Hi diary. Its been a while. If you forgot my name already, well its Aphmeow or Aph. Im just putting that in there just in case I happen to get knocked out and forget my name. Its been a few years since I ran away from home.

My parents are probably worried sick about me or they probably don even remember me. My moms name is Silva and my dads name is Klaus. I also have a big brother and a little sister. My brothers name is Cam. My little sisters name is Sophie. My little sister probably doesn even remember me. Cam is probably looking for me.

Anyways, I live in a village. Its called Broken Shields and don the name think that we aren good at fighting because we are.

”APH!! ” ??? yelled.

Well, it seems like I gotta go. Bye diary!!

”COMING, ” I yelled.

I put my diary away so no one would see it, to look through it.

I ran to the person who called for me. I got to the person who called me.

”Yes? ” I asked.

”Well, the prince wants you, ” ??? said.

”He does. Did he say want he wanted? ” I asked.

”No, Im sorry Aph, ” ??? said.

”Ok, Ill be going to see the prince, ” I said as I got my sword just in case something happens and left to go to the castle.

I was on my way to the castle when someone bumped into me and splashed something on me. We both fell. Before we even hit the ground I was out. I don really remember being knocked out.

Its been a few hours since the accident.

I woke up somewhere. I think the place where Id always went to when I had a day off. No one really knew about it except one person which was a friend. This friend was the person from earlier. They only know because they followed me.

”Oh. Good, you
e up, ” ??? said.

”Who are you? What do you want with me? ” I asked.

”Well, I won say my name, my little Princess Aphmeow. I want you to be a little test subject for me. ”

”H-How do you know my real name??!???!?!! ”

”Well, I was told by someone. ”

”How do I know that you won take be me back? ”

”Because I won . ”

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