3rd POV

As ??? wakes up with a few more memories he realizes he is in the body of Davoth, a guy with no last name and was abandoned by his allies and friends but managed to survive and became a cold hearted person. Although he became cold hearted he still has some sense of justice. As long as someone or something is his enemy he would show no mercy.

??? decides to use the current body name since he doesn have one currently and his name kind of matches with his ability.

Davoth: *until i can find a perfect name for me or remember what my past life name, i will continued to use my current name*

Soon Davoth then started making plans for what he would do today, and he decides to train first and then head out and see if he can find anything other than creatures and beasts.

Davoth: * I should develop teleportation skills. Using darkness and shadow I can practically teleport *

Days after days Davoth finally developed his darkness ability to a new height after a month because of his insane talent and eventually could travel through darkness, shadow, and even create dark portals and travel between them creating portals and teleportation since darkness is as fast as light if not even faster.

Davoth created many new skills such as: Dark Travel/Teleportation, Dark Portal Creation, Higher tier Shadow Manipulation, Dark defense, Dark empowerment, Dark sealing, Dark healing, Dark Concealment, and Darkness aura

[ Dark Travel/Teleportation: Can travel inside darkness and through darkness, Including shadow since shadow is just a sub-element of darkness. When traveling through darkness, one can also attack.]

[Dark Portal Creation: Create Portals of darkness and let one travel through them by going into darkness. Using dark portal creation one can travel almost instantly and even use it as an offensive and defensive attack by creating dark portals that would trap them into a room of eternal darkness or even making a portal where they will attack and then making another portal behind them or near them.]

[Higher Tier Shadow Manipulation: A higher level of what Davoth could originally do. Davoth can now manipulate shadows freely and even travel through them. Davoth can manipulate others shadows into different shapes, attack, and even materialize into shadows becoming almost immune to all attacks as they would be attacking virtually shadows.]

[Dark Defense: Using darkness to create a barrier of darkness and the defense of the barrier depends on the user and how much darkness is infused. By using dark defense davoth can also use it to nullify attacks and absorb any incoming attacks.]

[Dark Empowerment: Using darkness to empower the user and even others. Increases dark abilities, skills, technique, all physical stats, and even spiritual stats. Using dark empowerment can also empower the soul so one is resistant to soul attacks and weaker attacks, will become immune. ]

[Dark Sealing: By using darkness to seal one, the dark seal is almost impossible to break out because of the effects of nullification and absorption. The seal can also kill,defeat or be used to escape.]

[Dark Healing: Using Darkness to heal. The amount of darkness used and quality is how effective the ability is. Dark healing with dark materialization will grant a new effect where one can even restore the entire physical body instantly, and a higher level sometime beyond just the physical body.]

[Dark Concealment: Using darkness to erase one presence, blend into darkness, and even become darkness. Dark concealment can also conceal non-living things and living things including abilities for sneak attacks. Dark aura and dark concealment can further ascend concealment to a higher realm.]

[Dark Aura: Use dark aura to have a dark aura surround you to have the presence of darkness and become immune to a certain degree of darkness and increase all dark type ability.]

[Dark Materialization: Become Darkness itself and almost immune to all damage. Able to absorb, nullify and resist all types of things. By becoming total darkness, all stats and abilities transcend.]

After Davoth finally created his new abilities with his darkness manipulation, he created a portal in the cave to be able to come back anytime, and also used dark concealment to cover the entire mountain to hide where his base is.

Davoth:* although these new abilities are very powerful, it sure does drain a ton of energy even after getting more powerful*

Davoth:* if I use the stronger move for too long I will exhaust myself and potentially die by mistake*

Fully understating his limit of his new abilities and physical body, Davoth made a note in his head to not use it to the maximum unless necessary.

Davoth:* time to head out and discover more about this new world*

Davoth:* with these new abilities, I should be able to defend myself. even those creatures won be able to touch me*

Davoth then looked at himself and used darkness manipulation to create cloths made out of darkness since it would be more durable

Davoth also used dark healing and dark materialization to regrow and recreate his arm back.

Davoth:* good, very good, I can now heal even my limbs and perhaps more than that*

With all preparation davoth then used dark concealment and quickly left his base to embark on finding and learning about the new world he is currently inhabiting on.

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