He woke up.


  The ice crystal on the surface of his tongue began to melt and the blood of the saint that had been frozen in it flowed out.
The blood brought him strength, so Alessio finally woke up after a long sleep.


  Surrounded by a silence not even found in the deepest night, he gradually recovered his senses, a soft and slightly moist touch coming from his fingertips.
The sense of touch which was first to recover stimulated the other senses.
He gradually smelled the light fragrance of flowers and heard the heartbeat of a certain someone.


  Of course, this heartbeat wouldn’t be his.
He had been lying in the coffin for so many years that the simulated human physiological function supported by his own will had declared a strike, leaving only the empty and hollow dead body that belonged to his essence. 


  No body temperature, no heartbeat, immortality, like a curse.


  He was – a vampire.


  The name of this ancient race made his eyes fluttered.
In the silence, Alessio opened his eyes.
His eyes were the deep red colour praised by the vampires.
His short hair, scattered on the side of his head, was deep black like midnight.


  And under him, the moist and fresh Multiflora roses were scattered around as if they had just been plucked.


  He stared into the darkness before him, seemingly in contemplation, when suddenly he blinked his eyelashes, then blinked again, then ……


  He sneezed.


  Who the f**k put flowers inside the coffin!? 


  Alessio was not allergic to roses, but his overly sensitive vampire’s sense of smell made it difficult for him to tolerate a small space filled with the scent of flowers.
He tried to open the coffin to escape.
He fumbled around and finally found the switch, not waiting for him to feel happy, a question was rising in front of him.


  Is this coffin a flip-top, or a sliding lid too?




  Because of his aversion to using a coffin as a bed, Alessio had not slept in a coffin for many years.
At this moment, he naturally could not remember exactly how to open it.
Now, the vast majority of his actions still followed the same instincts when he first woke up.
After another sneeze, his memory gradually began to return.


 – about the reason why he slept in this coffin.


  Alessio’s hand felt to his side and touched a slightly warm body.
His fingertips could feel the cool smoothness of the Temple’s special clothing, as well as the opulent patterns woven from expensive enchanted silk threads.
He touched the cheek of the sleeping man and reflexively withdrew his hand quickly.




  Retreating too quickly, his head knocked on the inner wall of the coffin.


  Covering the place where he bumped his head, Alessio’s expression was very complicated in the darkness.
He hesitated and finally reached out his hand once again and touched the saint’s cheek.


  Warm, he can feel his breath.
Before he also heard his heartbeat.
This psycho is still alive.


  He still remembered how this psychopath used the domain to control him, press him into this coffin, and reveal to him the prophecy of extinction after the seven apertures oozed blood.
This psychopath maintained his biting cold appearance even when the conflict with him was the most intense and finally showed a smile when he was about to die.



[Sleep, my destiny for which I was born]



[Everything will be extinct in a great rain of fire, and you and I will get on the ark and sail to a new era of gold]


  Alessio sneezed again.
He couldn’t remember any more, he had to get out quickly.


  He pulled the switch hard, thinking that the coffin’s cover was either a slide cover or flip cover, which direction to try again!


  Pull down, no movement.


  Push up, no movement.


  Alessio was freakish.
What kind of coffin is this? Or did he sleep for too long and now the coffin was out of date in the vampires? 

Are your coffins so advanced? Don’t tell me you use voice control?


  He snapped to the left anxiously.
The coffin made a sound, and the dim light of the sky fell in.


  Alessio used his arm to cover his eyes to adapt to the light.
When he was able to see clearly, he went to see how this magical coffin was opened for the first time.

     What damn coffin actually has a revolving lid?!


  Looking at the coffin plate that spun out to the right angle of the main body, Alessio fell into a long silence.


  This design ……


  Don’t you think it takes up a lot of space! 



Giving the design of the coffin a cross in his heart, Alessio felt some sight. 

It was indeed some sight.
He had a wonderful and highly anticipated feeling.
The last time he had this feeling was at the grand and luxurious dinner party of the vampires, or when the Silver Crusade was deployed in the temple to besiege him.


  He raised his head, expecting to see people, but only saw a large number of metal flying machines suspended in mid-air.
The front of the translucent crystal reflects the real-time image.
These metal vehicles have streamlined wings for hovering.
One of them was like a curious child, slowly approaching him –




After the metal machine broke apart in the air and achieved such an effect, relying only on sight-guided mental energy, Alessio looked at the wreckage that fell to the ground.
He knew little about alchemy, but he could tell that this artefact really wasn’t loaded with any attack devices, and the overall structure was a bit strange.
At least, Alessio didn’t find the shiny magic crystals that were usually used as energy sources.


  His eyes slowly moved to the other metal objects in the air, and crossing over them, Alessio was suddenly attracted by the sight behind him.


  ”…… what?”


  Banners draped in red and gold were waving in the wind, below was a huge splendid garland arch, and even spread a red carpet all the way to this coffin.
These objects together were creating an extraordinarily cheerful and even joyful atmosphere of celebration.


