The next day’s morning light was blocked by the curtains, but Alessio knew it was already morning.
He closed the history book in his hand and his line of sight turned towards the wall that was connected to the next door.
That psycho should have stayed up all night too.


It’s incredible to say that he has actually become neighbors with this psychopath.


With a move of his body, Alessio went to the window and pulled back the heavy curtains.
The little red button seemed to be sending out a silent temptation.
Alessio struggled for a while, but eventually did not resist, and pressed it.


Lightning, thunder, eerie, frightening… What a promising day!


He felt relaxed and pressed the thunder button again.
Then he stopped and sent a message to Aili, saying that he had a good rest.
Aili returned the message quickly and said that she would bring breakfast for him.
The life of getting three high-quality blood meals a day, was really wonderful for the Vampire.


Alessio continues to happily press the thunder button.


“Knock,” There was a knock on the door.
Alessio was still surprised as to why, it was too soon for Aili to have arrived, when the door opened.
The white-clad Saint was standing at the door.


Alessio reflexively slammed the door shut.


Seeing the psycho’s face early in the morning gave his heart, which could not easily simulate a heartbeat, a deep shock.


There was a moment of silence outside the door, and then a stubborn knock came again.
Alessio only then reacted to the fact that the psychopath seemed to be messed up in the head.
At present, there was no abnormal behavior so far.
He was the psychopath who could happily play with him earlier.


As if he wasn’t the one who had just closed the door, Alessio calmly opened it again.
The white-clad Saint was emmiting a cold aura.


The Saint had changed into a new outfit, which was a retro style prepared by the Center.
It has a semi circle cloak, but it was not exaggerated.
The delicate gold thread, weaving the sun and moon, made the Saint’s whole person shine slightly.
It has to be said that Alessio quite liked the other person’s face.
If he had not become a psychopath, he thought they could always be friends.


“No more thunder.” The Saint said to Alessio, enunciating each word.
Then he watched as the Vampire gradually opened his eyes wide, and the tips of his ears began to turn red.
He should be imitating human physiology.
He should take note of it.


“You… Can you hear me?”


Alessio’s face was filled with shock, followed by a great sense of shame!



Could one person merrily letting thunder sound in their room, and someone else knowing about it be the same?


He had just opened his mouth, his fangs showing a bit, when he saw the Saint, across from him, reveal his first expression since awakening.






Fuck you ……!


The urge to exterminate/kill him on the spot instantly filled Alessio’s head.
The psychopath was worthy of his name.
Even if his head was broken, he could still easily push Alessio’s buttons!


However, his action was stopped by a movement of the Saint, who calmly took out a book, which was very thick.
It was the {Federal Dark Creatures Protection Act}, which Alessio also had here.


“I never thought you had such a hobby.” The Saint said slowly with an indifferent smile.
He turned over the book pages.
He actually spent the night annotating the entire book.
Trying to find the legal loopholes for the purpose of defeating and killing his target was very obvious.


However, it looks like it failed, so he can only ridicule Alessio with the clauses of the book.


“Respecting the interests of the Dark Creatures is the duty of the citizens…” The Saint quickly retreated a few steps sideways to dodge the attack of the Vampire.
He subconsciously tried to touch the spear, thinking of those death penalty and life imprisonment sentences.
In an instant, this flaw was caught by the Vampire.
The Saint only saw the red pupils of the Vampire, getting closer than ever before.
He could even see the subtle curl of the rose branches winding around the right eye of the Vampire——


Must make a journal entry tonight,… Take notes and draw this pattern.


Half of the wall collapsed from the attack of the Vampire.
The alarm sounded.
The Conservation Center Security Office immediately dispatched personnel, and armed aircraft swarmed to surround the Vampire and the Saint.
After hesitating for a moment, the weapons were aimed at the Saint without hesitation.


Ruzius: ……



Eternally odd/wonderful injustice.


Alessio’s eyes drifted for a moment.
He had already grabbed the annotated protection law book.
Looking at the great battle that might occur, he silently handed the book back.



“You dropped your book, I’ll pick it up for you.”




The first time he picked it up, he destroyed half the wall with his elbow.



Seeing that the Saint was silent, Alessio paused and “sincerely” handed the book to him again.


“It’s okay.
You don’t need to feel guilty.
You just couldn’t control your power for a moment.
I’m not scared.”



The Saint suddenly raised his sky-colored eyes and looked incredulously at the Vampire.


One after another, the staff members arrived to deal with the scene, but they still did not forget to appease Alessio.
Aili also arrived soon, nervously looking at Alessio, to confirm that he was not injured, and also strongly praising his “return to its rightful owner” action.


“Let’s take a look at the monitoring and get to the bottom of the matter.” The Saint pursed his lips to emphasize the words “bottom of the matter”.


Alessio only then remembered that this was already 10,000 years later.
There was something called monitoring.
The psycho accepted the new knowledge quite quickly ah.
The psycho is likely to shift the blame on him.
He could not help but feel somewhat anxious.


The Saint smiled coldly.
He did not believe ……


“Alas, Hitomi is in charge of the Center’s monitoring system, and just now Hitomi seems to have dozed off, so he could not find the video file.”


After Aili sent the application, she got such a result, which was also an occasional situation.
She couldn’t help but sigh.
Alessio, who escaped from death, looked at the opposite psychopath, whose seemingly expressionless face was actually full of shock, and once again cannot help but ha ha ha ha in his heart.


Psycho you also have this day ha ha ha ha!

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