Uhpheldra said, ”I have to overcome my fears, I can allow my past to define my future. ” She started moving her body, she used water from the river to make spikes, that attacked the monster making it move behind. She then used the water to heal Zeomoras wounds and he woke up in shock.

He looked at her and asked her, ”What are you still doing here? ” She answered, ”I could not leave you to be killed by the monster. ” She then stood up and started heading towards the monster, Xhonia used his healing ability to heal himself.

Xhonia used Mlist a notice appeared and it was written, Effects cast against an enemy will not affect the user and the party members. The visibility of the monster became blur and he used Armthrust again, hands made of earth appeared from the ground and held the creatures to the ground. Uhpheldra said, ”Counter blades, ” several blades appeared and pierced the monster several times, and then one huge blade appeared piercing the monster and shattering parts its armor.

It started struggling to break free but vines made of rock started holding it down making it unable to move. Uhpheldra said, ”Sacrificial leaf blades, ” leaves started coming out from the tree, became metallic and as sharp as a blade, and started piercing the creature and it started bleeding.

The creature in rage broke free, huge paws with claws appeared in the air and started scratching Uhpheldra, Zeomora created a shield that protected her, but the claws were too strong and they broke the shield and continued attacking her.

A huge black fist appeared on top of the creature and it smashed the monster to the ground. Raivhar had come back, she said, ”Canon sphere, ” and a spherical ball appeared trapping the monster inside, and out of the walls of the ball came out canons, that started attacking the monster.

Uhpheldra said, ”Spiked wall, ” two walls that had spikes on their sides appeared at the sides of the monster and they crushed it and it fell down, as its blood flowed down the ground. Zeomora used Mega shield and a huge shield appeared from the ground crushing it.

The creature breathed heavily. The monster growled, as it struggled to stand up, it drowned in energy from the atmosphere and then, there was a bright light and it becoming stronger. Zeomora said, ”No way, it has grown to level 35 and everything in its status has grown stronger. ” The creature stood up, and lightning started appearing from the sky and striking them, Zeomora created a shield to protect them, but the last lightning broke the shield and stoke him, making him fall backward.

Raivhar made three fists to appear, which started attacking the creature, the creature hit the ground and the fists disappeared. The creature attacked her with arrows that were electric, she dodged some while others pierced and electrocuted her. Uhpheldra made a spear made of water and she threw it at the creature, it pierced the hind left leg causing the leg to start freezing. The creature removed the arrow and the freezing stopped.

It growled and two chains started going after her and constricting her body and then electrocuting her, making her scream in pain. Zeomora went where they were, used Heal all and they were halfway healed.

Zeomora said, ”Vital constriction, ” and vines appeared out of the ground, tightened the head, stomach, and legs of the monster and afterward the vines turned to steel. Raivhar said, ”Underground dark spear, ” a dark spear appeared from beneath the ground, pierced its stomach and coming out through its back. Uhpheldra used Explosive spheres shiny balls fell on the creature and then exploded.

The monster again absorbed energy from the atmosphere and it grew to level 40. It growled and the force pushed Zeomora and the rest backward making them hit the trees. The tail united and became large and its armor became stronger.

Raivhar told them, ”Well never win this battle, our MPs are almost over together with our health, ” Uhpheldra asked, ”And what if we chain it using the chains, which were on us? ” Raivhar said, ”It might work, but we must give it allve got, ” Zeomora nodded and said, ”Yes, but if it won , then this would be a death sentence. ”

Raivhar ran towards it, made a huge hand, and held it down. Then Uhpheldra made the air thick and froze the surrounding, which didn have an effect on them and the creature froze. Zeomora ran and took the four chains and as he jumped to put the chains, the monster broke free and the three of them fell backwards.

Blood started coming out from Uhpheldras mouth while Raivhar struggled to stand up. The creature fell to the ground as the chains started activating and it started struggling to break free. Their surrounding started glitching, Zeomora asked, ”Whats happening? ”

Uhpheldra said, ”I, I, its goi….. going t.. to bre….. , ” Raivhar ran towards it and touched the ground a shadow covered the creature and after some seconds it passed out and the glitching stopped. Zeomora asked, ”What was all that about? ” That evening Zeomora prepared meat stew.

