, despite such orders from him, the bandits who were standing by did not make a move.

At the sight of his unresponsive colleagues, he turned his head again to check behind him.

“What are you guys doing now…?”


“Boss… help me!”


A hand reached out from the shadow over the floor and reached out to the bandits.

Someone caught by the shadow screamed, and someone facing the shadow also ran away.

The result of those caught in the shadows was generally one thing.


With a sound that gave goosebumps, the whole body twisted by the shadow’s hand and died.

Bandit Boss, freaked by the crazy number of shadows that were bursting, spat out a swear word.

“Crazy shit, F*ck..!”

Just because he is the Boss of the bandits does not mean that there are any exceptions to the shadow’s attacks.

A hand reached out from the ground, aiming for the Bandit Boss.

He hurriedly swung his sword.

With a cling, the hand aiming at the top bounced back.

But that wasn’t all the shadows were aiming for him.

He bit his lip at the sight of an endless shadows.


“Try to return to him, repenting of your sins…”

Euthenia’s calm voice echoed.

Bandit Boss continued to resist, but there was a limit to the number of hands he could withstand.

Numerous handholds began to grow from behind the shadows.

The strength drained from his hands.
Eventually he let go of the sword he was gripping.

The sword of the Bandit Boss that had lost its strength fell on the floor.

In a flash, the shadowy hands that had reached out restrained the Bandit Boss’s arms and legs.

“H-hey, wait a minute!”



Shadow hands reached out from all sides towards him, who was restrained head to toe.

As the hands moved towards his head, he shouted at Euthenia in a strained voice.

It was his final effort that he wanted the attack to stop for a while.

Bandit Boss suddenly made a wild claim, and Euthenia looked at him coldly and asked.

“What’s wrong?”

“One of our comrades who didn’t come here is a warlock!”

“A warlock…?”

“If you kill me, he won’t leave you alone!”

The words that passed from his lips were threats against Euthenia.

It was a story that nobody would bother with.

However, Euthenia stopped her shadows from moving towards the Bandit Boss.

It was not because of fear at his threat.

It was just that one word out of his mouth had caught Euthenia’s interest.

“Warlock… that’s a bit interesting”


Hearing these words, Euthenia withdrew her shadow hands.

The shadows’ hands disappeared in an instant.

The shadow that had been dominating the surrounding area disappeared, and the bandits who had been bound by the shadow were set free.

Of the more than ten bandits, only three figures survived.

For all the bravado and threats made against Euthenia, he looked pretty miserable.

“Haa, haa….”

The Bandit Boss breathed roughly as he checked the number of surviving bandits, including himself.

Cold sweat poured from the forehead of his head, along with a sense of relief that he had survived.

The relief was similarly shared by the other bandits.

As they picked up their weapons that had been separated, they looked at Euthenia, who was counting the number of dead bandits.

As Euthenia suddenly let go of the bandits, Peter looked at her with a look of disapproval, as if he did not understand.

At best, it was just a threat from the bandit-like guys.

It was clear that the one called Warlock was also a great wizard.

Still, the fact that Euthenia had spared them was something that Peter couldn’t understand.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I want to see a Warlock.”


Hearing Euthenia’s answer, Peter looked blankly.

She did not hide in the shadows for fear of the bandit’s threats .

It was simply because she wanted to see the wizard that Euthenia had stopped attacking him.

Ever since her god had given her a magic book, Euthenia had been interested in magic.

The magic books and magic theories possessed by so-called Warlock.

And the power of the magic used by other wizards.

In her opinion, this was the perfect opportunity to encounter different kinds of magic.


Euthenia’s footsteps headed towards the Bandit Boss, who was sitting in the middle of the mountain path.

Every time the distance between him and Euthenia got closer, the Bandit Boss, who was sitting, trembled.

As she got closer to the bandit, who was trembling with fear, Euthenia looked down and asked.

“You said Warlock , didn’t you?”

“He, yes! Among my comrades is a fearsome Warlock! Jesus, he even sacrifices people!”

Still made efforts to exaggerate the Warlock’s menace.

However, such matters were meaningless to Euthenia.

Hugging the book, Euthenia looked at Bandit Boss with a very kind smile.

She then made a request to him in a calm tone.

“So, then could you guide me directly?”

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