s a great day, not only did he get the fur ball to move, but he also got to eat so many green vegetables, it was the healthiest day ever! Just feed these into the wolf cub’s mouth bite by bite ……

    Alessio ate his own calmly, not showing any sign of feeding the wolf cub.

    The wolf cub kept his mouth open like a wailing fledgling, yet his mouth was sore and the breakfast next to the vampire was nearing the end, not giving him even half a bite.

    “Ow ow ow!”

    Alessio did not move, eating the last bite of fluffy bread and picking up the still-warm soup, sighing at how well the auto-heating plate really worked.

    The wolf cub was forced to keep his mouth shut and began to face the grim test himself, staring at the plate in front of him as if facing an enemy.

    Once again, he rested his front paws on the table and peeked over at Alessio.
This time Alessio didn’t stop him.
The two times he put his paws on the table were of a different nature.
The first time was a reckless disregard for table manners, the latter was an aid to lend strength and meant that he was going to start eating on his own.
Just like a child who would grasp the table and clutch the utensils when trying to eat on his own.
Alessio would not bother with this.

    The wolf cub tilted his head sideways and picked up a piece of bread with difficulty, swallowing it in three or two bites, followed by the fried egg.
There were bread crumbs all over his fur, but he was so happy to do so that when his mouth was out of reach, Alessio was already using a fork to pluck the food from behind to his front without Darf’s help.

    Although slow, the wolf cub eventually finished his meal on his own.
Drinking the soup from the shallow container, he gave a proud “ow” and turned his head to look at Alessio.

    Alessio rubbed his head gently.

    The breakfast extended over an hour.
Ellie was worried that Alessio would be impatient, but to her surprise he was unusually calm.
Her confusion was detected by Alessio, and the vampire said simply and succinctly.

    “The werewolves and I are old friends.”

    “Werewolves from 10,000 years ago?” Ellie perked up and locked eyes with Darf, “What was it like?”

    As they were walking on the way to send the wolf cub back, the wolf cub persistently chased after Alessio’s feet, trying to bite his trouser legs, occasionally rolling and falling, but getting back up and continuing to run after him with excitement.

    Alessio thought for a moment.
He was a little surprised that he could still remember something about werewolves so clearly.
He had been ordered by his Father to go to the extreme north to confirm the next move of the Temple, where the tough and heroic werewolves lived.
He remembered the first time he had met the werewolf leader on the snow field –

    Silvery white ”arrows” followed him from all directions.
They were huge silver wolves running in packs.
The full moon of the werewolves was finally hidden by the wind and snow.
Under the pale silver light, Alessio clearly witnessed the grand parade of the wolf king.


    The werewolf king and queen grinned at him with sharp teeth.

    [Why have you come to our snowy land?]

    “You will never forget that scene once you have seen it; those werewolves were not running, but rather …… flowing.” Alessio said softly.
He looked down at the wolf cub hovering around at his feet, and his deep rose pupils flickered slightly.

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