(A narrator speaking) ”There were two goddesses by the names Azerosth and Malhdrean. They saw that humans were ruling the world with careless action as they misused natural resources by starting fires or killing animals for their own pleasure and engaged in war against each other, so they gave nature the power to defend itself. ”

”Then, thats when monsters started appearing and attacking humans without remorse. The humans realized that some plants became with sense, smashing, and killing the fragile bodies of the humans. Countries and nations which were at war, were now coming together to fight their new threat, but the monsters were still stronger, since most of them were more muscular and they could use magic. ”

”Azerosth asked, Did we make nature stronger? If we don help the humans, they will become extinct, but anytime they granted power to anyone, they become weaker. They decided to grant the humans magic to defend themselves. The humans started winning some battles, since now they could use magic and they regained their decentral attitude of using resources imprudently and engaging in war against each other. ”

”Azerosth said, We have to do something, the humans will come to bring an end to their kind. We need to create strong heroes who can rule the humans, and thats how the four Alkaldrias heroes came to be. ”

”First, a Mage who had a staff appeared in a place where humans were fighting with a gigantic tree that was protecting the other trees from being destroyed. The mage created a barrier between the humans and the trees. ”

”Then a person who wielded a shield appeared in a village where humans were being attacked, he created a spherical barrier that protected the humans. Thirdly, a person who would create ranged weapons appear on a battlefield. ”

”He created a canon which he fired at the monsters, making some of the monsters explode, and then created a gun which he shot at the monsters and when the bullet hit the ground it created a depression. A hero who had a sword appeared on another battlefield and started slaying the monsters. ”

”The four heroes were named, The Four Legendary Alkaldrias. Years went on and the four Alkaldrias brought peace and harmony in different areas. This can be happening, said Malhdrean, he humans are living quite a harmonious life, we must stir up a war against them, but Azerosth answered, No! This is what we wanted to see the humans living in peace, starting to smile, ” Malhdrean said, ”because of them we are almost reaching the rank of a Demigod, just because we helped those pathetic humans. ”

”When the two goddesses couldn agree any longer, they separated. Azerosth united with the humans while Malhdrean became evil. Malhdrean created evil creatures which ravaged the humans, but the four Legendary Alkaldrias working together with Azerosth the goddess were able to seal Malhdrean away and harmony finally prevailed over darkness. ”


Monsters were stomping on a large spherical rock, as dead bodies of fallen soldiers lay on the ground and as it started cracking Malhdrean said, ”Yes, yesssss, my pets, destroy the seal, set me freeee. ” Azerosth arrived and told her, ”Stop it! ” Coming nearer to her, ”you can win this battle. You are yet to recover completely, making you venerable. ”

Malhdrean said as she smiled, ”Yes you may be correct, but, um yet to get stronger. It is not as if you can out win me this time since the Legendary Alkaldrias are yet to be reborn. Your puny army was just a snack to my pets. They are yet to eat the actual meal. Don forget, never mistake a sleeping lion with an ordinary cat. ”

Azerosth said while smashing the monsters to the ground and throwing them backwards, while going towards her, ”Its over. ” Malhdrean said, ”I am just getting started, ” moving backward, ”one thing you do forget is that I was once strong and Ill finally be stronger than before. ” Suddenly Azerosth was pierced on her back by one of the monsters and it penetrated to the front.

Azerosth started breathing heavily and she fell to the ground. Malhdrean started moving towards her and putting her leg on her head, ”What did I tell you, I was just getting started. ” The monsters stomped the seal one more time and it broke. The seal started emitting light, ”Yes! Yes! Yes! I am starting to feel my powers coming back within. ” She put her right hand in the light and it started turning black.

”I have to stop the mage from being reborn, he is my worst enemy, ” creating a portal that was showing the figures of the four legendary heroes. Azerosth shot a beam of light at Malhdrean and a piece of Malhdrean fell into the portal and the portal disappeared. ”No! What have you done, ” the monsters pierced her again and brought her body nearer to Malhdrean, ”You are going to pay for that. ”

Azerosth said, ”M-m-my jo…. job here I….. is done. It is up to the four legen… Alkaldr…… ” She had all her powers come together in her left hand, forming a spherical ball, and throwing it into the dark light, part of the light began to have some light. Malhdrean said with anger, ”DIE! ” She made a large rock and she smashed Azerosths chest and she died.

Malhdrean said, ”This round, Ill make sure I will be at the top, and if any hero is to die, there won be a reborn to replace the dead one. ” Starting to laugh, ”Last time I was only able to kill the shield Alkaldria, maybe this time I might have sympathy and kill him the last. ”

An eighteen-year-old boy woke up in shock. His name was Zeomora. ”Where am I? ” Looking at his surroundings, but was not able to recall any of it. He was pierced softly by the end of a soldiers spear, ”Hey keep moving. ” He asked, looking at the chains on his hands, ”And why am I chained? ”

He fell to the ground in pain as he started seeing visions of an epic battle, ”Fire, ” shouted a soldier. They were attacking a person who was in green armor and had a shield, but his face was not clear. The person with a shield shouted, ”I don want to, ” creating an invisible force that pushed the helicopters behind, ”hurt anybody! ”

The tanks continued attacking him. He used his hand to activate the shield. The jets fired missiles at him, but before they could hit him, he stopped them. A man asked, ”What is that thing? ”

He created a circular shield which he put the missiles inside and forced them to explode. The military continued attacking him. He started floating in the air making clouds gather. His eyes became white and he stretched his hand and lightning came out from the clouds, striking the ground, making the ground crack, and collapsing some buildings.

The soldiers tried to stand on their feet, wondering what could defeat him. A building started collapsing, falling on the person with a shield and there was total silence. A soldier asked, spitting out blood, ”I….is he d-d-de….. dead? ” another said coughing, ”Um not sure. ” The ground started shaking where the person with the shield was and the rocks started floating. He started floating again with his eyes glowing green, ”I told youuuu, I don want to, ” throwing the rocks at the soldiers, ”FIGHT YOU! ” burying the soldiers with the rocks.

Zeomora opened his eyes, and his vision became blur, ”Get up! ” Shouted a soldier, ”I, I can , they feel so heavy, ” ”What do you mean? ” Forcing him to his feet. Zeomora started taking heavy short steps as he breathed in and out deeply. He asked himself, What really happened? And what am I doing here? Suddenly a monster that was large, hairy, and walked on four legs with large claws appeared from the dense forest.

The commander shouted, ”ATTACK! ” The soldiers started attacking the monster. It hit a soldier in a nearby tree with its paws, breaking his neck. They started throwing spears at it, it growled in pain, stood on its two hind legs, and stomped the soldiers with its other two legs.

Zeomora fell to the ground, he was motionless, caused by the shock of seeing a monster. The monster bit a soldiers head and started running towards the slaves and started killing them. The commander shouted, ”Protect the slaves, ” they started tying the monster with ropes, but it kept resisting.

Zeomora asked himself as tears rolled down his chin, ”What is happening? ” They tied it until it could no longer move. Th

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