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  ”But no one could stop it, so I once said to Ruzius that we cannot thoroughly end it …… unless a great rain of fire fell from the sky.” Alessio touched the new tea, it was a little hot, so he tasted a piece of the snacks first, “As a result, the great rain of fire did come, and everything cleared out and started over.”


  But why did he feel that there was something wrong with this starting over? Wasn’t this a bit of a wrong way to start over, with delicate and lovely Dark Creatures being protected and doting on by the old mother’s; the Light Creatures and humans?


  Speaking of being protected and doted on, he also has this day.


  ”That’s enough for today.” André said, lovingly pushing the snack tray in Alessio’s direction, “Don’t be sad, it’s all in the past, eat more.”


  Alessio: ……


  Afraid that he would suffer psychological trauma by recalling his tragic past, Zhu Heng asked him a few more questions before packing snacks for him to take with him.
He repeatedly promises him that he would cook the best soup for him in the evening.
He then called Ellie to come and pick him up, like a kindergarten teacher sending a child out of school.


  This, this, this was not Alessio’s goal! His intention was to prove that he was terrible, that the opposition between the two sides was horrible, and that he wasn’t cute at all!


  ”I’m terrible, too, ow wu.” Zhu Heng smiled and said to him, “Ellie is waiting for you at the entrance to the physical examination earlier.
Remember to get candy from the doctor at the check-up.
A good boy will get one after completing everything.”




  Alessio was forced to return to the medical examination department and was given another compliment as well as a rush to start the broadcast.
He didn’t want the candy, so he walked straight to the entrance, having seen Ellie’s figure from a distance, and beside her was …… psycho?


  Oh, by the way, the psychopath’s power would cut out if he was away from him for a kilometre.
The cause has not been found, so they could not do anything about it.


  The Saint sensed him from a long distance, turned around and pursed his lips, reluctantly calling out to Alessio.




  The Saint gestured for Alessio to extend his hand.
He took his hand out of his pocket, making a fist at first and releasing it slightly on Alessio’s palm –


  One, two, candies in golden wrappers fell down and into Alessio’s hand.


  ”Your candy, those doctors asked me to bring it to you.”


  ”Two candies?”


  ”It’s too childish, I won’t eat it.”


  The Saint spoke concisely.


  Alessio took the two candies, and his mood, which had been slightly downcast earlier by the memory of that history, suddenly lightened up.
He tucked the candies into his pocket, thinking not to expose him, but just snorted in his heart.


  Who are you pretending for? You obviously like sweets.


The author has something to say:

Psycho, a late-stage sweet enthusiast, is trying to hide his true hobby in front of the evil Vampire.

Alessio: Keep pretending! I’ll steal all your candy and eat it!

Psycho: ……

This Vampire is really evil!

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