He looked at the status and said, ”Uh, we all became stronger, ” Uhpheldra answered, ”But we didn kill the monster, ” Zeomora said, ”It seems that you just have to inflict enough damage, to the enemy in order to grow, ” looking at the status, ”It seems that it also grew stronger, since it also did great damage to us. ”

Looking at the status more, ”We share some of the inheritance class of the party members. Now Mlist has electronic effects and it got some dark and water effects and the creature also gained some dark and water effects. ”

The following morning, they found that the creature had already awakened. It started heading toward Zeomora to attack him but a barrier prevented it from attacking them.

He went towards it and afterwards put all their belongings on it, climbed on it and start heading towards the next town. When he entered a town he would wear a hood and hide his shield with a cloth. People looked at him and his team as they entered the town.

Soldiers stopped him in his tracks, ”Stop, we can allow you to continue with that beast. Give it to us peacefully so that we can kill it, ” Zeomora said, ”I promise you that it is not dangerous, ” they said, ”You must be a sorcerer. It is prohibited to catch a monster, ” Zeomora asked confused, ”What do you mean its prohibited? ”

Soldiers surrounded him and the residents started running away. They told him, ”Surrender now and put your weapons down. You are a sorcerer, ” Zeomora asked confused, ”What do you mean? I promise you we are not dangerous, ” they said to him, ”Then put down your weapons and surrender, then we shall settle this afterward or show you could show your Warriors card identity. ”

Raivhar and Uhpheldra started putting down their weapons while the creature growled in anger. Zeomora told them, ”No, don put your weapons down. If we surrender we won come back a whole piece, ” Uhpheldra asked, ”Then what should we do? ” Zeomora answered, ”We lash out, they are the ones who asked for it. ”

Raivhar made daggers which started attacking the soldiers and killing them, the creature started attacking the soldiers, biting off some of the soldiers limbs, and Uhpheldra used sacrificial leaf blades and the leaves started slicing the soldiers.

The creature used lightning to electrocute the soldiers. Some soldiers decided to run away, Zeomora said, ”We can let them run away, ” he used Armthrust and Raivhar used Breath taker and black dust settled on the soldiers and started raising in the air taking their breath away. On the ground laid countless dead bodies, Zeomora looked at them and said, ”Their blood shall not be on our hands, but theirs. If only they would have listened. ”

Uhpheldra asked, ”Master there are more coming should we wait for them? ” Zeomora answered, ”No we wouldn want to attract so much attention. ” They climbed the creature and went away. When the soldiers arrived, they were shocked to find so many dead bodies. The general said, ”This couldn be the work of a sorcerer, it could have been messier than this. This must be the work of a warrior and not any warrior but a skilled one, ” he shouted, ”look for survivors. ”

A soldier shouted, ”Sir there is one over here, ” the general asked him, ”What happened over here? ” going downwards towards him, the soldier answered, ”H… he was not al…. he is dange…….., ” but passed away before he could finish the sentence. The general said, ”So he was not alone, thats why he did such great damage over a short span of time. ”

Zeomora said looking behind, ”We managed to escape, but we must be careful not to attract so much attention next time, we can go around killing people. ” They stopped in their tracks and Zeomora started looking at his status, ”What is this, I learned Forged identity. ”

He used it and all his party members became covered in black cloth including the creature. Suddenly the soldiers surrounded them and told them, ”We have you surrounded, surrender now! ” Clouds started gathering, the creature summoned lightning, Zeomora used a shield to protect them and lightning struck the ground, making the earth move upwards and inflict damage on the soldiers.

Zeomora raised his hand, a gigantic spherical ball trapped several soldiers inside, Zeomora clenched his hand and lightning struck the humans inside, killing them. Raivhar made blades which were black in colour and she slayed the soldiers with them. Soldiers who were on top of the tree attacking Zeomora and his team members with crossbows.

Zeomora used Mega shield to protect them against the arrows. Zeomora raised his hand and his party members stopped attacking the soldiers, he said, ”Retreat, ” they climbed the creature and they went away.

