The First Reaper

The Necronis Kingdom

The kingdom of Necronis, a kingdom which is primarily made up of four races. The humans, a race known for their immense potential and skills. The Vampires, a race which feeds on and controls blood while also possessing inhuman levels of strength and agility. The Liches, A race of powerful magicians who connect their soul to a phylactery to gain immortality and an immense pool of Mana. The Wraiths, an incorporeal race which specialises in the soul and its many uses, with their main ability being that of possession to gain the knowledge and abilities of those they possess.

These four main races rule over the kingdom as the four houses, House Vertigo for the human family, House Dracula founded by the Vampires progenitor, House Calypso founded by the Liches progenitor, and finally, House Eternius founded by the Wraiths progenitor. It is said that the founders of each house were siblings before the kingdom was founded, however this rumour has been left unconfirmed by the three remaining progenitors of the houses. Excluding House Dracula, whos heirs are born Vampires, the other three houses require the heir to have at least one child before they become undead. House Vertigo, However, requires that whoever is the head of the house stay mortal until they wish to retire at which point they may choose any form of undeath to stay alive if they so wish. These four houses rule the kingdom as equals, even deferring to each other for their respective territories, leading to a close relationship between all the members of any given generation.

-Histories of the Undead, Page 227, By Michael Dracula


A young pale man with long raggedy black hair and dishevelled clothes that denote slightly more elegance than the clothes outside of the castle he is currently in would mark one with. He is currently bent over a dusty book in a room filled with many books vaguely similar to it haphazardly spread across the room with a bed, desk and chair being barely visible underneath respective piles of books.

A knock clearly resounds across the room as the man looks up, his violet eyes just barely visible behind his knotted hair covering his face. A sigh escapes his mouth as he slowly raises a hand which glows with a faint purple silhouette as he turns his hand and the door knob across the room turns as his hand does, before the door is unceremoniously shoved open.

”Brother! How dare you not leave your room before your ritual of undeath!?! I know your research has always been a passion of yours, but still! Charon, can you not at least say goodbye to your family in case something happens? No matter how unlikely that may be! ” A Man who looks older then Charon appears in the doorway, With his black hair being more well kept and shorter then his younger counterpart. His violet eyes flashed as he looked over Charon, before he promptly covered his nose. ”When was the last time you cleaned up, oh brother of mine? ”

Charon let out a sigh before he raises his hand which was once again outlined by a faint purple energy as he makes a snipping motion with them and his hair falls to the ground and disappears when it hits the ground and books scattered around him, Revealing his above average looks. His hand then makes a combing motion and his hair immediately loses all traces of its previous ratty appearance out on top of his head, he then makes a motion as if hes smoothing something out and his clothes immediately smooth out and his vest buttons itself back up. He then places the book gently on one of the piles spread out around him before stretching as he begins to stand up.

”I believe the last time I cleaned up was… ” Charon pauses as if to think for a second. ”Around three months? Possibly six? ”

”I suppose you got sucked up in your research again. ” The older man paused as wistful look passed over his face. ”Ahhh, This poor Brother here

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