3rd POV

As ??? Wakes up he found a few memories from his previous life which was missing.

???: * Increase Talent in everything….. I see that is the reason why I am so good at so many things. its because I am talented in them, although I don know my talent limit. *

???: * and from my new memories this guy died because he was abandoned by his Friends and died because he got killed by them*

???: * most importantly how did I get increase talent though?…. I guess I will have to find out in the future, its better to focus on my survival currently*

Suddenly ??? Stomach growled as he realized he hadn eaten in a few weeks so he decided to head out and look for food

???: *I should find something to eat so I don starve to death*

While ??? Head out of his cave, a bright scarlet light blinds ???.

???: My EYES!

In an instant a burly scarlet shadow tried pouncing on ??? But he dodges its attack.

???: * what just attacked me?*

Finally ??? Eyes recovered, he than saw a strange scarlet creature with eyes almost everywhere on its body, strange portals on some parts of its body, having sharp claws that could tear even the toughest metal apart and being 5 meter.

???: * what is that abomination? It look like an eldritch being…..*

???: * I should test out my new techniques*

As ??? Gets ready to fight the eldritch creature, it starts emitting a scarlet light which causes ??? To lose some of his sanity.

???: * ugh, my head…. I feel as if I am going insane*

???: * Dark Absorption!*

??? Uses a special technique that he came up with while training in his power causing darkness to absorb the scarlet light and remove the effect of going insane.

[Dark Absorption: A Technique/Skill using darkness to absorb almost anything such as light, blood, particles, etc…. By absorbing one can even heal or get stronger, With the limit being the user energy and how much they can absorb.]

The eldritch creature realizing it can affect ??? It starts readying to attack with its claws and sprinted towards ??? while saying something that couldn be understood.

Eldritch Creature: &$@/&!;//&&&:@&//&

??? Noticing the eldritch being rushing at him he decides to form a spear made out of darkness.

???: * I should use a spear so I can have a decent range and attack close and ranged, I can die here* Dark Spear!

[Dark Spear: A spear made out of darkness with being able to extend or get bigger depending on the amount of darkness that is infused into, with high power when lunched.]

The moment the eldritch creature attacked ???, ??? Parried the attack with his dark spear and then stabbed the eldritch being.

??? Then infused more darkness to extend and make the spear more bigger in order to damage the creature more.

???: * Dark Spear, Grow And Extend!*

As the Dark spear extend and got bigger half of the creature body got destroyed.

Eldritch Creature: @$@$)/$/@:)(/&/@ ”:$:/&):

While the eldritch creature screamed in pain it started becoming more aggressive and insane.

Quickly ??? Forced his body to dodge the the right but unfortunately his left arm got cut in half by the eldritch creature.

???: Fuck my arm! *That creature just got a boost in power*

???: *I need to finish this quickly*

??? Using darkness to resist the pain of losing his arm and realizing he has to finish it quickly because if he doesn kill the creature he would soon die from exhaustion, he unleashed his current strongest attack.


[Dark Coffin: This skill is a deadly technique of ??? As the moment he uses it darkness from 4 sides comes out of the ground quickly and make a shape of a square before it rises up and enclose any entities in the box. When a entity or entities are trapped, weapons made out of darkness starts forming near the box as it penetrate and pierce the box and kills it.]

Instantly darkness came out of the ground on four sides as the darkness rises up and traps the creatures in it.

The moment the dark box fully enclosed the creatures, countless weapons made of darkness starts appearing near the box and penetrates the box until there was nothing but an unrecognizable box full of weapons.

???: * I need to make sure it actually dies*

To make sure the creatures actually dies for real ??? Controlled the dark box and weapons to compress and shrink until there is nothing left of the eldritch creature.

Eventually the dark box got smaller and smaller into there was nothing but a small dark dot the size of a marble.

???: * Im exhausted, I should rest, find something to eat and then absorb some darkness to further enhance my physical body , spiritual body and dark abilities*

With the battle ??? And the eldritch creature, ??? Came out as the victor and rested for an hour in his cave before he starts heading out again.

???: * with my energy fully recover I should be able to get stronger now and find some food*

???: *but before that…..*

As ??? Says that he takes out a small black Marble from when he fought that creature.

???: * should I absorb this? Hmm…*

???: * I can still sense some of the insanity in this marble. Perhaps I should make it into a explosive…..*

???: * that should be good, if I ever need to I can throw it and then crush it causing it to explode and make some of the insanity from the creature leek*

???: * if I do this, this could be a trump card. Making my enemy insane and cause damage with the explosion which can allow me to kill, defeat or run away from my enemy*

??? Then puts the marble away in his shadow which he discovered and created a day ago when he realize he can manipulate his shadow and even go inside shadow, and even put items in it.

???: * I should look out for those eldritch creatures and beasts that can be eaten.

??? Then walked in the Forrest looking for food when he came across a mutated boar that was 3 meters.

???: * finally a beast that can be eaten and not a wild eldritch being*

???: * Dark Bow*

[Dark Bow And Arrow: A Bow Made out of darkness and arrow made out of darkness, the bow when used with dark arrow increases the damage and darkness of the arrows used.

The arrows can change shape, size and even the way it move by using or infusing darkness and by using the bow to shoot it can amplify the amount of speed and strength it can normally shoot.]

??? Then materialize a bow made out of darkness and a arrow which ??? Then aimed and short the mutated boar in its head.

The boar then fell down with a thud.

???: * now to cook it*

With something to actually eat ??? Then chopped down some woods and used his current knowledge of survival to make a fire and then ate the boar.

???: *Im full now, I should head back to my cave since its the rain and night will soon start in a few hours*

???: * even if I can protect myself from the blood rain by using darkness, it will drain my energy*

With his choice decided ??? Then heads back. 24 minutes later ??? Got back to his cave and went inside to rest.

Laying down on his bed made from darkness ??? Then closes his eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep and then his mind scape where he starts regaining more of his current life memories.

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