The general struggled to stand up, they were about to go after them, but he raised his right hand and they stopped, he said, ”Weve already lost so many men today. ” When they had been moving for about an hour Zeomora said, ”We can stop now, they can have reached us. ” Zeomora said, ”Well be identifying ourselves this way whenever we enter a city and the creature looks less dangerous this way, it seems it has also changed our voices. ”

When they entered the next city this time they did not seem to attract so much attention. They went to a weaponry shop, and Zeomora told them, ”I may not have enough money to buy you weapons, but I can buy you armor for now. ” He bought them armor including the creature, but didn buy armor for himself. They then afterward went to the general shop and then afterward bought for them dissent cloth including himself and then went to sell animal parts, that they had gotten.

They were about to get out of the city when a man with glasses and his face partly hidden told them, ”Follow me, ” pointing his shield at him, ”What do you want? ” He told them, ”I promise you; I don mean you harm. ” When they entered a building, he removed the mask and it reviled that he was a cyborg.

He told them, ”No need to hide anymore the Legendary Shield Alkaldria, ” he asked putting his guard up, ”How did you know? ” He told them, ”Don worry as, I told you I am not dangerous. The spell you used only hides your identity on low leveled humans, but as you gradually become stronger it will also become more effective. My name is Ezeldmelrak ”

Zeomora and his team stopped using the spell. The man asked him, ”Do you know that there is a great reward for anyone who takes you to the authority? Weeks ago, it was reported that you had been seen in some cities and towns and then suddenly you vanished again, ” Zeomora asked, ”And why is that? ” The man told him, ”It has been four months since the three Legendary Heroes were reborn but you were nowhere to be found. ”

Zeomora fell to his knees and started looking at his hand as they shacked in terror, he said, ”No way, it has been about three weeks since I had a sense of myself, ” the man asked, ”What do you mean? ” ”Three weeks ago, I found myself in this body, I was being transported as a slave and after some incidents, I ended up being the shield Alkaldria. ”

The man said, ”Impossible, heroes are always reborn when they are already heroes and if you are saying the truth then that means someone was trying to sabotage you from ever coming. Most of the authorities have hated the shield Alkaldria since long time ago. From ages ago the shield Alkaldria has been hated by the authorities. Since hes just and seeks whats best for the people and so the humans love the shield Alkaldria, to an extent that years ago, the shield Alkaldria had his own nation. ”

Coming closer to them, ”Then if am correct you don know why you were ever summoned to this world. ” Zeomora answered, ”I don really have a clue about anything in this world. ” The man told him, ”There is a goddess whos called Malhdrean who became the goddess of darkness. ”

”Ages ago the Heroes locked her at a prison where she cannot escape, but the evil prospers over rightness and souls die, the more she becomes stronger and the gates won be able to hold her forever. Each month a mini-boss is sent and the mini-boss won go away unless its defeated, its purpose is to spread terror and establish chaos. ”

”At that time nothing is able to go to the next level until its defeated, but after its defeated, you will go to the next level depending on the monsters that you have killed. When all the four heroes are together their status and that of their party members grows by 70 and therefore gain an advantage. ”

He cleared his throat and then continued, ”There are four heroes; the mage, who wields the staff; the assassin who can create ranged weapons; the sword man who wields a sword; and you the shield Alkaldria. The mage is the strongest of them all capable of performing uncontrollable abilities.

You will inherit part of your party members origin class and thus affects the abilities you will get in the future. The monsters that you fight against will also determine the abilities that youll get and depending on which class they inherit. You seem to have a great strategic team, but how comes you were able to catch a monster? Heroes are prohibited and its also impossible to catch monsters and thus explains why your storyline is different. ”

Zeomora remembered the glitching when they were trying to catch the monster. ”There are different kinds of creatures in this world. The humans possess magic and are capable of performing magic. The warriors, these are humans who decide to become adventurers and venture to become stronger. These also includes the four legendary heroes. The demi-humans are half human and half animal. ”

”There are different classes of demi-humans, fire being the strongest followed by dark, and they are legally used as slaves. Harlets, these are the queens and kings of different species of demi-humans. Cyborgs which are humans which are half humans. They are known to perform remarkable abilities and most are known to be stronger than demi-humans. They can combine different classes in order to become stronger. There are also Demi-gods. It is believed that if humans train till they become very strong to the exact that they are undefeatable, they will become demigods. Finally, gods who rule and grant the living creatures with power. ”

He asked Zeomora, ”Can I look at the creature up close? ” Zeomora answered, ”Sure. ” He started looking at the monster and then said to him, ”As I thought, ” looking at Zeomora ”this is no ordinary creature. ”

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