for Aili, she belongs to the Conservation Centre.


 ”In fact, if you were not capable of living independently after recovery, Aili would act as the caretaker directly responsible for you.” André laughed, “but since your recovery, you have shown a complete logical thinking ability and have your own opinions, so we will not interfere too much with any of your choices.”


  Dark creatures, as long as they are healthy and alive, are contributing to the balance of light and darkness in the world, so the whole Federation goes out of its way to provide the best condition for them.
Those who cannot live independently are taken in by the Centre, while those with an independent nature can enjoy citizenship rights and some privileges and live comfortably in the Federation.


  Of course, the premise of enjoying privileges was the fulfilment of certain obligations, which Alessio saw in the treaty before him.


  They had moved to the conference room at the Conservation Center, and after making sure Alessio had no trouble reading the simplified font, André picked out a few of the more important ones for him.


 ”For the other contracts, I suggest that you sign them after you are familiar with this world.
As for these ones, which include the right to choose a guardian and the opening of images, you need to consider them first.”


  Alessio looked at these contracts.
He didn’t care much about the right to open images, after all, he had little real sense in this regard.
As for the remaining one, the contract concerning the guardian……


  As the name of the Dark Creature Conservation and Nurturing Center implies, every dark creature has two direct persons in charge.
One is a caretaker like Aili, who has been strictly trained by the Conservation Center and familiar and enthusiastic about the dark creatures and is responsible for managing the daily necessities of dark creatures.
Alessio was able to live independently and the need for a caretaker was reduced to a minimum, but it was good to have Aili as a life assistant.


  Alessio had no problem with the human girl, so he was quite happy to sign the guardian contract.


  By the way, the magic contract was probably abandoned, and the one he signed was only valid under federal law.


  Alessio:…… It really doesn’t make sense.


  The position of the other person in charge was more important.
Firstly, they were required to be an intelligent light individual.
Secondly, they were required to have considerable social status.
The guardian will protect the dark creature with his own social influence.
Once there is a bad incident, the guardian is also responsible for taking the responsibility/blame.


  It’s like finding yourself a dad…… Alessio didn’t want to sign this.


  So he only gave the image right to Hitomi and its affiliated platform, and the guardian contract was pushed back untouched by him.


 ”I don’t need it.” He said faintly, “If, as stated in this contract, the conservation centre is funding my livelihood, so there is no need for a guardian.”


    “With the so-called…live broadcast earnings, I should be able to achieve… relative financial freedom? Then I don’t even need the fund of the conservation centre.”

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