The First Reaper

The Preparations

When Mana becomes Soul Attuned, it changes in many ways. Mana and magic in general is about changing reality, however slight that may be, but Soul Attuned Mana is where that is brought on another level. Instead of making fire or water appear, Soul Magic is about making the immaterial, or that which normally wouldn affect the physical world, affect the physical world. At the very least, that is what it does at the basic level, serving as a form of powerful telekinesis. That is where the misconception began, with some countries even saying that Soul Magic is impossible and that it is just telekinesis magic. They are wrong.

The telekinesis one gains with Soul Magic, while useful, is just barely scratching the surface of a deep and complex magic system. Due to the lack of understanding of the soul, many struggle with Soul Magic. Once my ancestor, Rene Vertigo, thought of a theory, Mind-Body Duality theory, many soul mages in Nekronis Kingdom realized the truth behind why all Soul Mages start off with telekinesis. That truth being that if the theory is correct, then the soul is immaterial and that it can still affect the physical world through our physical bodies. Then came the question that resounded out across the Kingdom of Nekronis: What happens when that unaffectable thing called the soul is forcibly changed?

-The History of Soul Magic By Michael Vertigo, Page 10


Charon looked at the recruits before looking at Hades and gesturing with his head for Hades to follow him. With the Barracks for Freelancers being positioned just outside the Nekronis Capitals walls, He led Hades along the plains a considerable distance away from the barracks and the walls. Charon and Hades glanced around them, seemingly casual. Hades raised his hand up after scanning the perimeter, Hades snapped and as he did a barrier of black flames erected around the two of them. Charon then nodded his head and closed his eyes as a pulse of Soul Mana went out from him and beyond even Hades, a pulse which was scanning for any souls within half a mile from the two of them. Seeing then nothing was within range, Charon opened his eyes back up.

”It looks like we are okay, no one seemed to tail us. ” Charon used the telekinetic power of Soul Magic to gather the air into a chair, after the air glowed purple and took the form of a chair Charon sat down gesturing for Hades to sit down in a similar looking purple chair across from him.

”Before that Charon, I have something Ive been holding off for about three years now. Ive already talked to your brother about it, in fact I gave you deadline the moment I signed that contract. ” Hades pulled out a dagger as Charon looked on in confusion, sensing no hostility.

”As you know, Some Freelancers have vowed themselves to certain people. Casting off the title of Freelancer and swearing their loyalty to one person and that person alone, swearing a brotherhood that will last until either the oath is betrayed or both brothers die. I decided to stay after my original contract because you were the only Non-Freelancer that I have met to be equal in strength to me. I then realized after a year of doing odd jobs across the Kingdom that you already had my loyalty. Thus I went to your brother and signed my current contract, giving you a deadline of six years to surpass my strength before I moved on. You surpassed me in three, so… ” Hades took the dagger and held it to his hand.

”Are you sure Hades? I may already consider you my brother but still, I understand how important this is to you. ” Charon got up to interrupt Hades before Hades nodded his head and gave a grin.

”Yeah, Asshole. Everyone already knew about this, you
e just too engrossed in fighting and your research to notice that I was already following your orders, Ive been your subordinate for a long time. Im just making it official, you know this is what my father wouldve told me to done. ” Hades thought of the old Freelancer who took him in all those years ago now.

Charon thought it over for a second, thinking about the stories of the Freelancer who raised Hades. He realized that Hades was right, with Hades constantly doing stuff outside of the contract and even helping him gather resources for his research over the past couple years without Charon paying him. Charon nodded to himself before standing there.

”So what do you need from me? ” Charon asks with a curious look, he had heard of Freelancers making the Pledge before but any information on it was heavily protected by various Freelance Factions.

”Its simple really, you just need to listen and answer my question at the end. ” Hades answered before holding the knife above his hand again, ”I have gained much from my service as a Freelancer, I have received help from my fellow freelancers over the course of my twenty five years of life and my eight years of service as a freelancer. I, Hades, was raised by a veteran Freelancer and as such I have received help which I can never pay back. Many have died in my place over my long journey and I can not pay back their deeds. I have decided to turn my back on my life, there is now only one way I can return that which has been gifted to me. Five litres of blood, one litre for each time I received help which changed the course of my life from a Freelancer. ”

Hades then used the knife to cut open his palm before flipping it so that the blood fell onto the ground in front of him. Charon shook his head at his friends, no, his brothers determination to follow through with the Freelancers Code up until the end.

”Five acts which have forever changed me at the core of me being, acts which will affect me for the rest of my life. I offer this blood as thanks, and to apologize for turning my back on this way of life which we had shared. I have found someone whom I swear to follow for the rest of my life. I declare to the founding Freelancers that I will follow this man, my new brother, to as far as I can possibly go. I will serve as best I can, no matter the cost. My loyalty is not blind, I will eliminate threats without recourse, without doubt, if I find that they will challenge my brothers goals. ” Hades paused as he burned his palm to sear close the wound after roughly five litres of blood fell, ”Will my brother accept me as family and subordinate? ”

”Yes brother, I accept. ” Charon patted his virtuous new brother, as Hades gave him a smile before continuing.

”With this, I ask for some form of proof. Something which I can use to prove my loyalty. Charon, you can decide whatever youd like, this is more symbolic than anything else. ” Hades looked at Charon as bowed his head.

”I think you know what I will choose, o brother of mine. ” Charon gave Hades a grin, ”You may not be my brother by blood but I will grant you something which will make you as similar to that as I can. ”

”Are you sure? That is, admittedly an honor but it is also a big deal. What if that was all I was doing this pledge for? ” Hades asked with a smirk, as if already knowing Charons answer.

”That is possible, but! I trust you, my Instinct tells me that I would surely regret it if I didn do this right now. ” Charons eyes flashed with a hint of knowledge which only he holds. Knowledge of a certain Inherent Ability that only he holds.

Hades tilted his head in confusion before shaking it and whispering under his breath, ”Sentimental Asshole, Ill have to keep an eye on you so you don get fooled by some conniving moron. ”

Charon gives Hades a grin as he thinks of the material component for the ritual, ”What is your most prized possession? ”

Hades looks at Charon who only gives him a grin before sighing and pulling out a necklace with a battered copper coin on the end of it. He moves to hand it to Charon but Charon motions for him to hold it on top of his chest. Charon then laughs while looking at Hades confused face before nodding at him.

”Your first payment, Im assuming? And you call me a sentimental asshole. ” Charon shakes his head at Hades, who casually looks away, before recalling the chant for the ritual.

”I should warn you, this is gonna hurt like hell. ” Charons hair unfurls and stretches out behind him as the various sigils begin lighting up, and Charon began chanting, A chant which rumbled the very core of Hades being.

”Oh you **ing ass… ” Hades was sadly interrupted as dark flames, darker than Hades own flames, begin to burn his flesh away and all Hades can get out is his own screams.

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