“Because it’s wrong.”

    Without raising his eyes, Alessio opened the candy box the old marshal had given him with a click.

    “Both sides are wrong.”

    The colourful candies each crammed into their own little compartment looked very sweet.
Alessio struggled to decide which one to eat, so he looked up and asked the Saint.

    “Which one do you like?”

    “Is the camp you belong to wrong, too? Are the vampires wrong too?”

    “Of course, a bunch of fools, clamouring to make the world plunge into eternal night.
I thought only kids of a certain age would have that kind of crazy idea …… Which one is it anyway?”


    “Which …… one?”

    “…… Orange.”


    Alessio picked up the candy and threw it into his mouth.

    The Saint who thought it was for him: ……

    He forced himself not to think about the candy and turned his eyes away from the vampire who was happily eating the candy.

    “The vampires must be happy for His Royal Highness The Prince’s rebellious thoughts.”

    “Ha, they’re furious.” Alessio looked quite happy.
Even after a long time, he could not help laughing when he remembered the faces of those vampire elders again, “However, they also fear death.
Who would dare to confront me after the death of my father?”

    Ruzius paused slightly.
He memorized the vampire genealogy and naturally knew what kind of man, the third-generation Vampire Alessio’s father, was.

    “That second generation Vampire …… is dead?”

    The most feared enemy of the Temple, the second-generation Vampire whose strength was infinitely close to that of the Gods, the father who had transformed Alessio into a Vampire …… was dead?

    Alessio’s spirits seemed to have suddenly dropped.
He didn’t like talking about that person and wasn’t in much of a good mood when he did.
However, this time he was the one who started it.
He always forgot that the psycho had no memories of the past and was still in a rather innocent and cute stage.

    “Let’s not talk about him.
I already know the two things you talked about.
So you’re thinking of going to the Army Headquarters tomorrow? I don’t have anything else to do, I’ll go with you.
After all …… a kilometre right?”

    Ruzius did not ask more.
He was doomed to not get any results if he continued to ask questions.
He nodded and then took out a stack of paper documents from a drawer in his desk and handed them to Alessio.
Organizing these papers was his own idea, so they were not relegated to the business.

    “These things, if you have time, I hope …… you can at least stand your ground and pick at my faults.” He watched as the vampire took the papers, looked at them for a moment, and raised his head in amazement.

    “Is it our history?”

    “Yes.” Ruzius’s hand clenched slightly at his side and slowly unclenched.
His pride could be put in the back for a moment in order to obtain a more objectively correct history.

    “History is a compulsory subject for me to study at the Temple.
The main historical lineage has been sorted out here, but what I have received is the revised history of the Temple, which may have many modifications and embellishments, and is not objective enough.” He looked at the vampire, “So I hope you can look at this history, add to it and revise it, and we can discuss the controversial areas.”

    Alessio blinked.
He had never seen such an expression on the psycho’s face, perhaps because he was not familiar with the psycho of this period.
At this time the psycho looked like a true Saint, a sincere believer of light, steadfast and an extremely strong sense of duty, even willing to bow his head and ask for his help.

    Generally speaking …… he is really cute!

    “You asked, but I can’t help you.” Alessio stood up with the documents, “After all, I have lived for so many years.
Much of the history you speak of I have personally experienced.
I could not be more clear.”

    He trailed off, glancing at the Saint, who dared not speak.

    Mom, this is too joyful!

    “I can accept some of your conditions.” The Saint swallowed his pride.

    This made it seem like he was the bad guy …… Alessio muttered in his heart.
There was nothing he really wanted the other man to do.
He was just used to being competitive and refused to let go of the opportunity to gain the upper hand.

    “Then I’ll ask you ……” he looked at the Saint’s slightly nervous expression and deliberately dragged for a moment, “to think about that previous topic, the one of good and evil.”

    It was that simple? The Saint was slightly relieved.
He would think about it on his own without Alessio having to say it.

    “Even if, according to your standpoint, the Light is good and the Temple is good, then you, who have been raised by the Temple and believe in the Light, should practice all good virtues and reject all evil thoughts.” Alessio looked into the Saint’s beautiful sky-coloured eyes and knew that, at least for the moment, the other must be doing the same.

    That was why he said that the psycho of this period was a true Saint.

    He respected it deeply.

    “But you have to think, do the crazy believers you know from afar, and the teachers you respect from near, really practice your virtues and precepts …… Don’t rush to contradict me just yet.
I’ve already delimited the scope to the true believers and your teachers, people you should trust, right? “

    The Saint, who had wanted to argue, fell silent.

    “Anyway, your memory is recovering, and I am not in a hurry for a reflection, you can take your time.”

    Alessio took the information and pushed the door of the room open, ready to go back next door and use his historical expertise.
He was a Vampire who had lived for thousands of years, but ……

    Alessio looked silently at the complicated chronology of years, conjectures, and excerpts of relevant writings on the organised chronology.
He struggled for a moment, before finally knocking his head on the table in frustration.

    It was over.
He had spent all that time either sleeping or playing or boasting.


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