”

Gemma replied, ”Hello, Aph. Here for your dress? ”

”Yea, ” I replied as I walked in and closed the door.

”Do you want me to do your hair? ” Sara asked.

”I don know. I might have my brother do my hair, ” I said as I realized that I said brother.

”Brother? What? ” Sara said in a confused voice.

”I have a brother. He came to visit me, ” I said.

”You have a brother? Since when? ” Sara said as Gemma walked in with Aphs dress.

”Heres your dress, Aph, ” Gemma said as she handed Aph her dress.

I take it. I was about to leave. Someone came in and tripped, they were carrying grape juice. The grape juice went flying towards me, and it went all over my dress.

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