”My price is set, ” a voice said to her in her dreams. ”You will become a mother yourself. ”

”A mother? But I am only sixteen? ”

”And a virgin, ” the voice chuckled. ”But that doesn matter. You are still young and strong and in time you shall play a small part within a much greater story… ”

”And if I refuse? ”

”You said at any price, remember? ”

Elise woke suddenly and sat up quickly, as a great pain unlike anything shed ever felt before pressed itself against itself against her back. She clawed at it feebly as what felt like white hot iron rod was plunged deep into her flesh.

She screamed and thrashed in agony. Her dream had awoken her from a deep sleep, and now she was writhing in pain. She pounded her fists against the bed as the pain grew more intense. She cried out and flailed wildly, screaming incoherently as she felt as if someone was drawing on her flesh.

Finally the pain subsided, and she lay panting heavily, her entire body trembling. She laid her head back down and closed her eyes.

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