Now Alessio doesn’t know the wonderful history of the caretaker.
Since he can understand the meaning of the term later, let’s talk about it later.
When he entered the room specially prepared for him, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned by the Nurturing Center’s attention to detail.


  The room was dimly lit, with heavy curtains blocking the sunlight.
There was also a special type of paint that was applied to the glass as a second layer of protection.
The room was very tall, presumably two stories high, with interlocking beams above, also shrouded in shadows.


 ”There is information that the Vampire race can fly, so even though I haven’t seen you fly yet, I built these beams with reference to the flying space of the Fallen Angels.” Aili was a little ashamed, “The interior of this room is mostly designed by me.
The main pattern is Multiflora.
The overall pattern imitates the style of a room unearthed from an ancient castle in the last era……”


  Alessio touched a carved armchair that was covered with dark velvet cushions.
Very luxurious.


 ”The curtains can be pulled open.
There is a special coating on the glass, so you don’t have to worry about direct sunlight.” Seeing Alessio walking to the window, Aili hurriedly walked over.
After getting Alessio’s permission, she slowly pulled open the curtains.


 ”It is very safe, because the Vampires may have serious problems when they encounter sunlight.”


  Alessio nodded.
The sun is indeed deadly to ordinary Vampires.


  Aili opened the curtain with one hand and used the other hand to press the hidden button on the side.


  ”I have also added a special effect for you.
Because it is said that the ancient castles inhabited by Dark Creatures will have such an effect ……”


  Alessio was a little confused as he watched Aili press that button.
In the room, a roll of thunder sounded and a bolt of lightning flashed outside the window, illuminating the room with bright light.
Under this lightning, the ancient castle style décor was filled with an eerie and evil atmosphere; as if a Demon King was about to laugh maniacally/wildly or a Vampire was about to drop a corpse that had been drained of blood.


  Alessio: ……


  What a crappy and vulgar scene!


  Aili looked at him expectantly.
It seemed that this was her masterpiece.
Alessio could only nod in silence.


  It’s also quite impressive to be able to restore it like this.


  After looking at the room and explaining the use of some infrastructure, Aili left a guide pamphlet, along with some science-related reading materials.
She then withdrew with the excuse of not disturbing Alessio’s rest, but still didn’t forget to ask a question.


 ”When would you like to have your next meal?”


  Having something to eat means restoring strength, and Alessio, who was not a picky eater, certainly won’t refuse.


  ”Just around evening.”


  Aili made an OK gesture.


 ”So, do I need to fill a wine bottle with blood and give you a goblet? I’ve read in some sources that the Vampires also label their blood collection.
Do you need it?”


  Alessio shook his head.
Another vulgar plot.
Which ghost left behind all this information?.


  ”I’ll just use the blood bag.”


  ”Okay, then I’ll bring you a straw~”


  ”…… OK.”


  Aili gently closed the door, leaving Alessio alone in the room.
He closed his eyes.
After sensing his surroundings to confirm that he was not being watched, Alessio lightly touched the carved chair that looked so comfortable before throwing himself into it and slightly closed his eyes.


  The amount of information he received today was too much.
This world, after 10,000 years, was really strange.


  And the psychopath who is suspected to be amnesiac……


  He just closed his eyes for a moment, and then suddenly remembered something.
He sat up and used his right hand to stroke the left side of his chest.


  This heart has already stopped beating.


  However, under the encouragement of the Vampire, an incredible phenomenon began to occur; the heart started to beat, the blood surged, the body temperature rose…… Alessio carefully simulated all of these things, just as he had done before he fell asleep, just as if he was an ordinary human being.


  After doing so, he sat in silence for a while.
Then he shook off these meaningless emotions and picked up the thin, light AI device.
After scanning the iris as Aili had taught him, the light screen popped up and the light AI positioned itself in which Alessio can comfortably look at it.


  There was an eye icon on the desktop, a black and white eye, obviously a pupil.
Alessio clicked on it and brightly coloured images were reflected in his eyes.
Aili said he could watch the replay of the previous live broadcast from here, and if he could not understand how to operate it, he could call on the fool’s guide that was already installed on the AI device. 


  Without much effort, Alessio saw his image right in the middle of the home page.
Most of the small panels surrounding it were also images of him, with some words that he didn’t quite understand.


  He clicked on the middle one, intending to see the barrage he had heard so many times before.


  Just then, he suddenly raised his head.


  The smell of the psychopath was gone.


  There was silence between the Saint and Andre in the vertically rising elevator.
He felt that the distance between the Vampire and him was gradually increasing, but he was still within his sensing range.
However, now it suddenly pulled away…… Huh?


  The world in front of him suddenly went black.
The Saint could still vaguely hear André’s urgent shouts.


Ruzius? Mr.


  The world continued to turn dark.
Before he lost consciousness, he thought of the new term he had just heard.


  He seemed to have lost power.


The author has something to say.

Psycho: I took your button.

Alessio: I know you took my button.

Psycho: I know you know I took your button.

Alessio: I know you know I know you took my button.

…… ban matryoshka!

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