He thought to himself, What am I to do now? Its not as if I have any attacking skills. Standing to his feet, How long will I be weak. How long will I have to stand alongside myself, tears starting to drip down his face, why did the person who wields the shield ever have to be weak, it just makes me sick. Whoever gave me a second chance could just let me die, falling to his knees and starting to cry. He suddenly remembered that he had the ability Mlist. He used mlist and the place was filled with mist, but he could still see clearly.

He started running and was about to jump down the cliff, but one of the wolves bit him on the shoulders, he punched it and it let him go. He jumped down the cliff and as he fell, he was pierced by countless branches and he finally hit the ground. He coughed blood as blood profusely exuded from his wounds. He realized that the place he was bitten on his arm, produced slight amounts of black vapor.

”What did that thing do to my arm? ” asked Zeomora as sharp pains came from that point. He started healing his wounds but because of the mana he had used up, he became unconscious. The next morning, he was awoken by the chirping of the birds and as he stood up, parts of his body were numb and still had some wounds which had not yet healed.

His arm was still black, having no effects on his healing magic. He started following a pathway that led him to a town. He asked a man, ”Is there any place where you can get medication in this town? ” The man told him, ”If you go to that building, ” pointing to a building, ”you might get some help. ”

He entered the building and he was greeted by an old man, ”Greetings young man, how may I be of help to you? ” Zeomora starting to feel a little bit hazy, ”Would you have a cure, ” uncovering the wound, ”for this. ” The man came closer as he started shaking, ”Oh no, ” starting to look for something on the shelves, ”you were bitten by alpha wolves, they leave this mark on you so that they can track you, if I am not mistaken, they are on their way to this town. ” He poured a potion on the wound and then started chanting and it stopped glowing black, screams started being hard on the outside.

”We are too late they are already here, ” said the old man with a worried face. The old man was destructed by cries outside the building. ”No, no, noooooo don ki……. ” shouted a man from the outside of the building as a monster attacked him ripping off his limb. Screams started becoming more while the monsters attacked them.

The wolves started attacking the people and killing them, a wolf bit a womans neck spilling the blood on the olds man window. A man opened the door, but a wolf pierced the mans back killing him.

The wolf jumped on the old man, the old man said, ”Please help me, young man, please don let this be my ending, please. ” Tears started flowing down his face and he asked the old man, ”Do you think I can help you? And how am I to help you? If I can even simply help myself? ”

He started having visions of a man saying, ”Remember you are not and will never be useless. Youll ever be more than a lifeless body, even the weak play their role in this world. Remember, if someone asks for your help, that means he sees something in you and so you shouldn turn your back on them or those in need of your help. ”

Zeomora opened his eyes and they started glowing blue, he said, ”Yes, um a warrior. ” He started running towards the wolf and punching it, making it go outside. He punched it again and as it was in the air he clenched his hand and a big spike appeared and pierced its stomach killing it. Another was behind him and chains appeared that squeezed it until it died.

More wolves started coming towards him, he smiled, as his hair started becoming colour blue and longer and as it went downwards. He started running towards them, punching one of the wolves on the head and crushing the skull. He started running towards the last one and he kicked it, it went hitting a nearby tree breaking its ribs and it died.

Then something blue came out from Zeomora and he stopped glowing blue and his hair went back to normal. Then he had a voice telling him, ”Good luck, ” he fell to the ground as he breathed heavily. He dropped all the monsters at the entrance of the old mans building and told him, ”I hope all of these monsters can compensate for all the damages caused by the monsters and I, ” then he started walking away. The old man called him and told him, ”Take this, ” throwing him a potion in a glass bottle, ”youll need it. ”

He then took it and then entered a forest where he continued with his training. He was now at level 8 and he decided to stop his training since it had become dark and he was deep in the forest. A dagger was thrown at him and he blocked it with his shield. A strange creature said, while hidden in the dark, ”Great reflexes. ” Daggers started being thrown at him from all sides and some pierced him.

When the attacks finally seized, he supported himself with his shield. A dagger was thrown directed at his head but he held it with his hand, stopping it from piercing his head, but cutting his hand. The figure of the creature becoming more clearer, ”What is a weakling such as you doing here in the middle of the forest all alone? ” It was a full moon and the creature exposed itself to the moons light, Zeomora saw that its face was halfway metal.

The creature hit Zeomora and he fell to the ground, it then put its leg on Zeomora back. The part of the face that was metallic had a glowing red eye. A man who had a protruding stomach and was wearing black cloth came out from the dark and said, ”Is that the way to treat the legendary shield Alkaldria? ” Coming closer to them while laughing, ”I bet you didn realize it, but it is easily recognizable, since his shield is unique not like any other. ”

The man pushed the creature behind and help Zeomora to his feet, ”Am sorry for his rude introduction, ” offering Zeomora a potion, ”here take this. It will help soothe the pain. ” Zeomora removed the daggers and then afterward took the potion.

The man said, ”If I am correct you don have any party members on your team. I may be of help to you by offering you party members, ” Zeomora asked, ”And by which means? ” The man told him, ”But as you know without a little price, ” starting to move forward, ”follow me. ”

They entered a building that had all kinds of creatures that were caged. Zeomora asked, ”Where is this place? ” The man answered, ”This is called a slave bond. This is where anybody without sufficient party members can get members who take orders from the person who owns them. ” Zeomora looked at a monster which was a cyborg, he looked at its status and it started glitching. He said to himself, It must be too strong for me to view its status.

