He glanced at the Saint next to him.
The Saint’s eyelashes were hanging down, covering half of his sky-coloured eyes.
Only some light still seems to fluctuate in his eyes.
He was holding the medical record in his hand, looking a bit pitiful.




  Now, psycho does not remember anything, not even seeing him in person before.
Suddenly waking up 10,000 years later, and was also forced to bind with him…… Alessio felt really tragic.


  It was not impossible to live together reluctantly.
Anyway, the Conversation Center also promises to come up with a solution as soon as possible.
Maybe before the seven days here are over, the psycho won’t have to stick with him.


 ”I can do it.” He finally said.
The Saint gave him a sidelong glance, and Aili sighed.


  The room next to Alessio’s was vacated.
It was a standard guest room.
It was not particularly decorated, but the Saint said it was adequate.
Alessio went back to his room to continue going through his barrage.
The Saint asked Aili for a few extra books and a notebook.
Aili was simply ecstatic when she handed him one of the books.


 ”Please do take a good look at this one! I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to ask for this book.
It’s so supportive of our work! ” Aili happily handed the copy of the《Federal Dark Creatures Protection Law》to the Saint, whose expression looked a little gloomy.


 ”…… I’ll take a good look at it.”


  Seeing this lively little human girl leave, the Saint returned to his room.
The room was quite well furnished.
Even if it was not fully decorated, he was not dissatisfied.
He always kept in mind the thorny totem of the Temple, hard work, faithfulness and calmness, which are especially important in an unfamiliar environment.


  The Saint glanced at the thick book in his hand.
It was just the law to protect Dark Creatures but was written in such detail.
This world’s protection of Dark Creatures was far beyond his imagination.
And from what he knew about this world’s situation, exterminating Dark Creatures was very detrimental to maintaining the balance of light and darkness.


  He was a bit at a loss.


  He didn’t know what memory of his was missing.
For so many years, since he was selected by the temple, all he did was for one goal, that is, to hunt and kill the third generation Vampire prince.
He also worked hard for it and could have taken the first step that year, but……



  There were a few scattered history books beside the protection law, but the Saint first opened the book of the sheepskin, dipped the *quill pen in ink, and slowly began to write.




  This retro stationery now also has some production, but its style and pattern was just like the past.
More people use AI.
Usually, even writing was rare.


  He drew a magic array of protection, applied silence magic to ensure that everything was safe, and then put the pen on paper to write down a name first.




  Then he began to write about what he had seen all day today.
The appearance of the Vampire, his words, his vague likes and dislikes.
He also used magic to temporarily embed the button.
Next to it were a few vivid drawings of a bat, from which he recalled the button becoming a bat.


  After jotting this down, he closed the notebook and put it close to him.
These notes will continue to expand in the future.
It was his homework.
He had spent most of his life studying that Vampire.
Although he didn’t seem to be able to use it now, he began to write subconsciously.


  After placing the notebook, his hand suddenly touched another slightly hard thing.
The Saint slowly took out another notebook from the hidden pocket of his clothes.


  A completely filled notebook with a seal, only the title page can be opened.
The title page has a brightly coloured flower drawing on it.





  Another name in the same handwriting was added later, just a little below on the left side.
Some strokes look like the branches of the Multiflora rose, which were hooked upward, entangling with the name of the Vampire, like a drowning man clinging to driftwood.





  It’s his own name.


  Just at the moment, Alessio, who was watching the video, got a chill, which means that he did a good job of simulation and even got a chill like ordinary humans.
Alessio was speechless, looking at the screen full of “cutie” “Xixi” “group heist” kind of words, feeling cold and unbelievable at the same time.


  Where is he cute? Where is the Dark Creatures cute?


  According to the guide, Alessio found the account that Aili had registered for him on Hitomi, the biggest social networking platform, which has tens of millions of followers, and it was still increasing crazily.
The account has been certified by the Conservation Center, with the divine kingfisher’s fish bone nest surrounding his name, an icon that only Dark Creatures are eligible to hold, accompanied by a special light effect, **bulingbulling Flash.

(T/N: originally in English)


  Aili told him that if it was convenient, he could learn to retweet the Dark Creatures Conservation Center’s tweet celebrating his recovery, but Alessio took one look at that tweet and immediately changed his mind.


  @Dark Creatures Conservation Center: A new cutie has appeared! See the latest news for details! Suck the duck! [Image] [Image] [Image]


  The attached picture was a nine-square grid cut in the live broadcast, with the Center’s exclusive copyright in the middle.
The dark-haired Vampire was looking up at Hitomi in the air, and Hitomi was also casting a gentle gaze on him.


  Alessio scrolled down.
The comment section was arranged by the number of likes, and the first one was Hitomi’s comment.


  Hitomi: **awsl!!!

(T/N: 啊我死了, its literal meaning is “ah, I’m dead”, normally used to express excitement when someone sees something extremely cute or surprisingly charming.
So it’s like “that’s so cute”)



  This alchemical life-form actually knows how to awsl!


The author has something to say.

The Sacred Plover is a recorded fantasy creature that is copied here and belongs to the Light Faction.

Once again, the various fantasy creatures that appear in this article, including the Vampires, have many copies ~

The next chapter is interactive la!

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