The Saint’s eyes trembled slightly.
He raised his eyes and the dark-haired, red-eyed Vampire was reflected in the brilliant sky coloured eyes.
He traced the silhouette carefully, engraving it in his heart, comparing it with the information provided to him by the Temple and with the rumours and notes he had been reading day and night.


  So this is Alessio, the third generation Vampire, the target of his hunting.


  He was currently in doubt of the last half of the sentence.


  Alessio couldn’t help showing his fangs, which were a little shorter than the average Vampires.
They didn’t look very intimidating at all and only showed that he was angry.
It was the first time since his awakening that he had shown his personal emotions so vividly, albeit negatively.


  Alessio’s head was calculating many options for beating his opponent, such as immediately opening his wings and using the huge impact to fling the psychopath against the wall over there.
The psychopath wouldn’t wait for death and would definitely open his sphere, but if Alessio hurt the psychopath and saw blood, it would be his home turf/ground!


  However ……


  The fangs were pressed against his lips, bringing a sharp pain.
Alessio sucked in a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.
This imitation of human physiology had its effect.
His anger was temporarily cooled.


  ”Explain yourself.” said the enraged Vampire.
“I will follow the agreement and give you the chance to explain.”


  It was an agreement he had made with the psychopath who at that time could not be called a psychopath and was still quite normal …… or maybe it was just what Alessio thought was normal.
The normal psychopath was definitely not likeable, but he was a very reliable friend.
They were both confused about the world they exist in.


  [I think we can agree on at least one thing.]


  Under the broken rose window, their secret meeting place, the saint said.



  [Whatever happens in the future, even if you do the greatest evil, I will hold back all my anger and listen to your explanation.]


  What was his answer, then?



  […… What you can do, don’t think I can’t do.]

  André had already stood up.
Judging by Alessio’s intense emotions, he was afraid that a conflict might arise.
Despite the fact that one side was the light faction’s reviver from ten thousand years ago, protecting Alessio was still his highest priority.


  But to his surprise, Alessio suppressed his anger and even asked to hear the other side’s explanation.


  It was rare.
There are many tragedies caused by a moment of emotion when sitting down and talking could have prevented irreversible consequences.
Alessio was willing to calm down.
This was really rare.



  The Saint’s beautiful blue eyes were quietly watching the Vampire.
You could not tell what he was thinking.


  ”Why did you suddenly provoke a great war? Were you deceiving me with your previous promises of peace talks? Didn’t we discuss and agree to avoid war as much as possible …… Do you still think the hatred between the two sides is not deep enough?!”


  Alessio felt humiliated by betrayal, and that was his main concern.
As for the other person dragging him to his coffin even in death, that was something a psychopath could do and Alessio was not planning to pursue it.


  But there was one more thing he had to ask, even if it was very …… even if it was very ……


  “That blood crystal ……” Alessio’s voice lowered as he glanced at André and Aili, who were still in the room.


  The two, despite some unease, withdrew from the room with great respect, leaving only Alessio and the Saint before him.


  Alessio’s eyes flickered.
This question was too humiliating for him.


  “That blood crystal …… you …… what do you mean ……”



  ”…… what?” The Saint finally spoke, seemingly genuinely unsure of what he was talking about.


  The Vampire’s red pupils widened! He approached the Saint with a speed that was difficult to catch with the normal human eye.
The Saint reacted extremely quickly.
Just as Alessio’s fingertips were about to touch his chest, he aimed his fire spear, wrapped in a pale gold pattern, at the spot where the Vampire’s heart was.


  This direct move to turn the situation into a confrontation confused Alessio a little.
With the psychopath’s abilities, it was logical that he would have dodged his previous surprise attack, or even launched a counterattack; that sphere could be so annoying.


   In other words, he thinks the psychopath is somewhat …… weakened?


 ”Don’t play dumb! You know exactly what you’ve done yourself! How did you get that blood crystal into …… into my ……” Alessio was unable to speak.
He was now on the verge of explosion and strongly suspected that this psychopath was deliberately playing dumb to tease him.

  The blood crystal that melted on the surface of his tongue was clearly put …… by this psychopath with the tip of his tongue ……



  But the Saint still just looked at him in silence.


  “I don’t really understand what you’re talking about?”




  Alessio was about to explode.
This time it wouldn’t just be a test.
He was really going to do it!


  The Saint pondered for a moment and said slowly.


  ”But I’ve never really met you.”


  ”I just went on for quite a long time to learn about you from all directions, including bold and imaginative *knight-errant novels and self-aggrandizing biographies …… It can be said that I received, and even, recite, all the material that claims to be related to you.”

(T/N: A knight often portrayed in medieval romances, who travelled widely in search of adventures, to exhibit military skills, prowess and to engage in chivalric deeds, etc)


  The Saint slowly raised his sky-coloured eyes and looked directly into the red eyes of the Vampire.

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