kets and was about to board the strange vehicle when he looked back at the location of the coffin again.


  André was very considerate and immediately said.


  ”You don’t have to worry, whatever else is in the coffin will go with your car to the conservation centre.”


  Before he finished his words, he suddenly discovered that the Vampire was a little frightened by being guessed, and his fangs showed a little bit, but he quickly retracted it.


  Alessio said slowly, “I’m just worried about…… my coffin.”


  ”Then…… The coffin will travel with the car to the conservation centre.”


  Alessio was silent.


  Flying machine in the high skies, sitting in this novel vehicle, Alessio felt a little moved.
Although there were magic-powered tools in his time, they were far less sophisticated than the one he was riding now.
The world after 10,000 years clearly leans to the side of technology, at least since his recovery, except in light individuals like André and Augustus, he did not detect any magic.


 …… So, do they fight with technology too?


  Alessio, who often fought against the Silver Crusaders of the Temple on his own, fell into deep thoughts.


  André’s movements woke up the contemplative Alessio.
He watched the other side press an unknown button, a platform lowered in front of him.
Then André took out a white metal box and opened it.
The slightly cold air hit his face.


  ”We have prepared all kinds of blood, including animal, human, light individual, and even dark individual.” André introduced it to him while arranging the bags of blood on the plane surface.


  ”We have been given information about cases where the Vampires would consume blood stored at low temperatures, I wonder if you like it? If you like it warmer, you can wait until we arrive at the centre, the volunteers are ready.”


  Low-temperature storage is indeed a very sought-after way for high-level Vampires.
They usually pour it into goblets to drink.
After all, there are Vampires who do not like direct contact with blood.
This is also the way Alessio was very accustomed to.
He expressed no objection.
In front of the blood feast spread on the table, he wanted to sigh for the first time.


  It’s too strange.


  He chose a bag full of human blood, and his sharp fangs pierced the blood bag directly.
Augustus, who was handing him a straw next to him, silently withdrew his hand, but Alessio still saw it. 


  Very good, the Vampire eats, the Angel passes straws…… What a psychotic world ah!


  The sweet blood slid into his mouth with some anti-clotting ingredients, but it was not a big problem, no one could do anything to the blood with the Vampire’s keen sense of taste.
Alessio lowered his eyes and sucked on the blood.
His eyes scanned the few people around him and found that all of them were looking relieved.


  ”It’s good that you can eat.” André said what was probably the common voice of the others, “Eat more, you slept so …… What’s on your face?!”


  Alessio sucked the last mouthful of blood and slowly lifted his eyes.
The black tattoo grew, meandering with his right eye as the centre.
The coiled pattern outlined the rose vine and long sword.
This strange and beautiful tattoo filled the small half of his face, and deep rose-coloured eyes reflected each other.
The tattoo seemed to be alive.


  ”There’s no need to make a fuss, it’s what’s originally there.” Alessio picked up the second bag of blood and bit through it again.
With this bag of blood, he would be able to return to almost 60% or 70% of his previous strength.
The tattoo that appeared on his face was a sign that his strength was gradually returning.
Its name was 

[Sword Embracing Rose]


  This is also–


  A symbol of God’s favour.


  Alessio did not mention much about the tattoos on his face.
He had no intention of revealing his divine family now.
He didn’t like the sun much anyway, so it was better to keep this identity for now.
Not long after he finished eating, the aircraft issued a sweet-sounding reminder that he was about to arrive at his destination.


  Alessio looked down through the car window and below, off to the rear, was a somewhat differently shaped aircraft that should have contained the coffin and the psycho in it.
Further down, he saw a serene sea of green colour.


  ”This is the ‘Emerald Inner Sea’, and the conservation centre is located right on the beach.
The full name is the ‘Dark Individual Protection and Nurture Center’.” André said beside him, smiling, “Although it sounded a bit cheesy, I still have to say it to you-“


  The aircraft landed slowly, and the appearance of an entire building complex became clear as the altitude decreased.
The colour scheme here was not silvery-grey or pure white like Alessio thought, but slightly warm cream colour and light emerald green blocks, which made these buildings that should be very solemn, full of warmth, and reflecting each other with the emerald inner sea not far away.


  The black-feathered birds build nests in the buildings, refuse to extend the tip of their wings beyond the shadow; the lion with a scorpion tail jumped two steps and stared at the landing aircraft on the wall; at the distant sea, some white birds were flying, and a fish-like creature leapt out of the sea, growing a sharp bone beak which could only belong to a dark creature; suddenly, the calm sea was split open, millions of water lines flowed down the scales of the huge creature, and the huge snake-like creature spewed a cluster of bright flames into the sky!


  Alessio was unable to take his eyes off the scenery.
The aircraft landed with a slight tremor, and André’s voice also followed at that moment.


  ”Welcome to the paradise of dark individuals.”

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