Alessio’s happiness didn’t last long.
Today was the day of his examination with the psycho.
He drank the blood brought by Aili.
The psycho needed to eat human food.
Alessio also intended to freeload a little.
He was not averse to delicious human food.


  In the neat and tidy large dining hall, the Saint looked at the Vampire, who was holding a knife and fork, eating egg pancakes for breakfast, then gave a cold smile.


  ”A Vampire eating human food……” He said slowly, “It is better to be cautious.”


  When he said this, Aili naturally became nervous.
Almost all of the existing data said that the Vampires needed to drink blood.
It was unknown whether human food could be eaten or not.
The Saint woke up with Alessio in a coffin.
He must have a close relationship with the Vampire.
In that case, he must have a good understanding of the Vampire.


  Alessio suddenly felt bad.


  ”I can eat.” He emphasized, “High-ranking Vampires have no problem eating human food.
They just can’t get energy from it.”


  The Saint was cutting his egg pancake.
He just gave him a quiet look, like he was watching a cat trying to eat human food.


  Aili immediately started to patiently persuade him.
Alessio’s egg pancake breakfast was ruined.


  Alessio gave a deadly stare to the Saint sitting opposite of him.
As if by staring, he could drill a hole through the other person.
Under his gaze, the Saint’s meal became more enjoyable.


  High-level Vampires can eat human food, it’s just they need to avoid a few special spices/flavours.
Strictly speaking, the Saint’s statement was not wrong.
But even if he ate those spices, he would only have a stomach ache.
He just needed to block the pain, which Alessio often does.


  And now, because of the Saint’s words, Alessio was not able to eat breakfast today.


  Alessio deeply felt the resentment of the psycho.


  Very good.
It’s called mutual retribution!


  After breakfast, Alessio and Ruzius arrived at the medical department, where they were separated to do a basic examination.
Vampires have nothing to examine, so they just test the basic values.
Health conditions were simulated for the record.


 ”We still have some experience with undead Dark Creatures.” A female medical staff checked Alessio’s eyesight while smiling slightly.
“Your situation is somewhat similar to a zombie from the East.”


  Of course, Alessio knew about zombies, but he didn’t often interact with them.
The East was a mysterious and secluded place, which had its own country.
It follows the tradition of monarchical power granted by Heaven, in which the Imperial family shows its dignity in a single word.


  The Divine Plover Zhu Heng, a member of the Zhu clan, was in charge of medicine in Alessio’s time.
He was quite famous and had a surname, so he was not a member of the Royal Family.


   “By the way, I wanted to ask you…… When will you start the live broadcast again?”


  Alessio, who had already understood what a live broadcast was, was expressionless on this issue for the time being.
He really could not understand the barrage and the comments calling him “cute”.
It’s clear that he is an evil Dark Creature, with sharp fangs and claws.
Ordinary people should have nightmares when they see him.


 ”Check again.” He didn’t have a definite answer, but the medical staff still smiled.


 ”Just do it again once you’re in a good mood.
I work at the Center so that I can see you from time to time, and those people out there don’t even know how many times they’ve watched the live broadcast of your recovery.”


  It was really sad that the audience, who were infatuated with Alessio, could only lick his live broadcast’s recording, scream like a chicken, gather on the forum to enthusiastically discuss, and finally get their floors deleted by the administrator.


  She said it so expectantly and indulgently, but on the contrary, Alessio was silent.
It was a long time before he uttered.


  ”I’m not cute.”


  Alessio thought of the Holy Water, the crucifix, the silver, the criticism, and the faces of the people hidden behind them.
Their eyes wide open with fear, and curse words rolling from their lips.




  [Call the Temple’s Hunters!]




  [wu wu …… Don’t bite me! I don’t want to turn into a vampire!]



  As a Dark Creature, he should have been looked down upon and enjoyed the loneliness, but the loneliness for the Vampires was especially long.
He had lost track of how many generations of humans have hated him, lost track of how many times he has fallen into a long slumber in the darkness for hundreds of years; bored, then sleep, then woke up in a new time filled with hatred and the disgust brewing new horrors.


  It was supposed to be like this.


  His words made the female medical personnel wearing the protective mask freeze for a moment and then smile again.
She raised her eyebrows.


  ”…… You’re really cute.”


  The Vampire’s deep red-coloured eyes widened slightly.
These words were familiar to him.
He sat in the soft chair prepared by the medical department, feeling some light and wind blowing on his face.
The sound of voices and the occasional roar of Dark Creatures creating a special clamour in his ears, a soft “you’re really cute” compliment that suddenly became the voice of the Saint–


   [You’re really cute.]


  ”Have you finished your check-up?”


  Alessio woke up abruptly.
The white-clad Saint was looking down at him, holding his own medical records in his hand, with a cold look on his face.


  Alessio knew there had to be something in that medical record.


  ”You were in a coma twice, and your powers are out of control.
Why don’t you check more often?”


  The Saint was so angry that he crumpled his medical record with one hand.




The author has something to say:


There is mutual retribution! (pfft)

Cherish the current psycho, he will soon become a dog (**bushi)

(T/N: just kidding)

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