He looked at another monster and saw that it was in level 33, he said to himself again, Its too strong and might be expensive and I have only one gold coin. He then saw two female slaves which were chained in the same cage; one had blue hair, while the other had black hair.

The man said, ”Monsters of those kinds are very weak, with you going for dangerous missions they would be of little help, ” but Zeomora ignored him. He looked at their status and saw that one was in level 13 while the other one was in level 15. He said to himself, These two should not be that expensive.

He said to the man, ”Ill take these two, ” the man said, ”That will be 700 silver coins. But first will have to start with the slave ritual, which bonds the slaves with their master and prevents them from doing anything other than what they are commanded. ”

Four chains that had snake heads on both ends were put on the table. The man said, ”If you may, ” taking Zeomoras hand and putting it on the table, the snakes bite Zeomora and their eyes turned purple and each of the slaves was put for two chains.

The man said, ”The ritual is done and now they can defy your orders, ” Zeomora paid the man and then left. When they came out of the building, Zeomora thought to himself as he saw the sun starting to rise, I don have time to rest I have to get myself and the two stronger.

Zeomora asked them, ”What are your names? ” The girl with dark hair answered, ”My name is Raivhar, ” who was in level 12 while the girl with blue hair answered with a low tune, ”Uhpheldra, ” who was in level 15. They were about to continue, but Uhpheldras stomach started growling, she said as she held her stomach, ”Sorry. ” Zeomora said, ”Right, will fast get something to eat and then, later on will start training. ”

They entered the town and they would see different slaves: others were just coming from fighting, while others were doing manual work. They entered an inn and he ordered food for the two of them only. When the food was brought the two of them started eating, but moments later Uhpheldra started looking at him, Zeomora looked at her and told her, ”Eat up, we have a long day ahead of us. ” The two slaves were almost the same age as Zeomora.

When they finished food, they entered the forest and started looking for monsters. They found a monster that was a carnivore and looked like a fox, Zeomora told them, ”I want to see what the two of you are capable of, ” pointing his fingers forward, ”attack now! ”

Raivhar made dark long claws and started running towards the monster. She attacked the monster, but the monster dodged the attack and she hit the ground. Uhpheldra drew water from the air and started charging towards the monster.

She made a thin rod which she directed toward the monster, but it missed. She then chanted some words and ice blades came from the sky piercing the monster countless times and it became trapped.

Raivhar made an arrow that was dark and she shoot it at the monster killing it. Zeomora said, ”You two don seem weak after all and it seems that the two of you don need weapons. For now, I won be able to have enough money for us to live in an inn or to buy food. Instead, will cook the meat of the monsters we kill and together with the plants we find. ”

They trained for a week. Zeomora reached level 12, Uhpheldra was at level 18 and Raivhar was at level 16. They had finished training when they had a woman calling for help. When they reached where the cries of help were coming from, they saw a woman running towards them with cloth stained with blood. A large cat which had white fur, blue symbols on its body and a tail that was divided into two jumped on her. It started growling and smashed the womans head killing her.

Zeomora looked at its status and saw that it was in level 27 and was called Mountain Borus. He told them, ”Be careful, this seems like a strong monster and a dangerous one to, ” he shouted ”Attack! ” He started charging at the monster, Uhpheldra had frozen when she saw the womans blood remembering how her parents had been killed, tears started flowing down her face. The snakes eyes on her chain started glowing red and they started squeezing her neck and waist.

Zeomora hit the creature with his shield and it slightly moved backward. Raivhar jumped towards it, but it scratched her chest with its claws and she fell to the ground as her chest started bleeding.

Zeomora punched it making it move backward. Raivhar stood up and said, ”Dark arrows, ” clouds started gathering and Zeomora moved backward, countless dark arrows coming from the clouds attacked the creature. It growled and made lightning which it directed toward the dark clouds and they disappeared.

Zeomora shouted, ”Armthrust, ” hands which were made of rocks came from the ground and held the monster down. Raivhar made her hand become a blade and she jumped directing the blade on the monsters head. The monster made the head to have iron scales and when Raivhar pierced the creatures head, instead she fell backward. The monster broke free and hit Raivhar with its paws making her hit a tree and she became unconscious.

Zeomora told Uhpheldra, ”What are you waiting for, we need you, ” she said, ”I, I can , ” the chains were becoming tighter with each passing moment. She screamed as she started remembering more vividly how the parents died. The creature went towards Uhpheldra and hit her with its paws, she hit a tree and became unconscious. Zeomora started running towards the creature, but it hit him, as he went backward, he pierced his shield into the ground to reduce the force.

It then started running towards him and hitting him, but he protected himself with the shield. It started hitting him countless times and then it bit his arm making him cry in pain. It then pierced him with its two sharp tails in his side making him fall to his knees. He then looked at both of them as they struggled to stand to their feet.

The bite gripe of the monster started becoming stronger, as blood flowed down the ground. He spat blood and then told them, ”There is no need we all die. You are free, ” their chains fell to the ground, but the eyes of the snakes still glowed, ”run Ill buy you some time. ” Raivhar jumped on a tree and started going away, while Uhpheldra still stood frozen.

The monster started piercing Zeomoras body with its two tails countless times and Zeomora finally fell to the ground. He said to himself, Even if I never got to be strong, as far as I am conserved I got to share my storyline with others, ” the monster pierced him again in his stomach and he lost consciousness.

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