Chapter 15 Warlock (1)

Cloud – Centurius Branch

Hass-Alemia, a second-level agent in Cloud, looked at the man in front of him with a complicated expression.

The man opposite him is named Evan Alemia.

He was an Inquisition officer belonging to Crossbridge.
The only one on the continent who belonged to the Holy Land, and the man who was also his brother.

Facing Haas, Evan observed his brother as he savored the tea placed before him.

Haas, who felt uncomfortable with Evan’s gaze as he continued to stare at him, spoke up first.

“Brother, there was no need to come all this way in person……”

Although Haas had sent the letter and asked for help, he had only asked for advice .

Even if it was a little more helpful, he thought that at most one of Evan’s men would come to help him.

However, Evan, who was in the Holy Land, broke Haas’ expectations and came to visit him here in person.

He even used his holiday time to meet him.

It was extremely burdensome for Haas to face Evan.

Evan just stared at Haas and spoke with an unconcerned expression.

“I just thought it would be nice to make time to see my brother for the first time in a while.”

“I see that you did.
It would be very reassuring if my brother could help me directly.”

Of course, it would only be a burden for Haas, but the Inquisition official of Crossbridge was a very reassuring presence.

Inquisition officers.
They were a near-elite force in the Holy Land.

They moved in small numbers to gather information on heresy and, in some cases, directly pass judgments.

Because they carried out their duties in small numbers, the armed forces of the Inquisition officers were generally strong.

Even Haas, who said he learned magic to a certain extent, did not have the confidence to stand up to Evan for long against him.

“By the way, nothing has changed from before.
I wonder if you’re still a second-level agent in a change like this?”

“Brother, that’s….”

“Huss, I believe you wouldn’t talk about liking this countryside.”

Still, Haas was grumpy about Evan because he had often encountered this kind of Evan’s character.

The Centurius region was located on the outskirts of the empire .

It is a place where the word “provincial” is appropriate.

Remaining in such a Centurius branch was very unsatisfactory for Haas.

However, Haas himself continued to be tied to the place after conflicts with the branch manager.

Due to the various complications involved, promotion was not likely to be easy for the time being.

It was undesirable that he should present himself as such to his brother Evan as he was.

“I think I will go up when the time comes.”


“Yes, brother.”

“You are a proud member of the Alemia family.”


“Remember that it is given to us to raise the family name.”

As Haas listened to Evan, he felt one of his eyes, which he had long since lost, tremble.

The Alemia family

He has lived his life so far as to keep the family name untarnished.

I have always tried to die trying to follow the back of Evan, who is always ahead of me.

But no matter how much I ran ahead, there was no sign of Evan’s back catching up.

And now I was in a situation where I had to listen to my brothers for a shameful reminder.

A sigh escaped Haas’ mouth as he faced Evan.

“It’s all because I’m not good enough.”

“Is that true?”

“Can we please stop talking about embarrassing things and discuss work already?”

The faint aroma of tea leaves spread from the teapot in the middle of the table.

Evan, who sipped through the teacup he was holding, nodded as he savored the aroma that spread in his mouth.

The teacup in Evan’s hand returned to the table.

Only then did he finally smile and cut to the point.

Why Evan had ventured to this remote area.

It was about the traces of an evil god that had been discovered somewhere here.

“So let’s hear about your story.
What exactly happened?”

“The inhabitants of four villages near here disappeared in an instant.
And that too without a trace.”

People disappeared.

Evan raised his eyebrows when he heard the story.

There were many reasons to be suspicious, even for Haas, who dismisses the story, to think about it.

They didn’t want to pay taxes, so they ran away in the night as a group.

Or that bandits came and abducted the residents.

He even believed that himself, because until Rick, a third-grade agent, disappeared.

“I don’t think we are talking about simply running away or being attacked by a group of bandits,” he said.

“There are no bloodstains or even bodies left in the village.
Something is not right to say that a battle took place.”

“There should be no traces of escape left, so you are talking about the work of an evil god being suspected?”

Is it thanks to the fact that they had already exchanged content once through letters?

Evan was quick to point out what Haas was trying to say .

The inhabitants disappeared without a trace.

