[The life of a Lich is a parade of torch fire.]

    [So don’t grieve for me, Alessio.
My life box will float down the river of time and space, waiting for the next child who can pick it up, until then ……]

    [The new Lich and you will surely meet in a very happy world.]

    “Uyfa Lucy ……” The vampire pronounced the name that had been locked to the life box and passed down from generation to generation of Liches.
The initial shock has disappeared from his face and been replaced by a nostalgic softness.

    “You are right.
We really met in a very happy world.”

    He whispered.

    But the new Lich seemed very …… timid.

    Ten thousand years ago, Liches were also an extremely special group of Dark Creatures.
The males were called Uyfa Luxi and the females were called Uyfa Lucy.
As the uncrowned monarch of the numerous undead and controller of the highest undead magic, if a Lich is in the main battlefield like the Sea of the Dead, even Alessio’s vampire father has to avoid her attack.

    Theoretically, Liches are immortal, but they will spontaneously choose their own day of death if they are not killed.
At that time, the Lich will release the life box from the depths of her soul, sending it drifting into the river of time and space, waiting quietly for the next person who is worthy to receive it.
The person who receives the life box will become a new Lich, so each generation’s Lich tends to take on different racial characteristics.
The only constant thing is that, in order to control more profound undead magic, the flesh on the Lich’s hands will fall off and turn into white bones. 

    Alessio thought, and lowered his head slightly.
He saw the young Lich looking at him from under her hood.
She was slightly startled to see him looking over but held back from lowering her head and let out a small, doubtful sound from her nose.

    “…… Huh?”

    It seemed to be in response to him calling her name at first.

    “Alessio.” The vampire pointed to himself, “I’m the vampire that recovered a few days ago.”

    The wolf cub let out an “ow” at his feet for being neglected.
Alessio half-crouched down and rubbed the wolf cub’s head.
Halfway through the rubbing, a bonny hand stretched out shakily and quickly pulled back under his gaze.

    “Want to touch?” Alessio squeezed one of the wolf cub’s front paws, and the wolf cub, forced to stand on three legs, swayed, his ball-like body tending to fall on the ground.

    “Touch it, he won’t bite you.
I think you should know each other.”

    Still trembling, the Lich grasped the egg tart box with one hand, hesitantly and slowly reached out and—–

    Touched Alessio’s head.

    Like petting some small animal, the Lich stroked the Vampire’s dark hair, being careful not to mess it up.
After a few touches, she seemed satisfied and retracted her hand back into her wide sleeve.
She hung her head and returned the egg tarts in her arms.

    “What, feeling sorry?”

    Under the hood, the Lich’s face turned red from shame.
She slowly nodded twice, her voice as thin as a mosquito.

    “I …… I’m sorry ……”

    “Take …… your …… things ……”

    As she spoke, she was trembling all over.
The egg tart box she handed over was also trembling non-stop.
Alessio could even hear the sound of the egg tarts colliding with each other inside.

    “It’s nothing, just say so next time.
This box is for you.”

    Alessio finally let go of the wolf cub who was about to lose his footing and took a few steps back to make sure the psycho was connected.
The Lich who remained in place took the egg tart box in a daze, before slowly realizing that she was forgiven.
She clutched the box tightly in her arms in delight, and the squished egg tarts leaked out of the box, covering her with crumbs.

    Alessio: ……

    There was a problem with these Dark Creatures raised in the Conservation Center.
One or two of them were dumb.

    The Lich looked at the twisted box of egg tarts and the crumbs all over her body and felt like crying.

    “Ah, Miss Lucy!” Darf, the wolf cub’s caregiver, had originally been standing far away.
Seeing this situation, she rushed forward to deal with it.
Alessio accurately picked up the wolf cub who was attempting to lick the crumbs from the ground and frowned when he saw the Lich shrink slightly because she was unfamiliar with Darf.

    “Where is her caregiver?”

    Darf sighed.

    “Miss Lucy’s situation is a bit complicated.
She is directly connected to the medical department.” Seeing that the Lich consistently resisted her approach, Darf sighed sadly and sent a message directly to the relevant doctor in the medical department.

    “Miss Lucy is very sensitive to the outside world and also has some fears.
Previously, several caregivers have been arranged, all of which have only aggravated Miss Lucy’s nervousness.
She can only rely on Dr Zhu Heng for long-term psychological counselling.”

    “According to reason, she wouldn’t go out easily, but this time she may have sneaked out.”

    Darf said, holding up her hands to indicate she would not come any closer.
The Lich sighed in relief and quickly ran behind Alessio, clutching the crushed box of egg tarts.
She carefully clutched his clothes and stealthily watched to see whether Darf would come any closer.

    Alessio didn’t think it was normal; Liches, though withdrawn from society, were not diffident, and Uyfa Lucy’s current condition was clearly abnormal.

    He thought about how he used to comfort that friend of his.

