Half an hour later.

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Sun Shaozong reined in his horse on the street.
His face was as cold as a stone carving.
His majestic body was as tall and straight as an iron tower.
Passers-by looked at him one after another.
On the contrary, Ruan Rong, who was ‘handsome’ next to him, was ignored for a while.

Ruan Rong was not jealous, and her big watery eyes also whirled around Sun Shaozong, making her seem more curious than others.

Although Sun Shaozong had been used to other people's eyes when handling cases before, her stare still makes him feel a little uneasy.
After a while, he couldn't help sighing and joked, “Although I am in good shape now, you don't have to be so obsessed with it?”

“Chey~ Who wants to see you!”

Ruan Rong's white little face immediately blush in shame and anger and tried to turn her head to the other side.
However, she soon lost control of her curiosity, quietly turned her face back, and asked in a low voice, “Brother Sun, if you can't catch the assassin, are you guys gonna be buried for not protecting ambassador Niu?”

She had thought that the embassy guards wanted to avenge Niu Yongxin, so they insisted on pursuing the case.
It was until Feng Xin added something more to the story and told the whole situation of Sun Shaozong's team breaking out of the embassy, that she knew that he was trying to earn a living for the people of his team.

For a while, she was worried about Sun Shaozong and admired him for his calm and courage in the face of danger.
She had become a little closer to him.
Therefore, her title was changed from 'Lieutenant Sun' to 'Brother Sun'.

Sun Shaozong smiled but did not answer.

No matter what others think, he will not die obediently anyway.

“Who gave them the authority to do so?”

Although Ruan Rong didn't get the answer, she said to herself, “Ambassador Niu was killed in my home, not in the embassy! Besides, Brother Sun, you have to work hard to track down the assassin's whereabouts.
You should have gotten the credit for working hard?”

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With a noncommittal smile, Sun Shaozong followed her words and said, “I hope our emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty will be as good as you think.”

He said so, but Sun Shaozong knew in his heart that behind “extenuating circumstances”, there was often a sentence ‘no forgiveness for sin’.
If he could not make enough contributions, the high officials in the court would not be able to offer an extra favor to him.

On the contrary, those ordinary guards may have a chance to survive.

Ruan Rong wanted to say something more, but when she saw a galloping horse from the northwest, roared excitedly across the distance, “My Lord, My Lord! We have found the peel, we have found the peel!”

Found it?!

Sun Shaozong felt that a big stone has fell to the ground at the bottom of his heart.
He couldn't help laughing three times as if there were no one else.
Then he urged his horse to meet him.

Seeing this, the passers-by on the road all cast their eyes on caring for the mentally handicapped.
They did not understand that 'finding the peel' was anything to be ecstatic about.

But when Sun Shaozong and Ruan Rong hurried to the storage yard in the northwest, they saw that the garbage in the wooden fence was everywhere, and a lot of white berry shells were placed in the most prominent place.

Looking at the number of shells, it is obvious to see that they're in the correct place.

So Sun Shaozong quickly turned over and dismounted, and inquired of the guards beside the storage yard, “How is it? Are you able to confirm which household threw those peels?”

The leading guard nervously hugged his fist and said, “My Lord, we have just asked people nearby, but the storage yard is too remote.
No one has seen who threw the peels.”

After a pause, he added, “We stopped by to inquire about the families in five or six alleys in the nearby two streets.
They usually come here to discard waste.”

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Ruan Rong calculated with her fingers and exclaimed exaggeratedly, “There are hundreds of families in these two streets and five or six alleys.
When will we find them?”

The guard laughed bitterly, “It's better to spend more time searching, I'm just afraid that the door-to-door search will alarm those assassins.
Once they abscond separately, it will be difficult to find them again! And we don't know what the assassin looks like.
Even if we find him, we may not recognize them…

The more he spoke, the more frustrated he became, and the morale of several guards around him became low.
It was really hard to find a clue, but he failed in the end.
It was devastating.

“Don't worry, they can't run away!”

Sun Shaozong grinned confidently, and then gave a categorical order, “Jia Renlu, you guys go to find Feng Xin first and then find out how many big houses there are in the neighborhood with more than three entrances.
If the place is too small, it’s difficult for them to hide more than a dozen assassins!”

Seeing that Sun Shaozong was still confident, and thinking about his amazing performance along the way, several guards immediately rekindled their hope, hurriedly took orders, and went separately to find Feng Xin and others.

After several guards left, Sun Shaozong turned his eyes to Ruan Rong, looked up and down, bowed, and said, “I'm afraid I'll have to ask Miss Rong to help me.”

“There's still a chance for me to take my hands on the case?!”

Ruan Rong's eyes brightened when she heard the words, rubbing both of her hands, and said, “Hurry, tell me, what do you want me to do?”


Sun Shaozong suddenly laughed.
He pointed to her navy servant dress and said, “Take off your clothes first.”

Seeing Ruan Rong's face change color, he said, “Then change back into a woman dressing.”

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Ruan Rong then realized that he was teasing her.
She couldn't help blushing, half ashamed and half angry, and scolded, “Hmph, what a jerk!”


Half an hour later.

“My Lord!”

Feng Xin pointed to the row of high gate courtyards diagonally opposite, and said, “All the big families nearby are concentrated in this street.
There are five courtyards with more than three entrances!”

After a pause, he scratched his head in embarrassment, “If we were to search at the same time, we wouldn't have enough people at this point.
But if we search it one by one, we were afraid that we would alarm the assassins.”

“Don't worry, I’ve got it all prepared.”

Sun Shaozong smiled mysteriously.

Feng Xin was waiting to ask what was going on, but he saw a horse riding around the corner.
The one sitting on the top of the horse was a tall young woman!

She has picturesque eyebrows and eyes.
Her skin is better than snow.
Her long hair is simply scattered behind her head.
Although she is only wrapped in a sky blue coarse cloth skirt, it doesn't seem shabby.
On the contrary, it gives people a sense of 'Freshwater produces hibiscus, and nature carves it'.

In addition, the woman's galloping horse made her look even more heroic.
As soon as she came out, she attracted everyone's attention.
When the horse ran close to him, the woman quickly turned over and dismounted, Feng Xin suddenly shouted “You..”, pointed at her, and shouted, “Are you…
Are you Miss Rong?!”

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“Is the name Miss Rong supposed to be called by you too?”

Ruan Rong, being proud and charming, glared at Feng Xin and walked to Sun Shaozong with a small rattan basket.
She raised her hand and stroked her hair.
She was rather shy and asked, “Brother Sun, is my dressing look fine?”

More than being fine, at least eight of the ten men will be fascinated by it!

Especially being the closest to her, Sun Shaozong found that her hair, which had been hidden in her hat, was naturally wine red, which made her look more exotic.

Of course, what attracts more attention is the deep gully under the white collarbone.
This temporarily borrowed dress seems too loose.


No disrespect for looking at it!

Sun Shaozong silently recited the 'heart clearing mantra' a few times, and then reluctantly pulled his eyeball out of the ravine.
He smiled as if nothing had happened and said, “You look good.
But now I'm afraid you can't attract an assassin but lead out a pervert.”

“Choy~ I think you are the lecher!”

Ruan Rong stamped her feet angrily, but her face was not much annoyed.
Instead, she showed some shy happiness.

Sun Shaozong also smiled, but immediately put on a solemn face and said, “Leave two brothers to guard the horses.
Everyone else will follow my orders.
If anything happens, remember to protect Miss Rong first!”

Hearing this, Ruan Rong's face brightened again.

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