First Apostle, Euthenia High Lost.

That was the new name given to her.

“Is it so.
I am for you…”

Having accepted the new fate given to her, Euthenia closed her eyes and smiled.

An enormous amount of magical power flows into Euthenia from a transcendent being.

It is an amount that is incomparable to the dusty magical power that an individual can possess.

Overwhelming power beyond all measure.

Facing it, Euthenia felt astonished.

She felt a tremendous sense of omnipotence simply by receiving power from it.

How great, then, is the existence that hands her this power?

“If I have this much power, I am sure to be of great use to you.”

Still, she hoped that she would be useful to the Great One’s plan.

Because that was the only guidance she had left now.


A book fell in front of Euthenia, who was immersed in the faith she held in her heart.

At the sound coming from in front of her, Euthenia looked down.

“A book…?”

Euthenia lifted the book with the black cover that lay before her.

The book in Euthenia’s hand appeared to be tied to a thin chain with ornate decorations.

Despite its heavy-looking thickness, the book was quite light.


Having undone the chain, Euthenia flipped open the cover.

On the first page that appeared behind the cover, there were unfamiliar words that she saw for the first time.

I can’t read it, but I can understand it.

Is this the name of the book?”


The book was a fragment of the Great One she served.

As soon as she analyzed the book’s true name, Euthenia was able to recognize it and intuit that it was made for her.

The texture.
The texture of it in her hand.

All of these things were made for Euthenia .

Even the ability to be contained within it.

“Shadow touch.
I have such an ability?”

A true master would realize their value just by touching them.

The same was true for Euthenia, who held the Grimoire.

While caressing the grimoire she was holding, Euthenia drew up the power that lay dormant within it.

Shadow touch

The grimoire’s ability to convert poured-in magic into physical power was triggered.

Numerous hands reached out from her shadow and raked through everything around her.


The trees nearby snapped in half in an instant.

The trail where the shadow’s hand passed through was caved in.

Each time Euthenia waves her hand through the air, her hand, extended under her shadow, exerts a physical force.

The terrain changes according to Euthenia’s command.

A mighty authority, merely borrowed, allows her to do this.

Euthenia’s eyes lit up, enthralled by such overwhelming power.


A truly beautiful Grace.

Amid these thoughts, Euthenia heard a voice in her ear again.

A majestic voice that echoed in her ear.

The voice was the same voice that had called out to her just before, calling her Apostle .

– “O Apostle.
Make an offering.”


The voice calling to her made Euthenia look up at the sky again.

It’s an offering.
All she had now was her own body, which was surviving on baguettes.

There was nothing valuable enough to give as an offering that she could offer, who was shut in the mountains.

As Euthenia’s questioning gaze turned to the sky, another content flowed into her ears.

– “I’m asking you to return the magic I previously sent down to you.”

“Oh… you want the magic book?”

– “Make me an offering.
Offer me a token of your oath.”


Nodding her head in understanding, Euthenia placed the Grimoire on the floor.

She then reached for the magic book she had placed nearby.

A magic book containing barrier magic.

It had been given to her the other day by a great being.

“Thank you for all you have done for me.”

Euthenia’s hand passed over the cover of the magic book.

This was only an item that had been given to her by her god.

As it was a borrowed item, it was also something that had to be returned to its master at some point.

As she was about to return to the magic book, her gaze turned to the grimoire.

This was because when it came time to return the item, another difficulty arose.

“But, how should I make an offering of this?”

Euthenia knows what a religious offering looks like.

However, she did not even know about the ritual of offerings for her god.

Feeling lost, Euthenia felt helplessness, and at that time it was the grimoire given to her that helped with these curiosities of Euthenia.

A hand rose from Euthenia’s shadow, grasped the grimoire, and immediately flipped the pages of the book.

What unfolded before her was a description of the rituals of the offering.

A place suitable for the necessary preparations.

And even the necessary orders for the ritual.

Euthenia’s eyes swept over the contents of Grimoire.

“That’s really helpful”

If you need strength, it will lend you mighty power.

If you need knowledge, it will lend you knowledge about it.

