Alessio had received his routine wake-up call from Ellie this morning.

    He rolled around in that big, comfortable bed.
The first thing he did every day when he woke up was to turn on his optical computer and see what new information was available today.
He would lay like that for half an hour, deciding, before he would slowly get up to wash his face and rinse his mouth.

    Today was a little different though.
He lay on his back holding his optical computer, but he was not eager to see anything, instead, he opened his eyes to the darkness above his head.

    He vaguely remembered something from his past last night.

    He did not want to mention that man’s name, his vampire father, the true lunatic who enjoyed watching others suffer.
Of course, the man’s true nature was something he only learned later.
He had always respected the other man and thought that even if little, at least, he genuinely loved him.

    In fact, he was nothing but a …… toy?

    It was also only later that he clearly grasped how much malice the man had used when he had first mentioned Ruzius to him.
The man sat as usual at the heavily curtained window, which was not opened for daylight’s sake, but Alessio knew how the crimson roses were blooming in the sunlight in the garden outside.

    [Alessio.] The second-generation vampire smiled softly, [The Temple has found you a …… little playmate.]

    [He’ll be raised to be a powerful human.
Maybe he’ll die halfway, maybe he’ll come to you at the end, maybe you’ll hate him, maybe you’ll like him …… how interesting.]

    Alessio also found it interesting, but his interest was all from his heart.
With the man’s words, he could imagine how that Hunter of the Temple would be groomed for excellence and finally appear before him on a moonlit night, valiant and with his sword raised.

    That was interesting enough in the long and boring life of a vampire.

    [Raising exclusive Hunters is a lovely idea.] The man took a sip of his black tea and slowly raised his eyes, revealing one black and one purple pupil, [But a few little things have died because of it, and the hunter who killed them became a hero.]

    [Maybe this idea is not that stupid …….

    [Yes, Father.] He looked up, [I will look out for this matter, what do you think about setting up a target now to test the training speed of the Temple?]

    [Good idea, go do it.
I’m going to eat.]

    The man summoned the blood servant.
The blood servant was completely tamed and hung his head obediently, offering his neck whenever the vampire crooked his finger.

    [Would you like to join us?] The man smiled and invited him.

    [No, Father.] Alessio was still thinking about the Hunter who was about to appear in his life, [I’ll leave at once.]

    He hurriedly left, then suddenly remembered something and went back; there was one more thing he wanted to ……

    The man in the room glanced at the heavy curtains.
The heat of the sun outside was still seeping in.
It was a bright, sunny day enough to make even him ache and weaken, but it did not hinder Alessio’s travel.
He looked deeply at the tightly closed curtains and suddenly broke the neck of the blood servant kneeling beside him.

    […… Jealous.]

    Alessio stood silently at the door for a moment, did not report what he wanted to say, and turned to leave.

    He originally wanted to ask if he needed to make the first move as there are vampires that had already been killed by specially trained Hunters due to negligence.
Or just …… act as a playmate and watch the other grow up?

    Let’s not kill him first.

    He had some expectations of what kind of person he would be.

    …… he was a psycho! Or at least became a complete psycho in the later stages!

    Alessio suddenly got up, turned over the conversation page with the psycho, and transferred money in one second! He was sure the psycho must be following the daily feeds at this hour, and he was ready to fight! This time he must win!

    [Your transfer has been received.]

    Alessio froze.

    What does this …… mean?

    He looked at that page for a while, yet no matter how long he stared, the sum of money that was always pushed back and forth was effectively accepted by the other man.
It was in no way a compromise or a concession; Alessio knew the psycho very well.
He didn’t know if the present psycho held the same ideas as the later one, but there was always one thing that remained unchanged: the decisiveness of Ruzius.

    His purpose in accepting the money was simple – he didn’t want to get involved any further.

    What does this bastard mean?!!!

    “Even in a coffin, you still can’t sleep?” Zhu Heng confirmed again, and after receiving an affirmative answer, sighed worriedly.

    “Your body has been trained for a long time and is very resistant to drugs, so we wouldn’t want to increase the dosage on you if we could.”

    Ruzius lowered his eyes; he was certainly tired, but he just couldn’t sleep.

    “If I still can’t sleep before I leave the centre, then the dosage will be increased.”

    Zhu Heng sighed, “I am concerned about your mental state.
How are you doing with the long lack of sleep?”

    This time, the Saint was silent for a long time.

    “I remembered something again.” He finally spoke, “I know that it’s something that had already happened.
Perhaps it changed later, but I still can’t help but care.”


    Zhu Heng didn’t say anything.
He knew that he just needed to be a competent listener at this time.

    “What do you think of the word ‘playmate’?”

    Zhu Heng thought for a moment, “I think it’s a very common word, similar to friend, companion, but it seems …… you don’t think so.”

    “Yes.” Ruzius nodded, a slight haze surfacing in his sky-coloured eyes, “I think the word, is equivalent to ‘toy’.”

    “…… Did you hear the word again in your memories?”