    Holding a wolf cub and a Lich behind his back, when Alessio entered the cafeteria, he simply became the focus of attention.
He ordered a roast chicken at the ordering window, then took a random seat and patiently shaved the outside skin and flesh off the entire chicken.
The wolf cub was too tempted by the smell of the roast chicken and circled around him, but considering his body size, Alessio only gave him a little of the leg meat.

    A complete chicken shape remained under Alessio’s hands, leaving a strong fragrance.

    “Take it and play with it.” Alessio said.

    Giving bones and corpses to a Lich is a gift that will never go wrong.
However, at this stage Lucy might not be able to handle something so exciting, so Alessio moves back to the second best and starts with a chicken skeleton for fun.

    Darf: ……

    She thought His Highness Alessio must be joking.

    What surprised her even more was that after the initial hesitation, the Lich’s eyes actually lit up little by little.
She originally had elegant seaweed-like curly black hair, but she was not noticed because she shrunk away in dark corners all year round.
At the moment, the pupils of her eyes were bright, and even the soul fire in them was unusually active, naturally glowing with the obscure and extraordinarily beautiful beauty that was unique to dark creatures.

    She turned her head to look at Alessio as if to confirm, and when she received an affirmative answer, she accepted the gift, which seemed strange to outsiders, with undisguised joy.
Alessio asked for two take-out boxes, one for the bones and one for the meat that had been scrapped off.
The egg tarts were reshaped by the skilled cafeteria staff and handed back to the Lich.

    “Darf.” Alessio asked, “Could you please look after her and heat these up when she wants to eat them? Helgodon is tired of playing today and should go to bed early at night.”

    The Lich was more likely to get uncomfortable around unfamiliar people, Darf at least has some contact with her, as for the medical department ……

    Alessio didn’t think anyone would like to see a doctor every day.

    Of course, Darf agreed to this and sent Lucy back herself.
The humanoid Dark Creatures all had their own rooms in the Conservation Center.
Although the Lich was often emotionally unstable and stayed in the medical department instead, but her residence also has some items carefully prepared by the centre:

    Pink lace curtains, a fabric sofa in the shape of a small animal, a large pile of dolls and pillows, cute dolls …… The Conservation Center had racked their brains to prepare things they thought a girl of her age would like, but the Lich looked uninterested.

    At least Darf felt that the Lich was not as interested in these things as she was in that box at the moment.
The Lich divided the three boxes into two groups, one for food, which she gave to Darf to heat up, and she herself sat gazing intently at the one with the chicken skeleton in it, clutching it.

    The chicken and egg tarts were warmed up and Darf placed them on the table.
The Lich was still staring at the skeleton, but her hand went to the food, picking up a piece of chicken and slowly nibbling on it.

    It was time to eat!

    Darf was so excited that she didn’t dare to make a sound, for fear of disturbing the Lich’s meal.
The medical staff, who got the report, were also excited, and huddled in front of the screen to watch the Lich eat through Darf.

    [She really ate it! Ate a lot! She never had so much before!]

    [Ah Lucy, eat more, eat like this every day from now on!]

    The Lich stared intently at the skeleton in the paper box, the soul fire in her eyes swaying steadily.
Suddenly, she seemed to understand something.
She raised the hand that was not holding the chicken as if to give a command –

    Move! Dead life!

    The chicken skeleton began to shake violently, the scattered bones began to assemble as if a hand were manipulating it in the void.
It was not a quick process.
The Lich was sitting next to the chicken as Alessio disassembled it, and she saw clearly how the beautiful fingers of the vampire separated the bones and put them back together.
It was not difficult for her.

    The skeleton was assembled, and with another command from the Lich, the chicken bone began to run.
First, it jumped off the table and landed on the patterned carpet.
The carpet had patterns of trees and streams of water, so the chicken skeleton seemed to be running through the forest.
At first, it would trip over cascading roots or crooks in the streams, but soon the Lich’s manipulation became more agile and the chicken skeleton, in high spirits, flew up into the canopy, swung up the canes and spread its wings to glide down from high above!

    The oily skeleton skimmed the delicate face of one of the dolls on the shelf as it landed, and made an oily stain on the lace curtain, then a pair of feet stepped on a pile of pillows, jumped from red to green, stepped over the head of a big dog and drifted over the tip of a cat’s tail …… Finally, after circling the room, the chicken skeleton darted towards its manipulator, and the Lich smiled and welcomed it back from its adventure with open arms.

    –or perhaps she returned from her adventure.

    Under the stunned gazes of Darf and the others across the screen, the chicken skeleton leapt back onto the table and stood under the drooping eyes of the Lich, crossed its feet, pulled its right-wing bone back in front of its chest in a graceful curtain call courtesy manner.

    Like a knight.

    The Lich thought.

    She also lifted the hem of her dress, smiled and returned the solute of the knight.

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