It was truly an item befitting an apostle to a great being.

After examining the contents of the Grimoire, Euthenia stood up with the grimoire.

She then moved her shadow hand and began to draw on the floor.

Stack the stairs.”

The floor was dug up and all kinds of geometric patterns began to be drawn on the floor.

Circles, triangles, squares.

Around the shapes drawn sequentially were written words that could not be read.

The content of the words were endless praises to the great being.

It was the only link given to those who longed for a sky they could not lift.

“-One way to glory.”

In the middle of the figures on the floor, Euthenia placed the book.

The magic book on the offering altar glowed brightly.

Euthenia’s mouth murmured an incantation after placing the book.

Only when the altar, the offering, and the incantation were brought together would the ritual of the offering be complete.

“-One path to death.”

Euthenia, who had left the offerings, took a step backwards.

The Grimoire that had been floating around her also retreated backwards.

A mighty magical force swept over the huge altar where Euthenia and the Grimoire were present.

Make offerings.”

“-Sing the hymn of life.”

When the continuous chanting of the Euthenia ended.

The light that had been rising from the middle of the altar was gone .

The Magic book she had placed in the middle of the altar also disappeared completely from its place.

Euthenia’s eyes saw the altar where the magic book had disappeared.

It really has disappeared without a trace, as if it had really been offered to the gods.

“Is this an offering?”

With her own hands, she gave something to a great being.

Even if it had not originally belonged to me, it was still true that I felt strange.

Euthenia’s cheeks grew hot as she admired the altar where the offerings had been made.

When the offering was over, she felt a little excited.

Feeling good, Euthenia smiled and hugged Grimoire.

“….It feels good”

* * * * * *

The Holy Land, Crossbridge.

Filled daily with pilgrims of all kinds, it was full of priests serving the six temples.

The Crossbridge priests recognized the existence of other gods, but did not acknowledge the worship of them.

To serve any god other than the six was heresy to them.

Any god other than the great six gods was an evil god and a minor god.

That was the only way and truth allowed to the Crossbridge priests.

And it was the elite soldiers of the Holy Land, known as the Inquisition, who moved to investigate those who rejected that simple truth.

“A letter from Huss?”

Evan Alemia.

Inquisitor, he murmured as he looked at the letter sent to him.

The letter was sent by Huss-Alemia of the Empire.

He was Evan’s brother and at the same time a second-level investigator in the cloud.

Upon receiving Huss’ letter, Evan removed the seal and proceeded to look into its contents…


What Evan received from his brother was more than just a greeting.

The disappearance of an investigator who had been tracking the existence of an evil god.

Villagers who suddenly disappeared.

Evan’s face gradually began to harden as Evan’s gaze went down the letter.

When his eyes reached to the last line of the letter.

Evan had no choice but to put the letter down and sigh …

“…an evil god.
You’re thinking dangerous thoughts.”

Evil God.

The term was used to refer to those who tempt people and create chaos, even other deities who were not the six gods.

The actions of evil gods are usually harmful to people.

Indiscriminate destruction – Human sacrifice – Witchcraft that sacrifices people.

Either way, they were unworthy of order and justice.

Yet they could not be easily prevented because they themselves were essentially beyond human beings.

“No hero has yet appeared.”

Where there is darkness, there is light.

The presence of evil gods threatening the peace of the continent inevitably leads to the emergence of heroes.

However, no oracle for the hero’s appearance had yet come down in any temple.

The very existence of an evil god was a lie, or the story was that the level of evil was not threatening enough to cause a danger to the continent.

It was something that any good Inquisition officer would have snickered at and ignored.

Evan would have ignored the contents of the letter if it hadn’t been from Huss, who had sent it.

(Still, it would have been better to pay him a visit.
There’s always the possibility of heresy.)

However, he could not casually ignore the letter sent by his brother.

The fact that Haas asked for help from him like this meant that something had happened that needed help.

Struggling, Evan opened a drawer and took out a single piece of paperwork.

He then began to write the documents for going out sincerely.

He was preparing to visit his brother in the empire.

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