The camera followed Alessio to the next door.
The barrage passed over many puzzled voices, not quite understanding why they didn’t just go in directly.
But as Alessio taps on the door, the content of the barrage distorted for a second.

    [Hahahahahahahaha cat tapping on the door!]

    [F**k begging for a GIF hahahahaha!]

    Alessio didn’t see the barrage.
He looked at the psycho who opened the door and noticed the obvious green and black under his eyes.

    “Stayed up all night again?”

    The Saint gave a “hmm”, glanced at the camera following Alessio, said nothing, and turned to close the door to his room.
Ellie had asked for his permission yesterday, and although he didn’t care whether or not his existence was made public, Ruzius had still agreed to it.
What bothered him more was something else.

    He turned on his portable optical computer and brought up a page.

    “What does it mean?”

    The page showed that Alessio had transferred a significant amount of money to him, which made him feel absurd… the vampire giving money to hunters? Protection fee?

    “This.” Alessio didn’t care, “You had a part in the recovery broadcast, of course I have to give you a cut, I’m not greedy enough to embezzle this little bit.”

    Ruzius: ?????

    Live barrage: ????

    [Wait, what’s happening?]

    [Is this a cameraman? What do you mean he’s part of the recovery live broadcast?]

    [F**k, he is handsome, f**k he is handsome, this face con is satisfied]

    [Handsome is handsome, but it is too bright, white is really not friendly to the eyes.
I feel that the brightness index around me has gone up.]

    [Hahahaha don’t mention the light haze that is breaking out outside my window, and I’m running out of masks ……]

    “I won’t take it.” Ruzius simply refused.

    “Take it!” Alessio glared at him.


    “Take it!”

    The records of the mutual transfers were frantically refreshed on both of their optical computers, the movement of their hands almost turned into shadow play.
It was no longer a question of receiving or not receiving, nor was it a tactful war like pushing back the New Year’s Eve money, it was a life and death struggle!

    Ellie watched in a daze along with the barrages.

    This went on endlessly.
Ruzius didn’t raise his eyes as he fought the hard battle.

    “Three seconds.” He kept his words short and concise.

    “Ellie, note the time.” Alessio agreed.

    Ellie dazedly shouted start, timed it, and shouted stop in three seconds.
The vampire looked at the interface, and was so angry that his small fangs were exposed.
Ruzius on the contrary was happy and raised the corners of his mouth pleasantly.
He had won this battle after all.
He was more familiar with the payment software than Alessio.

    “Come back tonight!” Alessio huffed.

    Ruzius showed the tolerant smile of a winner and said that he could come to the battle anytime and that he would definitely win.

Give it to me ah give it to me ah give it to me!!!]

    [It’s crazy but actually kind of sweet ……]

    [So at the end who is this?]

    Ellie was not far behind.
She could see the barrages too and was about to explain.
The two people in front of her seemed to start a race walking over who was half a step ahead of whom.
Her camera model wasn’t quite new enough to follow, so she came back dazed and confused, hanging on to Ellie’s side.

    “It’s okay, they’ll be back in a minute, they don’t know the way.” Ellie stroked her camera’s head lovingly, interacting with the bullet screen, “All I can say is the original purpose of this broadcast was to introduce that one to everyone, and Alessio agreed.”

    “That coffin …… is for two.”

    The bullet screen was quiet for a moment, then suddenly exploded! Several truth emperors who had previously asked during the recovery live broadcast if there was something else in the coffin came out and wrote textual research posts specifically to prove that there was indeed another person in the coffin at the time, and right after that, the topic of #TwoPeopleCoffin exploded!

    Another strange topic also caught fire.

    #What is it like to share a bed with Xixi for 10,000 years? #

    The comments below were uniform and tidy.

    [Thanks for the invitation! His waist is very soft.
I’m great.
We’re super happy!]

    There was an even weirder topic that went viral.

    #My friend hurry and change to a new camera to watch the race walk

    The last hashtag that went viral was rightfully so.


    Alessio was unaware of these topics.
He had fought a few rounds with the psychopaths today and was a little sleepy from his evening meal, so he slept peacefully.
The vampires themselves were like that, doing what they wanted to do, it was up to them.
He was certainly willing to take a look at it when he was happy, it was more important to sleep if he was tired.

    He struggled to make another transfer to the psycho before going to sleep.
He was transferred back in a second, and fell asleep with a huff.

    But the person next door stayed up all night again.
Ruzius finished his diary for the day (by mistake) and was obviously tired, but he couldn’t sleep.
It couldn’t happen again.
If he couldn’t sleep tonight, he would go to the medical department tomorrow to see what was going on.

    He flicked through the information on the optical computer to brew sleep.
Most of it was about the live broadcasts during the day.
The influence of the revived vampire was truly terrifying.
He read some of it, learning the terms he didn’t understand, and his sliding fingers stopped abruptly.

    An animated cartoon appeared under his hand.
The vampire with cat ears on his head was raising his paw and tapping on the door, accompanied by the words “cat tapping on the door”.

    The painting style was exquisite and very ……

    Before that thought came to him, a sudden pain shot through his left eye, and a sharp stinging pain quickly spread throughout his brain, tearing apart the thought that had just come to him.
Ruzius suddenly stood up from his seat, breathing deeply as the glass tabletop reflected his appearance in a blur –

    A bit of silver light flickered in his left eye.

    The Saint reached out to touch his left eye, his fingertips trembling slightly from the pain.

    The moment he touched it, he remembered a little of his past.
His teacher stood with his back to him and spat out the words that he was to remember for the rest of his life.

    [My child, there is neither black nor white in the eyes of s Saint.]

    [You hate the dark and love the light.]

    The old man turned around, his face stern, and added the last word which represented the deadline.

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