   On the banner, it was written in what appeared to Alessio a much-simplified language –



[Warm congratulations to His Royal Highness Prince Alessio on his recovery! Long live the Great Vampire!]


  Alessio: ????


  Did the Vampires rule the world for an unknown number of years while he was asleep?



(T/N: originally in the raws)


  Today is the day “Hitomi” is scheduled for a live broadcast.


  ”Hitomi”, as the object of admiration of the people of the Federation, who always takes the first place in every selection of the person of the century, was not alone.
He hovered in the central area of ​​the Dark Creature Conservation Center and accompanied all races to grow together at the beginning of the new era.
His importance can almost be weighed as the “sun on the ground”. 


  At the beginning of the new era, he provided knowledge and skills to the various races that gradually mixed, so that they could develop.
At a time when the network was in full development, he was taking on a huge volume of information with himself, and communication with the outside world was becoming increasingly rare.
In recent years, he has not responded to technical experts at all. 


  But three days ago, Hitomi registered his own account on the social media platform for the first time and updated the first message.



[I saw you are about to wake up.]


  So the whole Federation flared up.
Why would Hitomi suddenly register an account? Why was Hitomi suddenly willing to communicate with the outside world? “Who was the person Hitomi was talking about?”


  All kinds of questions were raised, all kinds of speculation, but “Hitomi” did not respond to any of them.
Only after a brief silence, he threw the first video.


  The video content was edited until it was extremely confusing, with many intricate scenes and characters presented like a revolving trotting horse lamp.
Sometimes it was a mountain, sometimes it was a tree, sometimes it was a bird parent raising its chicks, or someone pulling a bowstring.


  After this seemingly confusing video, “Hitomi” posted four words with flaming special effects.



[Before the rain of fire.]


  Now, the whole Federation was shocked! Their era began after the Great Fire rain, which destroyed the majority of civilization’s achievements, and only a few remained.
This video released by “Hitomi” was about the last era which was incredibly distant before the Great Fire rain.


  The two messages were linked, so “Hitomi” meant …… someone from the previous era was about to wake up? 


  What explosive news!


  The Federation was abuzz, both government and private all started digging into the previous videos with a microscope.
“Hitomi”’s hint was very obvious, and soon someone reflected that a certain section of the picture gave a subtly different feeling, and then a technical geek pointed out the reason first. 


  The technical geek called “my quality is separated from the wall” pointed out that, although there were many elements in the video released by “Hitomi”, these elements were basically played at a frame rate of seventy-two frames per second, only one character’s picture was different, his frame rate reached one hundred and forty-four frames per second, which was undoubtedly a hint of “Hitomi”!



 ”My quality is separated from the wall” also thoughtfully intercepted this video.
The video clip showed a pale, gloomy, flaxen-haired young man sitting in a chair, surrounded by dim light, and he takes a sip of black tea, that’s all.


  The microscope-wielding Federation people began to dig deeper.
They identified the fangs that showed when the youth opened his mouth and combined with the excessively pale skin colour; they inferred that his race would be the currently extinct vampire race.
This race was only recorded in the remaining documents but was unexpectedly very popular.
Before the incident of “Hitomi”, there was a large number of fanfiction works.



  Living in a world where the light index was excessively high, who didn’t like a vampire with small fangs, hating the sun and feeding on blood?


  They also hated those dazzling lights, okay!


  So after going through a period of ¹spinning silk from cocoons, the people of the Federation became more and more enthusiastic and wholeheartedly look forward to the upcoming cutie.
“Hitomi” was also very considerate and readily announced the identity of the other party.

(T/N: painstaking investigation)



[Prince Alessio.]


  Ow got it! We’ll hang banners for the little cutie!


  Dark flaxen hair is really nice, blue eyes are also very sensational, although this combination is not so stunning, the people of the Federation expressed that they were perfectly satisfied by seeing the living vampire.


  Everyone wants to be the first to see the recovered cutie, so when the official release has been carried out in accordance with the information provided by “Hitomi”, and the whole recovery will be live by “Hitomi”, even if the broadcast was not started, “Hitomi” live broadcast room was lively and crowded with people.


  With high enthusiasm, the crowd of melon eaters happily exchanged information, happily counted down and commented on the official arrangement.
Finally, the day of the live broadcast arrived. 

 (T/N: melon eaters: It’s a slang used in a humorous way for people who are not aware of the situation but still likes to watch and comment on what’s going on for fun.
Basically, gossipy people)


  All the audience held their breath as the lid of the coffin swung open.


  The dark-haired, red-eyed vampire sat up.
Some moonlight Multiflora rose petals fell from him.
He looked a little bewildered, but it didn’t stop him from being alert.
The camera that tried to get closer was blasted on the spot, and the audience who originally should have scolded that camera for not knowing what to do was strangely silent. 


  The rooster always crows after the silence –



[Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah too good too good! Black hair and red eyes! I died on the spot!!!]



[Not the flaxen-haired boy in the video! But why am I so excited ah ah ah ah!]



[Please! Press me against the wall–]



[Bite me ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!]

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