inally returning to its rightful place once more.

He watched Ilya sitting on the bed, meticulously wiping Rose with a wet towel.

“Thank you, Lady Titonsser.
If you hadn't informed me, the search would have been delayed.
In fact, if only His Majesty and Duke Proud were left in the mountain, there would be no need to go looking for them.”

“No, it's a natural reaction.
I should have run away with Rose, but I was too scared and ran away alone…”

“It's not Lady Titonsser's fault.
Don't feel too guilty.”

Ilya urgently ran in front of Wells, who was looking for Russell and Elliot to discuss whether the hunting should be stopped due to heavy rain.

Even if Wells wasn't quick to notice, Ilya's hurried appearance seemed to be a big deal and gathered much attention.

No, something really big happened.

“Rose and I went to see the area where a small game was released, but suddenly a large beast appeared.
We were so frantic that Rose and I scattered in different directions, but Rose went deeper into the mountain unlike myself, who headed for the mountain entrance.”

If it were Russell and Elliot who were left on the mountain, Wells would not have bothered to mobilize his knights to find them.

Although the mountain was wide, it was not enough to get lost, and although they released prey, the two were not easily defeated.

But having his little sister on the mountain was a different story.

Wells was able to quickly mobilize the knights and climb the mountain to quickly search.

“Again, thank you very much.
Rose is my only family, so I want to protect her no matter what.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Ilya wet the towel again and dabbed Rose's face.

The Duke of Honeywell looked at her and thought it had been a good idea to bring her to the capital of Tristan as Rose's friend.

At that time, there was a commotion outside the infirmary where they were.

Wells got up and opened the door.

“What is it?”

He asked the knight guarding the door, but it was someone else who answered.

“Is Lady Honeywell in good condition?”

It was Russell, the emperor. 

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Wells was startled for a moment, but quickly recovered his expression and moved aside to let the emperor in.

“Yes, it rained a lot, but fortunately she has no fever.
The councilor left to make medicine to relieve fatigue.”

“Hmm, alright.
I'm glad she's not sick…”

Russell looked around the infirmary sharply.

The infirmary was wide enough to require turning one's head, but one could easily find one's purpose without having to turn one's head fully.

…Oh, that young lady is Ilya Titonsser? It's the young girl sponsored by Wells.

Russell looked at Wells, who then met his gaze.
Wells tilted his head.

Wells wasn't there, so I don't know what just happened.
But it's only a matter of time before he finds out.

If he found out that the lady he sponsored intentionally or voluntarily put Rose in danger…

It was Russell's immediate reaction that he wanted to pursue Ilya right here and get the truth.

Russell crossed his arms and groaned inwardly.

“Your Majesty? Why are you here?”

Wells questioned Russell, who froze with his arms crossed.

The emperor sighed and shook his head, then walked towards the baron's daughter.

“Titonsser, yes?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, I am Ilya Titonsser.”

“Ah, yes.
Lady Titonsser.”

Russell let Wells stare blankly at him.
It seemed that it was too much to explode and lay his suspicions down like a bomb.

He pointed to the door with his chin.

“Go find Duke Proud right now.
Talk to the driver outside, and he will guide you.”

“…Duke Proud?”

The reason is—just go ask him.”

Russell turned away without saying anything further.

Wells, who was watching him, had accumulated doubts but encouraged Ilya to find Elliot.

The baron's daughter left the infirmary, and Russell sat on Rose's bed.

As if the diagnosis of no fever were true, Rose was sleeping peacefully with soft breaths.

“Your Majesty, is Duke Proud looking for Lady Titonsser? Then I'll order the knights to escort her.
Why did His Majesty—“

“Because I was on my way here anyway.
You're awfully compassionate to her.”

“What's the reason? Do you know what happened to Rose in the mountains?!”

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Wells grew increasingly agitated and eventually raised his voice, to which Russell calmed him down.

“Wells, you'll wake Rose up.”

“Ah, yes, alright.

Wells clears his throat and settles down in a chair.

“But why is Duke Proud looking for Lady Titonsser?”

Russell didn't say that Elliot was looking for Ilya, but Wells understood the meaning behind it immediately.

Russell swallowed it and then gave up hiding it.

“Ahh, he has a question about Rose Honeywell being on the mountain.
I think it has something to do with Baron Titonsser's daughter.”

Russell spoke quickly and examined Wells' reaction.
Wells, whom he expected to question what he was talking about, was silent.

Rather, it was an expression of knowing.

“Did you know?”

“Yes, Lady Titonsser was the first to tell me about Rose going into the mountains.”


“Thanks to her, we were able to immediately organize a search party and climb the mountain.”

“Why did Rose climb the mountain?”

Russell asked, and Wells relayed Ilya's message to Russell.

“She said they were looking around the area where small game was released, and a wild beast suddenly appeared?”

Surprised? She said Rose lost her way and went into the mountains.”

Russell frowned as he listened to Wells and processed the confession.

It's different. 

Elliot's words and Wells' words are different.

Wasn't a beast possessed by pheromone pills trying to attack Rose? A beast suddenly appeared?

One of them was telling a lie.

Russell got up from the bed.

My curiosity is solved.
I'm going back to my abode.
Say hello to Lady Honeywell for me.”

“Farewell, Your Majesty.”

After leaving the infirmary, Russell thought as he walked down the corridor leading to the residence.

It is clear that Rose was hunted by a beast because of someone.

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