Such a thing was not unheard of in the history of the empire.

At a time when the evil gods emerged and heroes were active, so were the people who were sacrificed to the evil gods by the Evil Wizards.

Those who were sacrificed to the gods left no trace.

The blood and sweat they shed, and even their clothes, sometimes disappeared without leaving a trace.

“As you say, brother, the existence of the Evil God cult is now suspect.”

“Is that all you have to say now, or……”

Even one agent who was under my command disappeared after he left to search for traces of the Evil Gods.”

“He disappeared without a trace, just like the others?”

Only the horse he was riding was left alone.”

Gone without a trace.

And the investigators who have disappeared on his trail.

With the circumstances gathered so far, there was plenty of room for doubt.

Haas looked at Evan in front of him to match the last piece of the puzzle and asked.

“Do you think it is possible?”

“It’s certainly is suspicious”


“I’ll see it with my own eyes directly and report back to the Holy Land.
Let’s search the suspicious surroundings first.”

There is a possibility that the Church of the Evil God is moving.

As the words of affirmation fell from Evan’s mouth, Haas swallowed in a heavy mood.

He was the one who had kicked out the subordinate who had told him about the possibility.

In effect, Haas himself had driven him to his death.

And now his death has triggered the Inquisition, which belongs to the Holy Land, to move in search of his trail.

Rick Swail.

To his now disappeared subordinate, Haas expressed a brief regret in his heart.

* * * * * *

A street corner in the Centurius region

Euthenia was sitting in the back seat of a rattling carriage, hugging a book and slowly scanning the area.

Unlike the villages around the mountain range where she used to live, here, there were well-developed roads for carriages.

It was for this reason, though only one, that there was a carriage in the village.

Recalling the mention of a large sized city nearby, it appeared to be a street leading to the city.

Euthenia, who had been admiring the landscape with her head leaning against a book, opened her mouth as she turned her head to the coach.

“You are surprisingly good at riding a horse, aren’t you?”

“…I learned a little bit.”

It was Peter sitting in the horse-carriage seat, holding the reins.

He had a dark look on his face as he held the reins and drove the carriage forward.

Having survived at Euthenia’s mercy, Peter was forced to drive the carriage to the city.

This was because the distance from the village to the city was quite far.

The back seat of the carriage Peter was driving was loaded with a lot of different foodstuffs, not including Euthenia’s.

Euthenia brought food that had been stockpiled in the village .

Every time he saw Euthenia and the food in the back seat, Peter felt a great burden on his mind.

His feeling was that he wanted to throw it all away and run away right now.

“Do you resent me?”


“There was a time when I resented someone like you, though.”

Euthenia said, fiddling with her gray hair .

She reached out and stroked it, and her hair looked much more damaged than it used to.

It had been quite some time since she lost her home and fled the world.

The young lady, a baroness who had been spoilt by her parents, had already long since disappeared beyond the world.

Even if she wanted to return to that time, there was no one who knew how to return anymore.

This was because the only person left in this place now was myself, who now calls herself an apostle of God.

“Someone who knows that… Why on earth…”

“I resented the whole world.
Because every single person I loved was gone.”

“… and you’re going to turn against everyone else?”

Revenge on the resentful world as it is.

Peter asked if that was Euthenia’s intention, but Euthenia shook her head resolutely.

She just stroked the book and spoke about her reasons for doing so.

“I don’t mean that.
It’s just that there was someone who reached out to me at that time, and I decided to live for him.”

Hee hee hee hee -!

Their conversation was interrupted by Peter, who pulled the reins.

The carriage stopped, and Peter’s gaze turned to the street corner through which the carriage was passing.

A cut tree had been placed in the middle of the street corner, blocking the carriage’s way forward.

And behind the tree that blocked the carriage.

There were men of all colors present who were armed there.

“Oh my… bandits!”

It was a group of bandits who blocked the road.

Peter’s gaze met with a man who had drawn his sword from the front of the group.

The leader of the bandits who had come across Peter appeared to be smirking.

He licked the blade he was holding with his tongue and opened his mouth.

“I was just getting hungry, but it is well worth it.”

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