Having avenged his breakfast, Alessio was quite pleased with the psycho, who was particularly easy to deal with after his head had some problem.
He saw the psycho staring at the report sheet in his hand, and just handed it over without any care.


  ”Want to see?”


  The Saint’s hand shook slightly.
He finally did not resist the temptation to read it and went back to note it in the handbook to understand the data of the hunting target.
He took the report sheet and recited it quickly at a glance.
Then he handed the report card back to Alessio with an expressionless face, as if he had only skimmed through it.


  Unfortunately, the Center did not measure some special abilities of the Vampire, otherwise this information would be more complete.


  ”What’s going on with you? Did you find out?” Alessio asked.


  ”…… I’m recalling.” The Saint’s expression was a bit complicated.
Obviously, the result of this examination proved that he had indeed lost something, “It doesn’t simply refer to the memory, my physical state also appeared to be recovering.
The space-time magic left traces on my body.”


  Alessio also didn’t know much about this kind of magic.
It was a highly advanced field developed by humans to fight against the other races, but the Vampires didn’t need those.
Especially the high level Vampires, as long as they can endure the initial wave of high mortality, they can gain the power that is unimaginable to ordinary people.


 ”Can you recover?”

“Will observe again.”


  Alessio couldn’t help but smile at the slightly imposing expression on the Saint’s face across from him.
The Saint looked up at him, seemingly a little confused.


  ”Nothing.” He stood up from his position, “Again, not much of an expression, you’re much more pleasing to the eye now than before.”


  The previous psycho was by definition on better terms with Alessio, but Alessio felt more comfortable with the present Saint, who remembered nothing and whose memories were stuck in the Temple where he had been taught.
He never knew what the previous psycho was thinking or wanting.
He looked at the psycho as if he were looking at a fire, changing its shape all the time.


  He had to admit that he was a little …… afraid of that psycho.


  ”In fact,” the Saint paused, “it could be up to you to tell me …… what actually happened in the past.”


  ”I won’t do that.” Alessio interrupted him, “That’s different.”


  He raised those red pupils, the pupils were an extremely magnificent deep rose colour.
Such pupils were representative of evil in humans, but these pupils actually looked extremely good in the pale light of the medical department.


  ”It’s one thing for you to recall it yourself, it’s another for me to tell you.” Alessio passed slowly by the Saint and patted him on the shoulder, immediately feeling a tense body under his hand, and could not help but smile.


  ”And even if I told you, would you dare believe me now?”


  They hadn’t constructed the trusting relationship they had before at the moment.
The psycho’s lack of action was the result of a realistic review of the situation, and probably had a lot to do with the Federation Dark Creatures Protection Act that had been read all night.
Alessio hadn’t read it very closely, but the maximum death penalty was appropriate.


  The Saint was indeed silent.
Alessio walked past him, ready to find Zhu Heng to hand in his medical report.


  Not only was Zhu Heng himself in his office, but André was actually there too.
The white-haired unicorn’s eyes lit up at the sight of Alessio, and he greeted him gently, “How are the results?”


  Alessio shoved the report straight at him and sat himself down on the soft sofa, picking up the cup of tea Zhu Heng had poured for him.


  ”I don’t need a guardian.”


  Enlightened, André picked up another cup of tea forlornly.


  ”It’s all very healthy.” Zhu Heng said after reading the report, “I will contact Aili to re-plan your diet.
I hear you have a taste for ordinary food as well? We’ll do our best to arrange that for you.”


  Alessio’s heart burst with joy, he could finally eat something good!


  Zhu Heng smiled at his reaction, “From the reports, you have passed the recovery period.
In the future, you will not have a particularly high need for blood, you can also eat something else …… Why don’t I make you soup tonight as a celebration.”


  ”You know how to make soup?”


  ”A little.”


  Alessio had nothing to be unwilling about.
Although his eating habits were not quite the same, who could refuse the food of an oriental one!


  ”Also, I would like to speak with you.”


  Zhu Heng said, glancing at André.
The unicorn nodded slightly.


  ”What was the hostility between the Light Camp and the Dark Camp ten thousand years ago like? I heard André say that you used the word ‘hatred’ when you got into an argument with Mr.
Ruzius, which is …… a very serious word.”


  Finally asked, Alessio had expected the question to come sooner, figuring that these people had deliberately left a buffer based on the sensitivity and vulnerability of dark creatures.
Alessio didn’t need this careful treatment, but it didn’t stop him from being grateful for it.


  However, what needed to be said should still be said.


  He relaxed and leaned back on the sofa, holding his glass, his fingertips gently sliding over the rim.


  ”‘Hatred’ is, indeed, a very serious word, yet to use hatred to modify the relationship between the two camps is too euphemistic.”


  He seemed to think about it seriously, and then suddenly smiled.


  ”I prefer to call it-“


  ”Blood feud.”


  André straightened his back, feeling a heaviness coming from the vampire across the room, the shadows that seemed to gather around the vampire, his red pupils half-hidden in the curling steam of his tea, but unable to be adorned of any semblance of warmth.


  A cold, sharp crimson, like blood congealed on a blade.


  ”It’s a bit difficult to interpret the relationship between the two camps, without imitating a piece of history.
In the days of my slumber, it seems there was some human kingdom founded and when I woke up, it had passed on to the fourth generation.
The queen of that generation was named Delvi, a devout follower of the Temple of Light.”

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