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“Yes Kalin, exactly.
Maybe Zwei will come to this world directly to stop Seilook from getting any more points.”

Everyone peeks over at Seilook, who has been watching us all this time.

“Gyururu, gyururu.”

Even at a time like this, Seilook is telling me through our bond to go get more points.

“I’m thinking of giving points to Seilook and going to confront Zwei.”

I tell everyone my plans.

“I will accompany you.”

“You can’t go alone, Master Rust.”

“If my sister Ahri is going, I’m going too.”

“E-eh!? I want to go as well.”

Taula, Ahri, Roa, and even Shellrule say they want to come too.

Then I’m going too.”

Even Kalin joins in, probably thinking she can use this momentum to her advantage.

“No, Lady Kalin.”

“You need to stay.”

You were one of the 『great four』.
If this is true, you should stay in the capital and…”

Everyone starts arguing against Kalin’s proposal.

“All right all right! But I’m not going back to the capital! Ahh… So boring…”

Kalin lets out a sad sigh as she spreads her arms and shakes her head.

As I watch this all unfold and feel everyone’s warm feelings towards me, I brace myself to say something harsh.

I take a deep breath, and open my mouth.

“I’m going alone.
I can’t face Zwei while looking after someone else.”

There’s palpable tension in the air.


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