He thought that the werewolf king probably would not have thought that one day in the future, the descendants of werewolves would reveal such an innocent look, being spoiled and pampered by many people, and being able to do everything they wanted to do happily.

    That’s why he always felt that this world after ten thousand years was like an overly beautiful daydream.

    “We can’t go any further.
If it exceeds more than a kilometre, his power will be cut off again.” Alessio was talking about Ruzius.
He knew that psycho must hate the feeling of his body being out of control, so never left more than a kilometre after that.

    Ellie and Darf listened with longing; there were no more than a hundred werewolves in the Center.
The sight of packs of silver wolves running must have been magnificent.
They wondered how long it would be before they saw it.
Ellie knew Alessio better.
She told her inner thoughts on the way back while beaming.

    Alessio looked at the human girl’s overly lively demeanour and turned his head sideways.

    “Will see to that.
Raise it well, werewolves grow fast.”

    “Darf has also just made an appointment with me.
If you are free tomorrow, can you go to the cafeteria again? Helgodon ate a lot of vegetables today.”

    “…… What did you say his name was?” Alessio turned around abruptly, startling the caregiver who was following him.

    “He…… Helgodon.”

    Alessio closed his eyes.
He didn’t think that after 10,000 years he would still hear the name that had been passed down from generation to generation by the king of the werewolves.
The original meaning of the name was an island in the North Sea.
The werewolves took it and used it as the king’s name, along with the queen’s name, Ksenia, and passed it on from generation to generation.

    He looked at the worried and confused look on the human girl’s face and knew that his reaction was too much.
Hearing two familiar names in quick succession today had caused him to lose control slightly.
It was too lonely to watch a period of history alone.
The people and events he remembered, the grand spectacles and the bloody wars that had been fought, no one could resonate with him at the moment, and it made him wonder whether the things he remembered were false.

    But ……

    The Saint pushed open the door to his room and sent out two upright men in military uniform, while still saying something on the side.
However, when Alessio appeared around the corner, he immediately raised his eyes and accurately captured the movement of the vampire.

    He was keenly aware that the vampire seemed a little …… dejected?

    “I will go to the military headquarters tomorrow to discuss this with you in more detail.” Ruzius ended the conversation hastily, turning most of his attention to the vampire.

    “Huh? Why did the people from the military headquarters ……” Ellie was a little puzzled, but she recognized the two visitors from the military headquarters and immediately greeted them with respect.

    “Hello, Marshal, I am Ellie the vampire’s caregiver and this is His Royal Highness Alessio, the revived Vampire Prince.”

    She then introduced Alessio, “Alessio, this is Marshal Olsen, commander of the Northern Front.”

    The man called Marshal was a human with a stern face.
He was over 50 years old, his every wrinkle articulating sternness and refinement.
He stood with his arms folded, followed by his adjutant.
His line of sight moved gently towards Alessio with the majesty of a man who had come from a military background.

    Alessio did not move, nodding as a greeting.

    The old marshal’s gaze faltered slightly.

    Seeing that the other man was motionless for a long time, Alessio could not help but look up at the old human marshal inquiringly.

    “Is something the matter?”

    The old marshal’s stern demeanour reminded him of those old bishops of the Temple, which was not a wonderful association.

    Soon, however, the old marshal’s furrowed brow relaxed as if it never existed before.
His hand went into his coat pocket, and then that arm lifted his cloak and handed Alessio something.

    Alessio bowed his head, and the old marshal spoke at that moment –

    “Candy? Eat?”

    Alessio: ……

    Alessio: ????

    He hesitated, his hesitant eyes shifting from the box of candy to the old marshal’s face.
Thinking that his expression and tone were too fierce, the old marshal immediately made an adjustment, and the result was ……

    Even more fierce.

    The adjutant had already turned his face away at this tragic sight; apart from a few exceptions, he hadn’t seen any Dark Creature that wasn’t afraid of the old marshal.
Although very pitiful, at times like this, he still had to think of the fragile hearts of Dark Creatures and keep the old marshal away from this newly revived cherished vampire.

    Unwilling to give up, the old marshal still said in a firm and soft tone.

    “Candy, eat it?”

    Alessio paused for a moment and had to take the box of candy with a complicated expression.
The old marshal, however, was suddenly radiant with happiness.
He gave Alessio a thumbs up, which probably meant he thought it was superb and needed to be complimented, and then walked off imposingly.

    Alessio was holding the box of candies in his hands and was speechless when he saw the psycho across from him covering the corners of his mouth, looking reserved but actually making fun of him.

    Alessio was so angry that he bared his fangs.

    “You went to see the werewolf.” Ruzius changed the topic to prevent the vampire from fighting him here.
Alessio immediately remembered the two familiar names he had heard today.

    “Helgodon, a wolf cub.”

    The Saint gave a “hmm”.

    “Helgodon, the werewolf king.”

    The vampire raised his eyes abruptly to look at him.

    He suddenly realized that he was not the only one carrying the history of the past alone.

    “I was just gonna talk to you about something.”

    The Saint said.
He saw that the vampire seemed to respond quite happily, and his previous dejection swept away.

    Alessio cheerfully decided that it was all right to reply to the psycho as long as it wasn’t too excessive.

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