black bat.
The bat flew around the scorpion lion a few times.
The Manticore’s drooping ears stood up a little.
He glanced at the bat flying around and began to move.


 ”No need to praise it.
Find something that moves.
It will forget in a while.”


  The Manticore is different from the light creature *Griffin, which looks somewhat similar in size.
It has an undisciplined personality and is easily distracted.
So in Alessio’s time, there would be people who became Griffin riders, but basically, no one wanted to ride a Manticore.
In addition to worrying about the tail that could sting the master on his back, it was even more because the Manticore was not a creature that could seriously engage in work.


  The bat continued to lure, and the Manticore finally couldn’t help but jump up.
Of course, it didn’t pounce.
It was led by the bat all the way and jumped to the side of the passage.


  Solved, perfect.


 ”The bat will follow when you get closer, I’ll input enough energy to run it for about half an hour.” Alessio said to the caretaker who was going to follow, “Don’t overpraise it, it will swell.”


  Although it had already swelled in terms of body size.


  Behind him, Aili suddenly burst into laughter.
Alessio looked up at her.
She waved her hand repeatedly to show that she did not mean to mock.


 ”It just seems that His Highness Alessio knows a lot about these dark creatures.”


  ”Because I see them often.” Alessio said, then added, “No need to call Your Highness, the Vampires are gone.”


  Aili immediately apologized, but Alessio shook his head and said he didn’t care.
He didn’t have much of a sense of belonging to the so-called race.


  No more dark creatures emerged.
Alessio walked into the hall of the Dark Individual Conservation Center.
On the wall in the middle, a white nest-pattern made of fish bones was the totem of the Conservation Center.
This was the nest of the divine kingfisher.
They will take the weathered white fish bones to weave a nest in one of the winter months, make it float on the sea surface, and raise their chicks in it.


  During this period of time, the sea will be calm.
In Alessio’s time, it was called “the season of the divine kingfisher”, symbolizing protection and stability.


  The beautiful imagery derived from such a beautiful creature of light was also borrowed by the Temple of the Alessio’s era.
The totem of the Temple was the intertwined white fish bones, resembling a bush/cluster of thorns, which in one fell swoop accommodated the two images it sought.


  The thorns are a metaphor for patience and asceticism, and the nest of the divine kingfisher is a sign of acceptance and protection.


  Of course, the Temple has already been *GG in the epochal changes, and Alessio was still a little happy to hear this news at first.

(T/N: originally in the raws)


  Crossing the hall and taking the transparent elevator, they first vertically go down and then forward.
The glass décor allows Alessio to see some of the outside scenery.
The number of staff was indeed large and busy in separate areas.


  André explained to him that at present, for the various habits and characteristics of dark creatures, they actually have quite a lot of uncertainties, especially for humanoid dark creatures.
Humanoid dark creatures are usually werewolves, demon witches, fallen angels and dark elves.
Compared with the more animalistic Manticores, their temperament is more difficult to figure out.
A considerable portion of the centre’s current rearing was not in a good state. 


 ”Our understanding of the dark creatures is still superficial.” André sighed, “We know that they hate light, and love darkness; know their diet, housing, transportation; know their body structure …… but this is not enough.
Dark creatures for the time being basically do not have the ability to live independently.
Some of them also suffer from mental illness, and we could not do anything about it.”


  ”Only a few of the dark creatures were able to stand on their own and also made efforts to come back and help the centre, with little success.”


 ”We have no intention of imposing a burden on you, but if you have time, you are welcome to come and sit in the centre more often, as you can see from Kelasi just now, these dark creatures love you.”


  Alessio thought about the Manticore that had been fed like a ball before and realized that the conservation centre was not very good at raising them.
This was really not modest.


  ”So it’s time to go now?”


 ”To meet ‘Hitomi,’ the core centre and the object of our common admiration.”


  While speaking, the elevator stopped smoothly.
Andre was one step behind to let Alessio go first.
Alessio was not modest.
When he walked out of the elevator, he saw the planet/satellite-like milky white sphere floating in the centre of the empty underground square——


  The milky white sphere has a spinning cone-shaped black area, making it as cold and harsh as the vertical pupils of a cat.
This square was surrounded by three transparent revolving floors.
The sphere was guarded by countless precision instruments that record the state of the sphere in real-time to ensure that it will not be helpless against sudden changes.


  People who have never seen this scene will not be able to understand the shock that Alessio felt at this moment.
Even in the last era, when magic and alchemy were in uproar, he rarely felt such emotions.


  He felt cordial and nostalgic and could not help but look solemn.
The floating “Hitomi” looked at the world, and a bunch of eyes suddenly fell on him.



[You woke up, Alessio]


  ”Hitomi” hit the black-area, and it gradually expanded.
The milky white sphere has a rounded black pupil.
The earlier cold and serious pupil now looked particularly gentle.


  Behind the transparent curtain wall, the real-time monitoring staff were in disarray.
In their monitoring, the proportion of light and darkness marked by “Hitomi” began to change.
The black part resembling a pupil was the symbol of the dark attribute of this world.
At this time, it expanded into a round shape after “Hitomi” saw Alessio.


  At the same time, the saint, who had closed his eyes in the coffin and pretended to be asleep, also opened his eyes.
He had no time to continue to sort out his mind, which was disturbed by the information he had heard earlier.
He clearly felt the rising power of darkness.


  He then swung open the coffin and sat up.
The rose petals still sticking to the tips of the platinum gold hair.


  Ignoring the frightened staff around him, he whispered a name in a hoarse voice.



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