Alessio felt that if the situation got any worse, he might become the first Vampire to mediate a quarrel between a Human Saint and a Unicorn, but the platinum gold haired Saint spoke up first.


 ”I have deep respect for the laws of this world.” The Saint’s eyes were quiet.
He merely glanced over at Alessio and withdrew without a trace.
“I will not make any unnecessary movements until I have clarified the situation.
I hope your side will provide me with some explanation.”


  André also responded happily, “Of course I will.”


  André turned to Alessio again, and his polite smile became more sincere.


  ”Accommodations of where you will be staying for the next seven days have been arranged.
I think you should be quite tired, so what about having Aili take you there?”


  Alessio had no objections but still added a sentence.


   ”If you can, please take a look at his head.
He might be sleeping stupid.”


  André, of course, agreed.
After that, Aili guided Alessio to the room prepared for him.
All the curtains in the corridor have already been closed.
It was completely dark and would not irritate the Vampire who will be harmed by the sun, making Alessio feel very comfortable.


  As for the psychopath? He was not that worried.
He is a high-level Vampire, instantaneous movement/Teleportation is a common occurrence, especially when the psychopath……


  took one of his buttons.


  The Saint also obediently followed André to carry out the examination.
He was not worried that the Vampire would escape, after all……


  In his hand, he held a button that was tainted with the other’s breath.




  Aili walked in front with brisk footsteps.
It was clear that she was genuinely happy.
She repeatedly thanked God in her heart.
That caretaker contract was simply fantastic.
She became the caretaker of the Vampire!


 ”Alessio Temple…… Alessi.” She remembered the Vampire’s words and hastily changed her tone, carefully observing the Vampire’s reaction.


  Alessio lifted his eyes to look at her, a meandering tattoo snaking around his right eye.


  Ah, Ah, Ah how can he be so good-looking!!!


 ”I will first, first introduce myself! Alessio, you can call me Aili.
I have eight years of experience in serving Dark Creatures.
Previously, I mainly followed the Dark Elves.
This time, I underwent a special training course for half a year in advance.
Unfortunately, there is very little information about Vampires…… If there is anything that makes you uncomfortable, please be sure to tell me!”


  Aili felt that she had said something wrong and was inwardly cursing herself.


  What the hell! She has never been this scared before, not even when the manager discovered that she was driving a car in the forum!


  Alessio could feel the other party’s nervousness and his gaze dropped again.




  Awkward silence.


  Alessio looked at the pitiful girl who resumed leading the way and sighed silently.


  ”I’m a little curious.” He casually raised a topic, “Why did the Center choose you to be my…… caretaker?”


  Alessio felt a bit ashamed of that last word.


  *A bolt from the blue!

(T/N: something totally unexpected)


  Aili stopped in her tracks, and her mind exploded! She must have looked very unprofessional right now, and this caused him to dislike her!


  ”…… Just casually asking.”


  Aili instantly came back to life! But the answer to this question……



  The human girl turned her back to Alessio.
Her back looked very stiff.
If you look at her from the front, you will notice that Aili’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.


  What to do…… what to do…… what to do……


  Aili cried without tears.
She clenched her teeth and repeatedly tried opening her mouth.
She was trying to provide the reason why she had swung the shovel into the Eighteenth layer of hell, but could not succeed.


 ”You can’t talk about it?” Alessio thought he had asked a sensitive question, so he decided to let it go.


  ”No, no, no, no, no!”


  “??  ?”


 So is it okay or not?


  The human girl’s back trembled violently as if she was psychologically struggling with herself.


 ”…… Let’s change the question.” 


  ”Because!” The human girl suddenly turned around and ashamedly covered her face with her hands.


 ”Because I was discovered by the manager, **driving a car about the Vampires in the forum and the comments were quite wu wu wu wu wu……”


(T/N: The word used here is 开车 (kāi chē) “to drive a car”.
It’s an internet slang term, which means to share explicit or sexual material by telling dirty jokes, uploading pornographic content, etc.
So the girl was found posting explicit content about Vampires.
I’m not sure if it’s right or not as I’m not really familiar with internet terms.
Source )


Alessio was very confused.
What car? Do Vampires have cars?


  Aili, who told the truth, instead entered a very calm, sage-like mode.
She slowly lowered her hand, and despite her cheeks slightly flushed with shame, she opened the room door for Alessio in a very professional manner.


 ”This is the room that was specially prepared for you……” She held back a choking sob, “You will soon be familiar with these internet terms.
I hope you won’t hate me for this.
I’ve signed an agreement before taking this position, swearing that I will never get involved in related aspects again wu.”


  Who knew that the Vampire race characterized as extinct would be revived! Before Alessio woke up among the Dark Creatures that were basically declared extinct, the Vampire race was the most delicious in terms of preferences.
What a fragrant delicacy! It became extremely popular on the forum and gave birth to a large number of fanfics.


  Only by using race preferences, not involving real characters or allusions, such a creation can be carried out and will be paid attention to by people of all ages, from teens to adults.
Aili used to be a member of the food production team and even conducted a lot of research.
It could be seen everywhere that she had worked hard on learning the habits of the Vampire race, and as a result, earning the reputation of a wife.


  After that, she was picked up by the manager.
The manager wanted to recruit this extremely knowledgeable wife.
From the result of their investigation, they found out that she was their subordinate, Aili.
Regardless, she has no bad records, has outstanding ability, and most importantly, she loves Dark Creatures very much.
So after six months of training, Aili stood out and became the only caretaker of the Vampires.


 As for the problem of not being able to produce food after accepting this job……


 She got it in real life.
What more could she ask for! 


 Aili has reached the pinnacle of life due to her passion.

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