Alessio could not hear those chickens crowing, he was just at a loss about the scene in front of him.


  Although there was speculation that it might be the vampire race that ruled the world, this speculation was soon overturned by himself.
All the arrangements in front of him, whether it was the garland arch or the red carpet, or the silver-grey dome spanning overhead at this time, were full of the gorgeous grace unique to the Light race.


  After confirming this, he became even more confused.
The Light race deeply hated the Vampire race.
How many times there had been fierce conflict between the Light race and Vampire race, he himself could not remember.
In his long life, except for the celebrations and fight of his race, the most distinctive he could remember was the Silver Crusaders belonging to the Temple.
Their purges, their expeditions, all for the sake of the supreme light!


  Crusade against each other, fight against each other …… that’s what should be the state of affairs.


 The sound of footsteps that came from the other end of the red carpet was light and neat.
Alessio narrowed his eyes.
Coming through the garland arch was a group of light race people and humans, which was not unusual.
Humans had always loved and praised the light race people.
The leader had a left-rotating unicorn horn on his head and a gentle demeanour.
The one behind him was a human female, dressed as a civil servant, while the other was an Angel with two wings on his back.


  Wonderful combination.


  Now, Alessio was a bit interested.
He estimated the blood reserves in his body, confirming that if the situation was not right, he could hold the human hostage first and get some blood supply without killing the other person.
At that time, it would be difficult for the Unicorn and the Celestial to stop him.


  He secretly tensed his body, ready to go… However, why didn’t this Celestial have a sword?


  The leading unicorn stood about two meters away from the coffin, and under Alessio’s somewhat confused gaze, gracefully and calmly performed a salute to welcome the honoured guest.


  ”Congratulations on your recovery, Your Highness the Prince.”


  ”You can call me André, and this is Augustus the Angel, as well as Aili the *Terran.”

(T/N: Star Trek… Remember?)



  The Unicorn had white hair and silver eyes, even the eyelashes were as pure and undyed as snow, but in front of the black-haired Vampire, although his smile was shallow because of his reserved nature, his transparent eyes could not help but reveal the hidden softness.


  Unicorns are an extremely quiet and beautiful race, which Alessio knew well before he fell asleep.
Compatible with the appearance of this race is their nobleness and stubbornness.
There was a story about a Unicorn who could not bear to be shrouded by the night, so he ran without stopping to chase the sun, and finally died of exhaustion and became a constellation in the sky.


  They could only accept the approach of a pure and innocent girl, even when they’re eating they would follow a set of strict rules.
Their pursuit of light and purity can be said to have reached the extreme.


  That’s why Alessio, who received a warm gaze from the unicorn, felt incredible.
He thought the unicorn would go to wash his eyes after looking at him.


  Is it an act? Or something else? What is their purpose? For this psycho in the coffin?


  Thinking of this, Alessio looked down at the still sleeping man.
The Saint was lying on his back, surrounded by roses, and his platinum-gold, half-length hair seemed to reflect a starry river of light.
Alessio knew that those eyes, which were tightly closed at the moment, would reveal a clear sky colour once they were opened.
This psychopath has the appearance of a perfect saint and was carefully trained by the Temple for the ultimate purpose of hunting and killing the Third Prince Alessio of the Vampires. 


  André followed his line of sight to the coffin, but he saw nothing.


 ”Is there anything else ……?”


  Alessio raised his eyes.


  These people can’t see the psycho?


  Immediately, he thought of the reason. 

Psycho, as the trump card of the Temple, was naturally special.
He had a very special forbidden power.
It must be that after a deep sleep, he would spontaneously conceal his own existence, thus giving the outside world the appearance of being “invisible”.


 ”It’s nothing.
First of all, what year is it and about how long have I been asleep? A thousand years?”


  Alessio said as he braced himself and prepared to get out of the coffin.


 ”Be careful!”




  Two voices, one after the other, were made by André and the female human, though Alessio was not much affected.
He gracefully flipped out of the coffin and landed on the ground, half of his cloak fluttered open, scattering a few of the Multiflora and moonlight rose petals.


 This scene was presented as it was on the live broadcast platform, making the bullet screen and live comments screamed like a bunch of miserable chickens.



[Ah Ah Ah Ah how can he! How can he look so good!!!]



[You’ve been sleeping for 10,000 and 37 years, cutie! Ten thousand years!]



[I’m still shaking from the coffin jump! It’s too dangerous! How painful it would be if you fall!]



[Why am I thinking that there is something else in the coffin…]



[You are all licking ¹Xixi, but I just think ²Anxi is absolutely beautiful in the same frame.]

(T/N: In raws, Alessio’s name is ā léi xī ōu and Andre’s name is ān dé léi but it sounds weird so for better pronunciation I tl them as Alessio and Andre.
1 referring to Alessio 2 referring to Andre.)


