Aili held her copy of the contract and signed it, silently thinking about the huge rewards the audience had just given to Alessio during the recovery broadcast.
The statement “relative financial freedom” was truly a very, very modest statement.


  At the end of the day, there was a pile of contracts that needed to be considered for some time, and Alessio had only really signed the previous two and some simple contracts.
He glanced at the black tea on the table and brought it up to take a sip.
His keen sense of taste and the terrible recovering ability of Vampires made him unafraid of the possibility of a poisonous substance.
He could block the poison directly in one part of his body and then cut off that part of his body …… only as a last resort, of course.


 Nevertheless, the black tea was very tasty.


  Alessio had almost finished drinking his black tea when he saw that André was still holding the contract for the guardian.


  ”Is there any problem? I really don’t need a guardian.”


  The white-haired unicorn seemed a little dejected.



  ”I think I’m in good enough condition to take care of you.”


  Oh, that frighteningly long name turned out to be André’s.
He saw the corresponding characters in it but didn’t associate it with the unicorn beside him.


  Even if he associated it, he would still have refused.
The Light faction still seemed synonymous with being difficult to deal with to him, especially that psychopath.


  The image of the saint with platinum gold hair flashed through Alessio’s mind.
He put down his cup, intending to go and see where the coffin had been placed.
As requested by the Conservation Centre, he will be staying for a week or so to undergo a physical examination.
Of course, Alessio has the right to refuse some of the detailed examinations, such as special abilities, all just to ensure his health.


  The centre will then recommend the property to him.
The initial residence may still be part of the benefits offered by the centre, which can be bought later.


  In this way, he still has a goal in the short term, and won’t continue to be bored and sleepy.


  The above comes from Alessio, who didn’t know that his live broadcast was enough to buy a house.


  But before he could stand up, someone knocked gently on the door of the meeting room twice, and a staff member in a Conservation Centre uniform walked in with a slightly bewildered and excited expression.


     “Excuse me, Your Highness Alessio, Mr.
André, the coffin ……”


  Alessio raised his eyes abruptly.
What happened to the coffin?


 ”We have finally observed another person in the coffin.
He has woken up.
He is from a famous race but ……” the staff seemed to have difficulty describing it and simply continued, “He is now coming over under the guidance of a colleague.


  That psycho, finally! Finally, woke up!


  Alessio has a belly full of anger.
He suddenly got up and wanted to confront the psychopath, to ask him why he revealed the prophecy to him when he knew he was going to die, and to beat him up for dragging him into the coffin before he died!


  He would love it if the coffin goes in by itself! He can even help fill in the dirt on top!


  Simply crazy!




  The saint in white walked down a strange promenade.


  His outer cloak was engraved with rich magical patterns, vaguely tangled with thorns.
A corner of the Temple Hunter’s standard clothes occasionally peeks out as he moves about.
He had a pair of extremely romantic sky-coloured eyes, but there was no romance in them, only restraint and coldness.


  No one could see any emotion on this saint’s face, whose years of education in the Temple had engraved calmness and prudence into his bones.


  Around the corner, he came upon the Manticore chasing the bat.
The bat flitted up and down with great dexterity, shadows forming its body, while its core was a button that was on the body of the Vampire.
The Manticore chased the bat, roaring with excitement when suddenly at one moment its hair stood on end, and its clear golden pupils turned in the direction of the Saint.


  The bat was still flying but could not elicit a happy howl from the Manticore as it opened its beastly pupils.


  It began to back away, shuddering and whimpering, its proud scorpion tail hanging between its legs, motionless.
It was too confused to describe what it was feeling at the moment, only that the boundless fear was like a tide, burying it whole.


  The Manticore let out a shriek and turned its head to run.
The Saint didn’t chase.


Ruzius, slow down! You have to take the elevator ahead!”


  The staff of the conservation centre caught up with him, panting, and could not help but shudder and lower his voice when met with the cold eyes of the Saint.


  ”Please turn left.”


  The Saint’s eyes turned to the direction of the elevator on the left, then turned back to look at the staff.


 ”Is it to see Alessio?”


  ”…… Yes, yes.”


  With a flutter of his cloak, the Saint walked towards the elevator without hesitation.


  The intercepted bat had transformed into a ruby button, perched silently between his slender fingers.
The Saint gently rubbed the rose on the button, a symbol of the Vampires, which was still tainted with his scent.


  Stained with the scent of the Vampire that he …… was born for.




  As the elevator descends, the colourful lights and shadows pass through the glass, flashing in the eyes of the Saint.


 ”Here, here, be careful.”


  The white cloak was raised again, and the Saint strode forward, eventually stopping at the entrance to the room marked as “Conference Room”.


  The text has been simplified, but most of the time, it does not affect the reading.


  He stood still in place, waiting for the staff to open the door for him.
As soon as the door opened, the aggressive Vampire almost bumped into him, but with agility, he immediately backed away.


  He saw a little bit of the Vampire’s fangs showing out of anger –



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