Chapter 16


 Late at noon, the Old Marshal, who had been busy with his affairs, arrived.

    His main purpose in returning from the front line this time was still to report on the war situation and to replace the General.
The light collapse on the northern front had been effectively curbed.
Sending a few young men up there would serve as a training exercise.
Coincidentally, he saw the live broadcast of Ellie on the way back and had a deep impression of Ruzius.

    This was a young man who had undergone rigorous training.
The most important thing was that being human, he was able to use magic.

    This was unimaginable for this world ten thousand years later! After ten thousand years, apart from the balance of light and darkness, which needs to be worried about from time to time, external threats were actually minimal.
Perhaps this was the reason for the degradation of humans today.
Some have speculated that today’s Creatures of Light are also much weaker than they were ten thousand years ago.

    “Because of this, your combat effectiveness is precious.” Olsen said, “Although I have heard of that one-kilometre limit, the northern front has always had a tradition of Dark Creatures taking turns on duty.
You can be a group.”

    “Of course, it’s just an offer.
If you don’t want to travel to a dangerous battlefield, it’s also very meaningful to revise history in the back.”

    “No, I would be happy to travel there,” Ruzius said, glancing at the vampire next to him.
The other man was eating his eighth Military Headquarters special sandwich, licking the ketchup from the corner of his mouth and going for the next one.

    Following his gaze, Olsen looked over as well.
He was unable to resist and pulled another box of candies from his pocket.

    “Marshal, please don’t feed the Dark Creatures too many candies.” Ellie protested, “I noticed this morning that the box from last night had all been eaten.
That’s not good for teeth!”

    The Old Marshal wilted and withdrew his hand.

    “I’ll give it next time then.”

    “Give it to Ruzius.” Alessio finally finished all his sandwiches and looked up, “Ellie ordered other snacks, and I’m not too keen on sweets these days.”

    The Old Marshal glanced at the expressionless Saint, and the expression that his eyes revealed for a moment was “very reluctant”.

     Ruzius: ……

    “And that changing shifts, I’m quite interested.” Alessio acknowledged that he couldn’t live a peaceful, retirement-like life all the time either.
Occasionally, he wanted to move his bones and muscles; He didn’t know how the situation on the northern front is.
It would be good if he could get full exercise.

    “Changing shifts is very safe.” Olsen immediately comforted, “Don’t worry about getting hurt.
The Military will do everything to protect you.”

    Alessio: ????

    Then go to hell!

    Ellie added, “The *rotation system is usually for the more daring Dark Creatures.
Alessio has been brave since his awakening, so he can go after passing some tests.
The light collapse that happened in the north, and the accompanying Alien Species, strictly speaking, is a situation where the light element is extremely prevalent.
If there are Dark Creatures on that front, the light will be weakened and our soldiers will be safer in battle.”

(Changing shifts)

    “Then why don’t you …… let the Dark Creatures go into battle?” Alessio was very puzzled.
Just being on the battle line could be so effective, if the Dark Creatures went up there, they could directly crush them.

    Except for Ruzius, everyone present smiled at Alessio.

    How could we let you go, little cutie?

    Feeling confused, Alessio was about to say something else when he suddenly remembered the chubby Manticores and round wolf cubs he had seen at the Conservation Centre ……

    Do those, really, have combat abilities?

    Do all the Dark Creatures in this world have no fighting ability?

    What kind of crazy world is this! Do you still remember that you are fierce and treacherous Dark Creatures? You haven’t been to war in a long time, and you’ve all just become silly and sweet!

    The Saint next to him was silent.
He had a vague feeling from reading the {Federation Dark Creatures Protection Act} that something was wrong with the Dark Creatures 10,000 years later, and now he was completely sure.
Perhaps the Dark Creatures had retained some basic skills, but living in a peaceful present where they were carefree and excessively pampered and cared for on a daily basis, it was only natural ……

    Turning into mascots that only act cute.

    Alessio simply had a heart attack.
He stood up and looked at Ruzius next to him.

    “Quick! Hit me!”

    He had to fight the psycho! Show the people in the room what it really means to be a Dark Creature!

    Ruzius just took a calm, long, deep breath.

    “What are you doing?! Hit me!”

    Alessio was so angry that he showed his fangs.

    “I’m breathing the air of freedom,” Ruzius said calmly, looking at the vampire, he had no intention of making a move.
He was not crazy.
He had annotated that Protection Law several times.
It was impeccable.
Now that he was in a heavily guarded Military Headquarters, it was even less likely that he would make a move.

    “If I do it, I think I’ll be breathing prison air in no time.”


    Alessio’s sudden outburst brought the Marshal’s Adjutant as well as Ellie to their feet.
Seeing how well the Saint answered, the Old Marshal patted him on the shoulder in excitement.

    “That’s right, a good citizen should learn, understand, abide by and use the law.
Young man, you adapt so quickly.”

    Ellie, for her part, was busy appeasing Alessio, taking out the candy that he was originally not allowed to eat and even asking if he wanted a few more sandwiches.
Alessio looked at Ellie silently and then at the Saint silently before finally sitting back down in frustration.

    He did not want to disappoint the kindness and love of these people, something he had never received as a vampire.
He also had the headache of proving his strength and being a fighting force even in war, but these people wouldn’t let him touch anything dangerous, not to mention having the Dark Creature Protection Act to keep him safe.