    “I’m sorry to hear that.”

    At the end of today’s routine consultation, Ruzius took some sedatives, as usual, to see if they would have any effect tonight.
When he left the door, the haze in his eyes faded away, and he gazed deeply at the door.

    Zhu Heng could not tell anything yet, but there were always clues.

    When he returned from the Military Headquarters, he had already probed several people successively who were on his suspect list, even the Old Marshal and Ellie were on that list.
The appearance of the suspected Temple organization after 10,000 years did shake him a little at first, but he soon regained his composure and even began to try to investigate a mole, excluding Zhu Heng.

    It was because he was familiar with the Temple that he knew what a terrifying behemoth it was.
Even the heavily guarded castles of the Vampires once had pawns they had gone to great lengths to plant in, the werewolves of the Snowy Land, the most exclusive Oriental Race, the dungeons of the Dark Elves, the hell fortresses of the Fallen Angels, all had the Temple’s tentacles as well.

    As long as they are the enemy, the Temple will do everything to destroy them.
The Temple knows that human life is short and fragile, and that is fine.
They can accumulate for several generations.
Fathers die, older brothers die, younger brothers die, wives replace husbands, and young children are raised into usable new blood.
Among them, the most useful ones, if they are born at the wrong time, they will be frozen in the hope that they will see the light of day again in a hundred years, even if ……

    Some are frozen to death.

    It was because he knew how horrible it was that he was on such high alert.
Yes, he had no intention of returning to the Temple of this era.
It was no longer his home, even if it shared the same totem and purpose.
In his time, what the Temple did was good.
In this era, its purpose was undoubtedly no longer pure.

    Ruzius glanced at the portable optical computer on his wrist, which was stuck on the page receiving the transfer.
He could already imagine how the vampire would jump to his feet at this message, probably coming towards him right now.

    The optical computer shook slightly.
It was a message sent to him by Ellie, who seemed very worried.

    Ellie: The formalities for the house have been completed, but …… is this really okay QAQ

    Ruzius: Thanks, it’s OK.

    Ellie: Even though that house is also within the range of Alessio, I’m still worried ……

    Ruzius: This is what happens when you don’t work efficiently.

    [Ruzius retracts a message].

    Ruzius: I’ll talk to him.

    Ellie: ……

    Ellie was silent as Ruzius put down his tactics and settled for lunch in the Conservation Center’s cafeteria.
He had an appointment in the afternoon.
The presentation of the Ancient Myth had been decided as a print.
He will be the narrator behind the scenes, for which he would have to make a trip to the recording studio.

    Halfway through his meal, the Saint took another glance at the time on his terminal.

    Why hasn’t he arrived yet?

    His eyes sank slightly and he twirled his fork.

    Has his attention been drawn to something else?

    He was just thinking this when suddenly his eyes saw something black and he stood up.

    He guessed half right.
An extremely angry Alessio was originally rushing towards his location but ended up meeting a staff member halfway.
The staff member had just come out of the third canteen, which had a limited number of egg tarts today.
He especially came to give some to Alessio.

    Three large boxes, eight for each, with a delicious aroma.

    The vampire, who had no concentration, immediately forgot his anger and held the egg tarts.
Somehow, he still remembered not to leave the psycho for one kilometre lest he lose his power, and found a secluded corridor close by.
There were some benches sporadically placed in the centre of the corridor.

He sat down, deciding to eat the egg tarts before going to find trouble with the psycho.

    “Ow!” The sound of a wolf cub came from a distance.
As soon as the wolf cub saw Alessio, he didn’t let his caregiver Darf carry him, but rolled off the ground and came running and rolling towards Alessio on his four chubby little legs.

    “Ow, ow!”

    The wolf cub crouched at Alessio’s feet and grabbed at his trouser.
Alessio took a silent look at him, but eventually picked him up and put him on the bench and gave the wolf cub his egg tart.
The wolf cub also liked this limited edition egg tart and whimpered as he dove in, eating all over his face.

    Alessio was eating his box indifferently when he suddenly felt something and raised his eyes.

    The last box of egg tarts had been pulled to the other end of the bench.
It was a white and bonny hand that was holding it tightly.
Sensing Alessio’s line of sight, the hand trembled.
Not only does it not loosen, but also puts the whole box of egg tarts into its arms with a “swish”.
Then the culprit pulled his hood and ran away!

    Still this thing!

    “Wait! Put my egg tarts down!” Alessio, of course, refused to take this loss and chased after it.
With his gift of teleportation, he quickly moved in front of this particularly fast criminal.
Then he realized that something was wrong!

    More than one kilometre! The psycho had lost his powers!

    He caught up with the culprit and tried to hold him back.
As a result, his cloak loosened, revealing a young girl with black hair and black eyes.
The young girl’s eyes were pitch black, and blue soul fire was burning in them.
She looked at Alessio with tears in her eyes.

    Alessio was stunned.

    This was a ……

    A maiden Lich.

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