  【 Anxi, what a devil la! Coach, I want to play basketball, calm, calm, calm… 】


  Alessio could not see the bullet screen of those demons dancing, and he unbelievably repeated André’s previous reply.


  ”Ten thousand years?”


  ”Yes, ten thousand and thirty-seven years after the end of the great rain of fire.”


  Alessio looked like he had stopped thinking in a standby state.
He could accept sleeping for hundreds of years, which was normal for the Vampires.
A thousand years was also not out of the question.
Oversleeping will occasionally reach this limit, but…


  10,000 years was too long!


  His first reaction was to turn around and try to pull up the psycho in the coffin that only he could see.


  Wake up, psycho! Get up and see! It’s been 10,000 years!


  The Saint didn’t move at all, still in a good dream.


  Discouraged, Alessio let go of his hand and turned to face André again.


  ”I want to know what happened …… after I fell asleep.”


  He did not see that after the term “10,000 years” the person who should have been sleeping, grasped a half handful of petals.
André’s voice continued to come, unusually soft.


  ”The first thing you need to be informed of is-“


  ”Today, ten thousand years later, as an individual of darkness, you are precious, lovely and unparalleled.”


  The saint in the coffin clenched the petals.



(T/N: originally in raws)


  Alessio’s brain buzzed.
The term “precious and lovely” had caused him great mental damage.
From the day he was transformed into a Vampire, he had never thought that a similar term would appear on his own head.


  And after listening to the abbreviated history of these 10,000 years, he was completely expressionless.


  He couldn’t make any more expressions.
The world was too crazy!


  He was sealed by that Psycho before the great rain of fire that extinguished the world, and three years after he was sealed, the great rain of fire came and cleansed the world, leaving only a small remnant of population and civilization.
And this was far from the end of the suffering; for nearly five thousand years, light was overflowing.
The whole world was bright to a painful degree.
More light condensed into the frequent appearance of alien species.
The population was again depleted, falling into an extremely slow development stage.


  At that moment, “Hitomi” was born and selflessly helped all races to flourish.
He told the races that dark individuals were crucial in maintaining the balance of light and darkness, which was on the verge of collapse.
Without the existence of dark individuals, the balance, which was already heavily tilted towards the light side, would completely collapse and the world would turn into a sea of light, annihilating all remaining beings.



  Hence, the various remaining races closely monitored the light index and carefully protected the dark individuals.
In the end, the balance did not continue to collapse, but slowly evolved for the better as some dark creatures grew and multiplied.


  Five thousand years later, the environment was no longer excessively harsh, and various races ushered in a period of vigorous development.
This development continues to this day, and the protection of dark individuals also continues.
This is the world that Alessio saw after waking up.


  ”Now, we would like to invite you to the Dark Individuals Conservation Center, where ‘Hitomi’ is also present, who prophesied your awakening.”


  André smiled, his eyes seemed to be full of love (?).
He saw that Alessio remained silent, and suddenly realised.


 ”Are you hungry?”


  Alessio looked at him steadily, licking his fangs with the tip of his tongue, realizing that this was a good time to test the waters.


 ”I’m indeed a bit hungry, can you provide me with a fresh blood meal?” He paused, “Preferably human blood.”


  The living dead who tried to harm human beings would be bound to the torture rack and exposed to the scorching sun at noon …… Alessio knows how the light faction treated them, the individuals of darkness.
His mind was still stuck in the years of intense struggle 10,000 years ago.
To be honest, he has deep doubts about the situation at this time.


  He is more willing to believe that, in this world 10,000 years later, some of the attributes of the dark individuals were twisted and distorted to the point where they would be liked by others, and that once he showed his fangs and claws, those who showed him earnest goodwill would be sure to repel him with fear and attempt to kill him, as they had been in the past.


  He’s not cute, and he can’t pretend to be cute, so it’s best that these people don’t have any illusions about him either.


  Sure enough, several people present were silent, and the human named Aili even raised her head and looked at him with wide eyes.


  All this was expected by Alessio.




  ”Bite me! Please bite me!” Aili was so excited she was on the verge of tears, “I took especially clean baths, I go to exercise regularly, I usually eat three meals based on coarse grain and vegetables, and I can provide proof of my immunization shots! wu wu wu! Please bite me! I’m super tasty!”




  This was not the same as what he had thought.
Alessio was at a loss.
His line of sight subconsciously moved to that Angel.
When it comes to the bad relationship with the Vampires, the noble and clean Celestials/Angels that protect humans are definitely one of the best.


  The Angel Augustus, who originally stood solemnly behind André, made eye contact with his gaze.
At first, his face was calm, but gradually his cheeks turned red.


  Alessio had the ominous premonition that he seemed to be getting another psychotic reaction –


  The beautiful-looking Celestial/Angel’s cheeks flushed, and he somewhat shyly lowered the head that should have been raised proudly.


  ”If you’re really hungry, it’s not impossible for me to ……”




  No! Thank you!

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