    The psycho who was born to hunt him didn’t even dare to make a move, ahhhhhh how scary!

    Later, the Old Marshal had a talk with the Saint alone.
Alessio was unaware of the content of their conversation and listlessly ate a few more candies.
When he looked up again, the Saint had walked out of the Marshal’s office, still showing no emotion in his expression.

    “We’re going to see the big Griffin, oh!” Ellie coaxed him, “Alessio can also feed the Griffins.”

    Feed my foot! Why would he feed the Griffins? These golden, bright creatures were so annoying!

    The Marshal’s Adjutant personally took them to the Griffin training grounds.
The temperature here was on the cool side.
Alessio noticed Ellie rubbing her arms.
He paused for a moment and took off his coat.

    。”Here you go.”

    “No, no, no, what if Alessio catches a cold!” Ellie shook her head frantically.

    “I don’t have that system.
My breathing and heartbeat are simulated.
Essentially, I’m still an undead creature.” Alessio insisted.
He wasn’t one of these Dark Creatures that grew up 10,000 years later.
His physical strength was incomparably strong.
Even if he was stabbed, he could recover in minutes, let alone getting sick.
He didn’t have that fragile function.

    His mood had just calmed down, and Ellie didn’t dare refuse again.
Putting on his coat, she was still feeling giddy inside.

    Mom, it’s so cute!

    If Alessio had known what she was thinking, he would have taken back the coat in a minute.

    Griffins were an important strategic resource.
They were the sole responsibility of Military Headquarters, from their birth to their training.
The Military Headquarters has special large training grounds in the mountains.
The ones here were just small-scale, mainly housing some well-qualified Griffins to facilitate contracts with the best soldiers near the capital.
Ellie has already communicated with the Military Headquarters, which was also trying to show its close relationship with the Conservation Center, as well as to educate the public about some of the training of Griffins.
The whole visit will be broadcast live.

    In just a few dozen seconds, the number of people in Ellie’s live broadcast room exploded.
She adjusted her instruments, smiled and introduced herself to the audience for a few moments, and had the Adjutant explain some situations before the cameras all went to Alessio.
Alessio was crouched on the ground with the Saint, looking at the …… fat chicken that had been processed.

    Alessio remembered that Griffins actually ate nocturnal birds, just those …… rare Dark Creatures that nested in the Conservation Center and only had a thousand left.
In Alessio’s time, nocturnal birds were so abundant and particularly fertile that many Light Creatures used them as rations.
The Vampires also loved their feathers and even had breeding farms.

    Now suddenly they were endangered, making Alessio a little uncomfortable.

    “Don’t look at these chickens as fat, but they are actually specially bred for their high nutritional value and are suitable for Griffins.” The Adjutant introduced, “Of course, we also have special training to keep the Griffins wild and battle-hardened.”

    The barrage was full of popular science, admiration, and more often, questions for Alessio.

    [Wow, you’re not going to let Xixi feed him, are you? Will he be scared?]

    [Xixi is not afraid.
If you can feed, just feed, watch your hands.]

    [I still think it’s a bit dangerous ……]

    Alessio was now rather depressed and refused to look at the barrage.
The trainer besides the Adjutant whistled.
In the huge and open circular space, a Griffin’s ears twitched, spreading its wide flying wings and flying swiftly their way.
The light beneath the grey curtain was not strong, but the Griffin’s battle armour and white and golden feathers glowed brilliantly.

    [So handsome, my goodness!]

    [Xixi is not moving at all! It’s really Xixi! The first time he jumped out of the coffin, and then he was faced with a Griffin but didn’t move at all, 23333.]

     Alessio glanced at the psycho beside him.
The other man’s sky-coloured eyes were glowing slightly, obviously, he loved this species very much.

    The Griffin landed slowly, rubbed trustingly under the trainer’s hand and growled lowly.
With the majestic appearance of a lion and dreamy flying wings, coupled with those imposing battle armour, no one could resist such a cool creature.

    Alessio expressionlessly picked up a chicken, admonishing himself to treat this as a job.
Although such a move was like feeding a fawn in a park, to him, it did not conform very much to his more cool Dark Creature setting.

    “Be gentle, don’t scare him.” The trainer rubbed Griffin’s head.
The Griffin looked over at Alessio, twitching his nose gently.
Alessio instinctively felt that something was not quite right.

    He had a kind of ……

    The Griffin suddenly broke free of its trainer’s grip and roared with rage.
Its wings almost overturned the simple shed that had been built in the middle of the circular field! The Griffin’s initially clear golden eyes became bloodshot.
Alessio heard a gurgling sound from its throat, a precursor to the spitting of extremely hot golden flames!

    The Griffin opened its mouth in Alessio’s direction, and then suddenly, with a pause, changed direction and spat out!

    In that direction was – Ellie!

    At this moment, many doubts passed through Alessio’s mind.
At first, the Griffin did not show any intention to attack him.
It can be seen that these Griffins do not attack Dark Creatures after 10,000 years, but after sniffing, they suddenly changed their attitude, so was there something on him ……

    But why did the attack turn to Ellie?

    Alessio immediately moved before the flames arrived.
In the golden flame, his deep rose-coloured pupils seemed to lit up with fire.

    He thought of it.

    The coat.

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