??? POV

where am I? Who am I? What am I?

as I look through the dark void of nothingness wandering how I got here I heard a voice.

???: Greetings young man, and welcome to the void.

This place is the void?

???: yes it is indeed the void.

How did I get here? Who are you? And why am I so calm?

???: ” well you see young man, I was fighting another being and accidentally destroyed your universe until there was nothing else but the void, but you somehow survived the destruction of the universe.

???: I am what you human call GOD, but I am not a god nor am I omnipotent I am just a very powerful existence since mortals think GODS are powerful beings.

GOD?: You are calm because you are in the void and you are but a human mortal, your soul can not withstand being in the void and is gradually being destroyed.

I see….. what will I do now?

GOD?: for my mistake I can reincarnate you, will you accept my offer.

What else can I even do, so yes I will reincarnate.

GOD?: Your choice is made, but before you reincarnate I will give you one wish, what will it be?

Hmm… I wish for you to increase my talent in everything

GOD?: your wish is granted, I will increase your talent to what my maximum power can do.

As I said my wish, I started to lose my vision… before I lost my consciousness I heard a few words spoken by GOD?

GOD?: good luck on your journey young man.

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