the message.
It was a map, an open map of the Federation he wasn’t too familiar with.
This map has an area marked in red.
At the bottom of the map, there was just one simple word –


    The sender was Hitomi.

    In other words, the guy who planned that attack just now was caught on the tail by Hitomi, but why did he send it to him? Sending it to the Marshal or even the Conservation Center would be more useful than sending it to him …… Wait a minute.

    The map Hitomi gave him came with a three-dimensional topographic map.
Alessio projected it the terrain, and the light blue three-dimensional map suspended silently in front of him.
All in all, after 10,000 years, the terrain had changed so much that Alessio didn’t recognize it at all, but he was staring intently at the red area.
There was a spot in this area where waterways merged like thorns from all around, with low hills on three sides and one side opening to the south like a golden doorway bathed in sunlight.

    “Ruzius.” He called out to the Saint in front of him, who turned back at the sound of his voice.
Alessio showed him the map.

    “What do you think this place looks like?”

    The moment he saw the map, the Saint’s eyelashes fluttered.

    “…… where the Temple is.”

    He said.

    This unexpected discovery made the atmosphere between the two a little solemn.

    Back at the Conservation Centre, still next door, Alessio felt not quite the same as before.
He flipped through the interesting news for a while and then put his optical computer down wanly.
He looked at the criss-crossed frames in the darkness above his head; the vampires didn’t usually fly much.
These frames were actually not necessary.

    In one leap, Alessio was on the lowest of the frames and continued up again, eventually stopping near the top.
Darkness enveloped him completely.
Alessio pulled up the map – the thorn river, the golden door – he didn’t believe it was just a coincidence.

    If there were still past believers of the Temple ten thousand years later, then they would surely not have too good feelings for the Dark Creatures, and would be more likely to advocate exploitation of them.

    But Alessio did not know if the current psycho wanted to go back to the Temple.

    A gentle knock on the door made Alessio startled.
He jumped down from his high place to open it.
Outside the door stood the Saint in white, staring at him quietly.

    “How did you revise the previous history?”

    Almost unchanged! Because he couldn’t remember much!

    Alessio’s eyes drifted slightly.

    “The ancient part …… has been revised.

    “I’m sorry, the ancient part is only one page.”


    “Only the ancient part is also okay.
I didn’t count on the Vampire’s work efficiency anyway.” Ruzius took the thin sheet of paper from Alessio, which has now become two pages.
The additional page was almost all about the dark divine systems, which he really didn’t cover much.
Some of his speculations were in need of these for verification.

    “Why do you want it suddenly?” Alessio tried to find a topic that would not embarrass him.

    “A professional contacted me.
I sent him the parts I had sorted out earlier.
I was told they would be made available to the public very soon.” The Saint said, “It starts with the ancient part, and Hitomi seems to be involved in it.”

    Now Alessio was really looking forward to it.

    With that said, Ruzius nodded slightly and prepared to leave.

    “Wait.” Alessio called out to him, “Do you want to try and sleep in the coffin tonight? Don’t you still have insomnia?”

    The psycho couldn’t leave him within a kilometre.
If necessary, he can accompany him to the room where the coffin was kept.

    “The Centre staff have been asked to carry it to an empty room nearby.
It won’t be more than a kilometre.”

    “…… That’s fine.”



    “Please speed up the progress a bit.”

    “Don’t count on the Vampire’s work efficiency efficient …… that’s what you said.”



    He always felt that once the place that seemed to be the Temple appeared, the relationship between them had become subtle.
Originally they had both been awakened after ten thousand years without knowing anything and had to get along in order to maintain the balance between light and darkness, but now the psycho had an additional choice.
Alessio was not sure what he was thinking.

    Would he go to the suspected Temple to find companionship and continue his more familiar life? That would be so much easier than before, now that the Dark Creatures were all silly and sweet.
As for whether it violates the law, the suspected Temple that hid itself should not care about that.

    Alessio was not the only one thinking about these things; the Saint who had handed in his manuscript and come to the room where the coffin was placed was also full of chaotic thoughts.
He glanced down at the articles he had brought with him to read before bed.
Most of them were related to the balance of light and darkness, about which he had recently learned a great deal.
Combined with his own past memories, he seemed to have caught the thread of a tangled mess.

    About where did the Great Rain of Fire actually come from ……

    Putting his thoughts away for the moment, Ruzius touched the coffin and lay down in it, in the hope that he would sleep well in the place where he had slept for 10,000 years, as Zhu Heng had suggested.

    He closed his eyes and his consciousness sank down for a moment, but he knew it was not sleep, but a memory.

    His teacher, the Temple’s most powerful hunter in the past, was lecturing him.
Near the end, he routinely emphasized the topic that was emphasized every time.

    [Ruzius, he is your enemy].

    He heard himself humbly responding in memory.

    [Yes, Alessio is my enemy.]

    Today was a little different.
The teacher spoke a little more, mentioning the second-generation vampire who was Alessio’s nominal father.

    [That is a very nasty guy.
Like any vampire, lacking empathy for others in his bones.]

    [The Vampires know we’re training Hunters, they know you.
I even know how the second-generation vampire would introduce you to his children, just like I am teaching you right now.]

    [He would say ……]

    The old man vividly and profoundly imitated the look of malicious playfulness.

    [Alessio, that’s your ……]

    The last word was bitten between his teeth.
[…… playmate.]

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