The Girl With Cat Ears

Part Three: Ball? Party?

I got to the cafe. I went in and saw someone I didn want to see. That person is Cam.

”C-CAM?!!!?!?!?!? ” I said.

”Yes. It is I. Your brother. ” Cam said loud for everyone to hear.

”Cam, shush. Follow me and don say a word. ” I said as I left.

Cam just nodded and followed me.

We got to my spot.

”What are you doing here? ”

”Like I mouthed to you that night. Ive been looking for you. ”

”Everyone is looking for me. Aunt Ri is looking for me. I think that she knows that its me. Although I go with the name Aph, no one really seess the semblance of my name. I like being a normal person, not being royalty. I finally have a normal life. I don have to worry about anything or anyone. All I have to do is protect my kingdom, the prince, and the villagers. ”

”Oh. So, you don want to come back and the queen? ”

”No. Even if I did mom and dad would already have an arranged marriage for me. I don get it, why not you? ”

”I don know. Maybe because they
e worried about your ”non-existing ” love life. ”

”Maybe. Anyways why did you keep your word? ”

”Because Im worried about my sister? ”

”Is that the only reason? ”

”Yeeeeeeeeeessssssss. ”

”Cam, whats the other reason? ”

”Mother and father are worried about you. Sophies worried. Your crush is worried about you. Everyone is worried about you. ”

”I know. Tell them that Im fine. ”

”Ok. Oh by the way, can I stay at your place for tonight? ”

”Sure. I live in the guard tower, but Im the only one. If you open the door when Im asleep or gone, youll die. ”

”Ok. Geez. So, I hear that you got invited to the ball. Who, in all people, would invite you? ”

”The Prince. Thats who. Why do people keep on asking me that? ”

”What? ”

”Yea. You shocked? ”

”Yes. The Prince, from Broken Shield, the one that YOURE supposed to marry. ”

”Yes, is there a problem? ”

”Yes and no. You have to wear a fancy dress. So, do you like him now? ”

”Yea, well my dress won be that fancy. I don know anymore. ”

”Ok? Wow, Aph wow. ”

”I know. Anyways, Im going to head home. Wanna follow or are ya gonna look around? ”

”Imma follow you. ”

”Ok, ” I said as I walked to my house.

Cam followed me. We got to my house. I unlocked my door and walked in. Cam also came inside.

”You can sleep on my couch, ” I said as I went to my room.

”Ok. What are you going to do? ” He asked as he sat down.

”Im going to go and write something, ” I replied as I went into my room.

”Ok. Imma just take a nap. ”

”Ok. ”

A while later. Cam was asleep. Im out walking around the village because I got finished with writing a thing.

While I was walking around, I noticed that they started decorating the plaza for the ball. I was to focus on the plaza that I bumped into someone.

”IM SO SORRY!!! ” I yelled.

”Its fine, Aph, ” Someone said.

That voice. Its Prince Xzan, I thought and said, ”Ok. I got distracted by the plaza that I wasn watching where I was going and Im sorry. ”

”Its fine, Aph. I know. Anyways, I asked my parents if you had to wear a fancy dress and you don have to if you don want too. ”

”Ok. The dress that I picked out isn really too fancy ”

”Ok. Oh. Who was the person who was looking for you? ”

”My brother, Rebel, was wondering where Ive been because he got back from guard training. I don know why my ma or pa didn tell him that I moved out, ” I said. I had to lie to him because I didn want him to find out that Im Princess Aphmeow, the one who was supposed to marry him.

”Oh? Ok. I gotta get going home. Bye, ” He said as he got up and left.

”Bye, ” I said as I went to the cafe to get something to eat and drink.

Right as I got to the cafe, it starting to storm. Hopefully, Xzan got back to the castle in time.

”Hey, Amy~Kun, ” I said as I walked up to the counter.

”Hey, Aph~Chan~Nya, ” Amy~Kun said.

”How was your day? ”

”It was going bad, and then the guy, who was looking for you, came in and made it better~Nya. ”

”Ok. ”

”Yea. Anyways, what do you want? ~Nya ”

”Can I get a chai tea and a sandwich. I don care what kind of sandwich it is. ”

”Ok. So, about that guy that was looking for you. He single?~Nya ”

”AMY~KUN!!! WHY!! ”

”Because he was kinda cute.~Nya ”

”Amy~Kun, no. He is single. ”

”Ok. ~Nya. Sorry,~Nya. Ill get your order.~Nya ” She said as she got Aphs drink and food ready.

”Ok. Its fine. Anyways, you wouldn want to marry royalty because hes Prince Cam. ”


”A reason that Ill tell you after you closed and promise me you won tell anyone. ”

”Ok.~Nya. Heres your order~Nya ” She said as she handed it to me.

”Ok. Thanks, Amy~Kun, ” I said as I started to eat.

After a while later, Amy~Kun had closed the cafe.

”The reason why Prince Cam is looking for me is that Im the runaway princess. When I was running away, he saw me and mouthed that after everything had cooled down that he would come and find me. ”

”Oh?~Nya. So, you
e Princess Aphmeow?~Nya ”

”Yep. Please don tell anyone. ”

”Ok~Nya, I won ~Nya. ”

”Good. Don even tell the Prince. ”

”You should get home before Cam starts to worry about you. ”

”Ok. Im going to get going not because you told me to. Its because I have to wake up really early. Bye, Amy~Kun. ” I said as I waved bye to her and left.

”Bye, Aph~Chan, ” Amy~Kun said as she locked up and left to go to her house.

While I was walking to the guard station, I saw something in the corner of my eyes. As a guard, I need to protect my people. So, I went to check out what it was. As I got closer it went started to walk in the other direction. At this point in time Im tired, so I started to run to get closer to it. When I did that, it run further away. It was shaped like a person. It was wearing a cloak. I was still running after them. I didn have my sword with me, but I do know how to fight with my fists.

A while later. I was still chasing after it. We were now in the forest or well it seemed like the forest. Im still tired even when I was runing. I need to see what it was so I know what it was. I needed to know if it was safe. If it wasn going to hurt my people.

It had stopped and disappeared. I stopped to look for it and I couldn find. I headed back to the guard tower/station, wents to my bed, and falls asleep.

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