Her father was waiting for them inside the Captains tent. His hands were clasped behind his back and his head bowed slightly as he waited patiently for her to arrive. When she emerged through the entrance doorway he rushed to her and embraced her.

”Father, ” she whispered. ”Are you alright? ”

His embrace loosened and he stepped back, smiling at her.

”Im fine my dear Ophelia, so is your mother. ” He clasped his hands around both of her cheeks. ”Everything will be fine now. Ive spoken to Captain Varlan himself. He agreed to everything we requested. Hes going to have his men escort us to Thorow… ”

”Oh… Thank the Gods… ” she said and began to cry. Her father embraced her tightly.

”Yes, yes, everything will be all right now… But before we do anything, ” he said leaning back and cupping her cheeks once more. ”You must tell Captain Varlan everything you know of Elise. ”

Elise. The name meant much to her. She was the same age as Ophelia, and a close friend before the war began. Elises father, Lord Liam of House Barrow, was the younger brother of Reverences King. Elise had been living with her family near the capital city of Reverence, along with her parents, and two elder brothers and sister. After her older sister married one of the noblemen from the north of Allania, they moved to live in a large estate nearby. They visited often whenever possible, taking pleasure trips across the border.

When the war broke out, Elises father decided to aid his brother the King but was slain at the battle of Marno Field. When the war escalated and the Mage-Knights of the northern King of Allania invaded the Kingdom of Mervil, they pushed their way to walls of Reverance within days. Elises home was destroyed during the fighting, killing most of its occupants. Only Elise escaped unscathed, thanks to the timely intervention of Ophelias father who owed House Barrow much.

Ophelia frowed and wipe of joy tears from her eyes.

”Why does he want to know? ” she replied, sniffling.

”Because Captain Varlan needs to make sure that nothing happens to Elise, ” her father explained. ”She has important information which may prove vital to the war effort. ”

”Is that right? ” asked Ophelia worriedly.

The Captain stared at her with an unblinking gaze and her father nodded.

”Of course, ” he assured her. ”Captain Varlan is a good man. You needn worry yourself anymore, my child. Everything will turn out perfectly. Just tell him everything you know about Elise. ”

She smiled at him gratefully and hugged her father again.

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