Seeing Sun Shaozong fiddling with the ‘thing’ with his saber, he turned the body over and stared fiercely at the white buttocks.
The horse-faced guard leader felt that his ‘important part’ was getting more and more painful.

He sighed secretly that he was unlucky enough to have a supervisor with such strong taste.
Suddenly, someone behind him said in a deep voice, “Erlang, you've been tossing and turning the body around, do you see anything after all?”

The horse-faced guard leader was startled.
He hurriedly looked back, but it turned out that it was Jia Lian and others who were impatient and finally have the courage to lean over and look.
Beside him, in addition to three young servant men and five big-build servants, there’s another beautiful young man.

The horse-faced guard leader hurriedly asked the Yamen guards to come forward to greet them.
The scene of the crime was a mess.
Only Sun Shaozong remain unalarmed and looked up and down at the corpse.

But Jia Lian is so impatient to deal with these ‘cheap bastards’?

His eyelids did not even tilt for a moment, but he moved closer.
He stretched out his hand and patted Sun Shaozong on the shoulder.
Half complaining and half-joking, he said, “Erlang, what treasure have you been searching for? Look at your meticulous spirit.
Others who don’t know you well might think that it’s ghoul Minister Cao had come!”

Sun Shaozong straightened up and threw the waist knife to the horse-faced guard leader.

The horse-faced guard leader hurriedly took over.
Seeing that there was some dark yellow filth on the scabbard, he hurriedly wanted to poke into the snow to clean it.
But he heard Sun Shaozong say, “Keep it first.
At least it's a piece of evidence.”


The horse-faced guard leader hurriedly picked up the knife again, but after looking left and right a few times, he couldn’t see these filthy things apart.
Where did they look like evidence?

When Jia Lian saw Sun Shaozong smiling, he hurriedly asked, “Erlang, what clues have you found?”

Sun Shaozong grinned and said, “It is basically certain that this person died of poisoning or was killed by his lover.
The lover should be a young woman who lives alone, and a philanderer who is not a prostitute but has a high reputation.”

When the people around him heard what he said, they all doubted.

It's hard for others to ask, but how can Jia Lian resist it?

He hurriedly asked, “How did you know that he was a young female philanderer and that she was not a prostitute?”

Sun Shaozong pointed to the head of the horse-faced guard leader and said, “The things on the scabbard are usually caused by gallant disease, but I have just checked carefully.
The man's ‘things’ are neat and there is no acne.
It can be seen that this substance is contaminated by others.”

After a pause, he continued, “Besides, by doing that matter, it is not easy to get in contact with this substance.
Therefore, I concluded that this man died when he was having an intimate time with the woman, or they had just finished it.
Only in this way can this filth be left on the body, and the murderer had no time to clean it up.”

When they heard this, they suddenly saw that he looked back and pointed to the man's body, saying, “This man's hair is dry and forked, the skin behind his ears is rough and dark, and there are many calluses on his feet.
It is obvious that he often runs around.”

“But his teeth are very clean, and his hands are very delicate.
He seems to be a man who doesn't need to use much effort.
Combining these two, we can basically judge that if he is not a well-off businessman, he will be the steward of a firm.”

“People like him, who have some spare money in their pockets, should not be satisfied with those old experienced illicit prostitution.
Most of them will find a young and beautiful woman.”

When they heard this, they were already greatly impressed.

Especially the Yamen guards led by the horse-faced leader, while admiring him, they felt shame.
After working on the case the entire morning all in vain, they were not as good as other people’s efforts for a few moments!

But Jia Lian still refuses to let it off by asking, “How do you know that it must be a young illicit prostitute who killed him, not a prostitute in a brothel?”

“Hasn't Brother Lian been to a brothel?”

Sun Shaozong smiled and said, “It is obvious that the body was thrown out last night.
There are so many people singing at night in the brothel.
If they want to throw out such a big sack in the middle of the night, I am afraid it is difficult for ordinary prostitutes to do so?”

Jia Lian immediately wanted to answer back, saying that many of the most popular courtesans in the brothel do not share an entrance with others.

However, he was not a fool after all.
He immediately thought that with the financial resources of a peddler, if he wanted to sleep with the most popular courtesans in the brothel, he might not be able to achieve his wish even if he lost all his money.
Moreover, what reason will those popular courtesans have to kill a small peddler?

Seeing a headless case, Sun Shaozong sorted out the context neat and quickly, and the spirit of the horse-faced guard leader was also raised.

Seeing that he crossed the waist saber stained with ‘evidence’ and said excitedly, “Magistrate, there are only fifteen or sixteen young prostitutes around this area at most.
I will go door-to-door with my brothers and arrest this vicious woman and make her plead guilty!”

As he said this, he asked the Yamen guards to act separately.

But he heard Sun Shaozong say, “Don't need to hurry, I still have a few clues here.”

“You still have clues?!”

The leader of the horse-faced guard stared in amazement.
The inference just now was enough.
Who would have thought that Sun Shaozong had found other clues!

Jia Lian was also very interested in the speech and hurried to urge Sun Shaozong to come about quickly.

Sun Shaozong said, “First of all, it should have been an accident that the body was thrown here.
I paid special attention when I came here.
This place is not far from Wanliu pond.
The murderer would have thrown the body into the pond anyway.”

“Therefore, I infer that the murderer initially wanted to transport the body to the Wanliu pond for dumping.
However, she was scared on the way and threw the body here.
Thus, there is no need to check the direction of the Wanliu Pond.”

“In addition, there are clear scratches on his armpits, shoulders, and ankles, which shows that he was lifted by two people after his death, and this person is only one meter tall…
Cough… Well, this person is less than five feet [1.66 meters] tall, and she is very thin.
According to common sense, not to mention one man and one woman, two adult women can easily move the body even if they work together.”

“There were obvious drag marks on the buttocks of the corpse.
Therefore, if there was no accident, there should be only one accomplice around the woman.
She was either a minor child or a weak old man.”

Hearing that he had even deduced the characteristics of the murderer's accomplice, everyone was shocked.

But Sun Shaozong's performance was not over yet.
He pointed to the body and said, “Also, among the murderers and accomplices, one of the left ring fingers was injured, and she can't use much strength at ordinary times, so some of the scratches and ring finger traces are very shallow, and some of them can't even be seen.”


As soon as Sun Shaozong's voice fell, he saw that the handsome young man beside Jia Lian jumped more than three feet.
He shouted excitedly, “I know, I know! It was Sister Feng who killed him.
It must be Sister Feng who killed him!”

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