Character: * thoughts

Character: speaking


3rd POV

As ??? open his eyes, all he saw was the crimson sky and dark environment with no trace of sounds.

???: where am I? I don remember anything?

Suddenly ??? Thoughts were broken with pain of the previous body memories.

???: *so Im in a apocalyptic world huh…..

A place where monsters, creatures and other mysterious being exist…*

???: *why do I feel as some of my memories are gone or missing ? I can remember my name or how I got here *

As ??? Was lost in his thoughts and figuring out his new memories, out of nowhere a strange creature appeared in front of him.

???: *What the? a zombie? What is it doing here alone?

While ??? Was thinking why a zombie would be alone it started running and tried to attack ???.

Luckily because of his new profound talent and previous body instinct, his instinct of danger increased by a large margin as he dodge the incoming attack of the zombie.

???: * That was close, if it weren for my instinct and this unknown feeling which caused my instinct to strengthen even further I would have died*

As ??? Dodge the attack of the zombie he then picks up his weapon, a damaged sword but more then enough for a normal zombie. He then attacked the zombie swiftly as the head of the zombie goes off.

???: *that was easier then I thought, normally I would be terrible at using a sword but when I picked it up I saw so many flaws and easily killed the zombie*

After ??? Killed the zombie he realized he has to find a shelter since the blood rain would come soon and more creatures at that time.

???: *if my memories serves me correct there is a desolate cave north which could be a great place to stay for the time being*

With a place to go to ??? Starts heading there while looking out for dangers along the way.

Along the way ??? Manage to discover more things about himself such as being more talented in many areas and that before he reincarnated into his current body he awakened an ability, darkness manipulation.

???: * I have awaken an excellent ability, with darkness manipulation I will have a higher chance at surviving this new world*

After 2 hours ??? Manage to find the cave, which was almost perfect with it being inside a mountain and having rivers near it.

???: * this place looks good to stay and train here*

With having found the cave and making a place to live in ??? Starts training in whatever he can do, he trained in his swordsmanship, and ability.

An hour later ??? Heard sounds of rain pouring down which he realized its that time of the apocalypse.

???: * it seems its night and the blood rain has started…

I should use my darkness manipulation to block off the entrance of the cave and make it so nothing can detect it*

???: * its good that my talent in comprehending and learning is good or else I would not have been able to reach this level of proficiency of manipulation and would have to fend of the creatures of the night*

As the rain pours down, the crimson sky turns more dangerous and vicious beings emerge out of hiding.

??? Then uses his new mastery over darkness manipulation and covered the cave with darkness making it so creatures, beasts, and other beings will not be able to see or enter for the dark barrier blocks ??? Presence.

???: * This should do it, with my presence being blocked they won be able to locate this cave and me*

???: * I should rest…. Tomorrow I should come up a name for myself since I can remember my past name or current one*

???: * hmm…. And of course make a plan for what I will do tomorrow*

As ??? Rest the dark crimsons sky further envelopes the planet and ancient beings emerge while other entities lurks…..


Any suggestions for the story?

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